Mass Effect fans believe that there are no “no reasons” so that one of the companions does not return to ME4

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise believe that no "No reason", So that Grunt does not return to Mass Effect 4, which first appeared in Mass Effect 2.

In the message published in Reddit, many reasons were indicated why Grunt should return to Mass Effect 4. The main reason is that the crogans in Mass Effect live up to a thousand years. Gruntu, born in the incubator, is only about 20 biological years, and it is quite possible that he will live to the events of the new game. The user also notes that, according to BioWare statistics, Grunt almost does not die in the Mass Effect 2 suicidal mission, and it is also difficult to kill in Mass Effect 3.

Other participants in the topic as a whole agreed with this idea, many believe that its return is practically necessary as a bridge to the world of Krogan in the Mass Effect Galaxy after Shepard. Of course, Grunt played an interesting role in the early games of Mass Effect, but at times his role was almost supplanted by other more important Kogans, such as inrex and Eve. Grunt’s return to the game would allow him to play an important role in the plot of the franchise.

nothing will change from the presence or absence of Grunt in continuation. IMHO, of course.

But, damn it, another garbage from Reddite is just rudeness.

In general, familiar characters are always plus, although not particularly significant

I believe that the circumstances of the appearance are more important than the fact of the presence. Everything can be in plus and minus.
Personally, it would be unpleasant for me that the familiar elite Crogan in the continuation was no longer jerking, but a millennial tortilla. Someone on the contrary, MB.
So here I do not pretend to be the truth. I just see for myself that it will not be more important, but how it will be if it will still be.

I agree, also an important nuance, but this is a matter of study

And Playground itself is not a garbage?)

Well, for half a little one just.

And messages from the pegach are laid out in red? Just wondering

No, pegach is a secret lair. Today I learned that Olyash Streamsha earns onlifangs 300 bucks a month. Where will you find this? Only here. Reddit govno.

The main thing is not for a checkmark it was

Suppose (say) Shepard will be resurrected.

Liara and Grunt will survive until his resurrection. But without the rest, it will be gloomy in the soul. Neither Garrus, nor Tali, nobody.

It would not be so sad if the game had been developed by those old biofires. They knew how to introduce interesting new characters. With the current.. Everything is very sad.

There are three characters from the prolongants – these are Liara, Rex and Grant.

These characters can live hundreds of years – which gives the screenwriters a huge scope of inspiration for the subsequent parts of the franchise.

Shepard and Liara may well have a daughter – as one of the characters of the next games.

With the same success, there may be a child or grandson at Shepard and Miranda/Kiden. There are only gaypracists in the flight

I, as I chose Tali, will also be in the span.

Well, fans of Garrus-Tyin, most likely, also in the flight.

Azari like children is made after 400+ years. Liare 110 She is a youngster if I remember ENTRY

Liara is too profitable – for her sake you can also correct the ENT in case of something)

If I am not mistaken, Azari can have children even from same -sex marriages – so all the fans of the femo -shepard will also be not offended.

Maybe it’s better not to have new ME, but just release the trilog remaster, improving everything that can.

Liara may return with the same quiture (maybe there is still a phenomenon there as they are a more advanced race than any other can do not have any problems related to death from old age)

Well, it seems in one of the dialogs that Yavik said that if everything ends normally, then he would have drunk after farewell to his comrades. But this is again only words, although he is a very fundamental character in this regard

It was just alone in the galaxy and only if cloning and genetic engineering is bred. He also has relatives, these are collectors, but this 50k years of evolution with the Reapers and Mostipard drank most of them.
So as I understand it, after the victory over the reaps, the protein will leave satisfied with his people.

I didn’t even eat, but drank. Hard of the devil))

for the reapers without clinking.

In -English, Grunt. If there is a desire to move away from the real sound of names, you could add more letters. Vyregks – for example or gyrunat :))))

Than Rex and Grant did not arrange?

Any companion of those who did not die in the plot can return. Longevity, stasis technology, distortion of space-time. There may be a lot of plot reasons.

I hope for the minimum participation of Shepard’s acquaintances. Otherwise there will be a surrogate that does not make sense without the original. I need a normal original story with new Interesting characters.

P.S: Well, the second time to resurrect Shepard, would be a crown of creative laziness.

They tried and crap. Because instead of Andromeda 2 we get ME 4

Let’s see. There is little left from the former BioWare. It will be stupid to pre -order, that’s for sure. But it is interesting in which direction they will go.

We throw complaints for low -quality content.

Personally, I still do not want the Shepard to be dragged again to save the universe. They were already tired in the third part, even a little roof began to go with these dreams and deaths. And the truth – it turns out that in addition to Liara, Rex and Grunt, no one from the old gang will be. So, probably, even more sad than a completely new team to sculpt.

Shepard must return as a cyborg with implants

so it is from 2 parts and there is a cyborg with implants

I will pray that during the next attempt to resurrect a whisper there will be problems, they say too critical damage, a pure piece of the brain could find and the option will appear to move its mind to another artificially created body, which can be chosen by yourself.

And he/she will go through a long period of addiction and restoration of memory with a couple of familiar long -livers and a bunch of new options for acquaintance with representatives of others. I just really can’t imagine what new they will bring to the plot, otherwise this eternal pursuit of the universal evil is honestly fed up to 3 parts.

Or let them just add more romance foreigners with a bunch of activities without eternal calibration in the midst. They at least help to get distracted when the plot is tedious.

Personally, I have long been waiting for a strong male queuvian/drell/protein/Krogan shoulder, preferably young, otherwise these people with their homolebus. Give me at least one living dell, let it be lame, oblique, without one eye, but let it be romance p_p. Well, or what thread of the loss of khet, throw in my garden I myself will already figure it out what to do with it.

Milashka Kideen disappointed the behavior of a jealous female dog in the 3rd part, Garrik generally killed with Tali, Tayne died a traitor of a kind, Vega actively mows under the impotent, they didn’t even give a 50 thousandth insect, there was hope for Rex after a mission on a Tuchaka in ME2 (1 proposal about Ma2 (1 proposal about Ma2 mating with a Shepa after the rite of dedication of a grant seems to be). How to live in such conditions p_p.

Empress announced that the next hacked game will be Judgment

Brush Empress announced that the beta testing of her hauling Judgment will begin soon.

For beta testing you will need the latest version of the game. Those who wish to take part in beta testing can write to her in QTOX.

Most likely, beta testing of hacking will take as usual for several days.

No, she definitely mocks. Someone was aware of the existence of this game before this post?

I went through both parts.

I think after a while jadzments will appear in Goga, like Yakuza.

I am but not interesting to me

I. If you know Yakuza, then you know others and others

I broke the better stars, for some reason it really does not touch the games from EA.

The first part hacked.

It’s too early to break her.There is only the 6th patch and the game is not an opinion on all systems, the FPS does not reach 60 on large locations.Playable only on top systems.

Buy for 150 rubles on venues and play calmly what is the problem? And so there are still bugs a lot of bugs and hangs in some loki. A couple of months ago passed.

Which 150. There are only clicks.

Buy the left acc? For what?

Dead Space, Atomic Heart, Star Wars, The Callisto Protocol, we won’t break it, but some kind of crap about which I did not even know before this post, we will hack. This is she so smart and the Baitith of the donators, or it is dumb and cannot hack protection where there are more above it "Potted" Developers.

Reasonable list, I agree .

Atomic heart is g. Shchel since February without protection, everyone has already played.

Well, throw money on a hack! Or just know how to mumble?=)

Regarding Dead Space, Empress is English and waits for a complete localization. That her compatriots get the maximum pleasure of passing 🙂 🙂 🙂

What is this game at all? Hear it for the first time. Calisto/atomic/ZV/DEDSPAS – not? There are AAA games that have been lying for six months without hacking, and they have chosen some kind

Well, this year Hogwarts, Re4 and Di 2 broke

Well, there are no questions here, well done guys. That’s just – what a strange choice of new hacking? Whoever has heard something about this game before the Infa about the hacking?

In Steam, the reviews are good, you can see

This is Yakuza, how could you not hear about this series of games? These are still PS2-PS3 games

Yakuza heard. I myself have not seen it myself, but sometimes it pops up by hearing.

Mmm, well, I learned the name of the game only now. Here it is piracy, the game advertised.

yeah, advertising toys that will soon be hacked, the logic of the official.

Finally it will be possible to go fine.

Will she break another game before Starfield release. After all, there is less time before him. She stated that she would hack almost right away as he would come out. I would like to see The Callisto Protocol or Dead Space actually.

And the Starfield will not need to break there is no protection

Yes, calibo garbage with batons, took activation, Dead Space is not a remake at all like Re4, but Remaster, I see no reason to play again

STAR Wars is not going to break

For this schoolgirl will not have enough strength.

It’s clear. Still offended..))

Does the brave non -nuclear have skills for hacking denu..

Krasava, Empress. Denuva to the bottom!

Well, wait. Good luck to her.

Lol, learned about this game only from this news))

It would be better to Marvel`s: Midnight Sun hacked. Although, in principle, nothing new. Unless you need to say "Thank you", that she, they, it, in general – the creature, again did not take up the hack of the third -rate indie, after this creature was once again given a paw on the hack of a third -rate feces. In this case, the game seems to be good.

Well, pay and hack what you need)

It would be better to callisto proplocol

Nafiga? Buy on, for a penny, or activation) I remember the pre -order took for 300 rubles, they definitely are not sorry for this craft, since it didn’t go to me at all, although the expectations were more.

This is where you found calisto for 300 rubles? Give me a link, I also want xd

300 rubles even overkill. You can either on the platform or GGSEL.

On Paid RU really lies for 100 rubles – take it and do not worry)

I am also on "Pay.RU" I have been buying games for a long time, and even an eternal subscription to Gampas for 450r. I bought. I just want to remind you (and for those who do not know, warn) that you are not buying games themselves, but an accounts with a game. Most often when the seller is conscientious and the account really belongs to him, there are no problems. But when the account is hacked, it can be anything. So carefully approach the choice of sellers. Although 100 rubles are not the money for which it would be worth worrying.

I’m only waited for Vakhu 3 and that’s it.

Wait or put any distribution of Linux, there is no day.

It would be better to hack Dead Space or Star Wars, but this feces are not needed for free (my opinion)!

For which they got most of all and took it on a hack

I doubt that for this, they paid more than for the aforementioned

According to comments, $ 500 and any hack. And now the question is = what is difficult to gather and plug 1 $ $ from the snout? 1 $ = by now. Count the course of 100r, well, someone does not burst once again. what is 100r from one bang now? I am to the fact that only the noise rises, but in fact (if they wanted), all this could be easily and simply organized. And so one Lyalya. I (for example) did not fall away-b give this malicious dollar, but the question arises- I am a fool to give one money one money? If there are 499 more people, then take it without talking . I hope I conveyed the meaning.(I did not take into account the fact that someone can give more and more). It’s not true that 500 people for such a thing to gather this is nothing at all, again, also like-minded people, those who just want this game (I think there will be such) .

Why DEAD Space and Star Wars hack? You can play cheaply. Either buy EA Play Pro for 1 month and calmly play all EA games, or wait for these games to add to EA Play, or buy an account with EA Play Pro. If I am not mistaken, then the games in EA Play fall in EA Play.

In the case of SEGA games, then they do not have a subscription service and in the only subscription where they can get this Game Pass. Or ware up with the purchase of an account, but then you will get only one game.

Namely, the problem of collecting like -minded people, so I would have plugged 10 bucks

Star Wars Jedi Survival where Kurozh

and premium on pornohab she can hack?

Can give you your online if this creature has it.

Total War Warhammer 3 will remain disobedient, and by the way they break mainly.

If she is English, then I’m a Martian. At least one letter on the great and mighty from it was seen??

Rather, I hope The Lost Jugment will also hack

I’m interested in and this is only the first part or both?

what a crap she breaks lately?

Personally it is extremely difficult to surprise me in games, and "Jaj" – Just struck. Both parts. Awesome game, one of the best in principle. Who says, they say, what is it, play or just be silent. Great choice, non -trivial, I would say, with taste.

Instead of top poppy, she decided to break a rare curiosity for fans of Yakuza fans. Strange, of course, choice.

She chooses not she, but she takes off money for hacking

She knows how to joke, I hoped that it would be Jedi Survivor

I hope the second part also breaks to the heap, of course, it would be a Russifier, it would not be bad at all)

my god, she breaks such nonsense, she is not friends with a hike with her head

Yes, because there is apparently simpler there, but it is necessary to show off

Good morning, it has not been friends with her head for a long time.

Yes, but the defenders say the opposite. Although from the outside it’s even funny how hamsters justify something with a cuckoo who went.

Useless chlorous fool.

Enjoyable (s) for sure. But you, sir, do not know how to analyze it is very depressing..

Analysis of what ? That the frantic grandmother imported this forbidden to this unnecessarily for the wlon of the parashi that no one directly hacked without him/her ? And which first will play and then for trays like you will go down right with the sky, swallow your chick and break off the slaves of their game.

You are capable of this? Why such hatred? What does she give you? – From powerlessness, or something..

I’ll BE Stupid, But Lately Empress Is Cracking Games that rubbish and meanings, While thermes Like Total War Warhammer 3 Waiting to Be Cracked !!

Strange, the impress of sympers gives a new handout, and then something nagging is some displeased.

Well, even see, even Simpes have at least some respect for yourself, after its seedlings.

Self -respect and dignity should take place in every individual. Yes, only practice shows that when, at some thread of production, some kind of fainting start bending some kind of kibardvorioras, we all hear only a weak squeal of the last. Where in such cases your notorious "self -esteem"? It clogged into the hollow?)

– You guys are just too young, and your reason is aggressive and devoid of all experience.

Your protection of any shit is not appropriate anywhere and in any way, and you have enough experience to the ass of your head, well, let’s make your article or make a hack, from experience, and we will all see and evaluate. In the meantime, you are only frankly p *** those sir.

Why did it happen?? Neither counterarguments nor evidence of the correctness of your words in your answer to me. Or, I was not looking for..))

In general, if I didn’t even understand what I am talking about, why are you answering with a delusional, it is tempting to argue?

eats many good games, the new part of Call of Duty Star Wars Jedi Ned for Speed ​​Unbaund is also hacked ?

Person 5, Vahu Demon Gate, Marvel Midnight Sun, Company of Heroes 3, Sniper Elite 5, Vakha 3, Lego 2k Drive, Street Fighter 6 – She can’t hack and this is right at once – it would not even be translated, it would be better than the end Then- Like a Dragon: Ishin! Has hacked

Get used to it, I have already left a comment on the hacks of this creature. In general, it always hacked for the most part a third -rate fecal indie. With the exception of those games on which this creature threw more dough on a paw, well, or while it gave birth to a desire. In general, if you look at those games that this creature generally hacked. Then there is more natural feces than what really wanted and waited for the game community. With the same success, she and Dot or KS could break. What again – Call. If Dota was still a normal and interesting game in the first years of its existence, like the KS, now it is fecal feces feces. For the most part, not so much because of obsolete game mechanics and gameplay, but because of the community of both games. Whose level of intelligence remained at the level of confirmation of the theory of Darwin. Only in the opposite direction.

Chelik and you are ready to pay for a hack? I somehow read that thousands of people are waiting for hacking, and several people were driving on a hack, as she said that some games stupidly 1 people sponsor and it does not suit her, that 1 donated for all.

I didn’t need everything that you personally did not need to be in vain) even if you were hacked, you wouldn’t play))) except for the 1st and I played it) sniper 5, took an account with an atomic Hart and there this game was me stupidly passed her) And so I was waiting for a hacking, then I thought it was offline for 50p but even forgot and did not do it.

The question is imposed incorrectly: am I ready to pay for a hack this creature? The answer is not. Is I ready to pay for a hack? Do I think that people should pay for hacks? The answer is the same – no. Hacks and translations of something – the business is voluntary and is not a business even from a legal point of view. For the most part, if such classes have a commercial goal, without legal assurance, then they violate the law. And if you also pay them, then you can also be legally involved in articles about violation of laws with the appropriate punishment.

Sam Lake and Clay Murphy told how they worked on the script for Alan Wake 2

No matter how incredible after so many years of waiting, but Alan Wake 2 for sale for a whole week, and the first impressions of it are just wonderful from it. The reason is that Remedy managed to achieve the perfect combination of gameplay in the Survival Horror genre with intricate, complex, confusing and elaborated by the smallest detail by the narrative.

And Sam Lake talked about how the Alan Wake 2 scenario was prepared. In Twitter, he answered Clay Murphy, the co -author of the game, about the enormous work that they did for many years. Murphy began by reminded of his appearance in the credits of the game, which he called "The most proud moment" In his career.

This is the most proud moment in my career. Sam Lake and I sat in the same room for months and wrote scripts of chapters, usually trying to find remarks that would make each other laugh, or finding out who would be able to advance a strange concept further than all. We knew that we had something special, but the success was much higher than my expectations. For me, work on such a unique project with such an inspiring and ready for cooperation by a person like Sam has become a dream embodiment. So my sincere words of gratitude to Sam and all of you for the game.

Of course, Sam Lake supported the baton Murphy and not only publicly answered, but also thanked him.

The process of writing a script for Alan Wake 2 was our real cooperation. I am very happy and proud of the result. And, despite the fact that this is a terrifying story, there was a lot of laughter during work. Many thanks to my crime partner, Clayu.

Recall that Alan Wake 2 is now available on PC and current generation consoles exclusively in digital format and has already proven itself as one of the best games of this incredible 2023. And some even believe that the game deserves to become gety. However, the competition will be very tough, and Alan Wake 2 may well claim this title.

CD Projekt does not regret that they made Cyberpunk 2077 from the first person, but have not yet decided how the sequel would look like

CD Projekt Red does not regret what Cyberpunk 2077 made a first -person game, unlike a third -person Witcher franchise, but the company has not yet been determined with the Cyberpunk 2 code name Orion.

During communication with investors, the Cyberpunk 2077 quest-director Pavel Sasco, who will work on Orion, was asked whether CD Projekt Red was going to add a shift from the third person to the new game, and does the company regret that in the current Cyberpunk he is not.

There are no regrets on our part. We wanted Cyberpunk to have its own individuality and that it be noticeable as something else. Nowadays, games are sold using YouTube, Twitch and screenshots, and this is the way that can be used to show the players their personality and originality.

Sasco continued: "I wanted to say that the first person’s perspective is the main characteristic of Cyberpunk, and its perception by the players too. It is also noticeably different from The Witcher, and this helped us create an individuality of the product".

The quest director did not disclose the details regarding Orion, but suggested that CD Projekt Red has not yet decided on the choice. Explaining why in Cyberpunk 2077 the team included only the first person mode, Sasco added: "But with "Orion" we still have to figure it out".

Of course, before the sequel for many years, since the CD Projekt Red is currently concentrated on the next game about the Witcher, Polaris, which will be released no earlier than 2025. Orion will be developed in the new North American studio of the company, which is still in the construction process.

However, Orion development has officially began. The chief creative director of CD Projekt Red Adam Badowski also announced the presentation that the game was released "The level of conceptual design".

The presentation of the CD Projekt Red as part of the investor’s day was quite saturated, although perhaps not as intense as in 2022, when the company announced five new games. Nevertheless, the company introduced Cyberpunk’s film adaptation, confirmed that sales of Cyberpunk 2077 exceeded 25 million. copies, and said that the general director Adam Kichinsky was leaving his post.

Found a pancake dilemma. What prevents you to do as in the gazebo games, so that you can switch to at least the first to a third person.

In the gazebo games, there is practically no directing production. In Cyberpanka, the directorial production is one of the key aspects of the game, originally made at a high level. Put all the plot scenes equally good for both the first and third -person – it is impossible, t.To. From the point of view of directorial and operator work, these will be two different works.
And you will have to compromise: or add the second view as a rudiment, in the manner of the first -person species in GTA5; or write simpler scenes that can be put with an acceptable level of quality for both provisions of the camera. For works that make the main emphasis on cinematography, both options are not the best solution.

Just imagine how all the features of cyber-optics will look inappropriately in the form of a third person.
The view is not from the eyes, but around the player – augmented reality, interference and so on. take even Silly Sylv. there is the whole point that it is a digital hallucination.

Otherwise, the atmosphere will be spoiled and part of the mechanic.

If you make TPS, then so that part of the feature is available only at the sight of the eyes. I’m not sure that everyone wants.

Not necessarily, as a game convention, you can make all the effects for the 3rd person. By analogy, in foul 4, when wounded by the head, the look is blurred, and this effect plays in both types.

But personally I love immersion, so I always play from 1 face myself.

I do not argue, but at the same time I like that everything is realized as "Type, implant", and not convention.
There, in Falluch4, the hero works VATS before Pip -Boy production – and all – a convincing theory was born that GG -Sint. And it seems to be a trifle.

I agree, this enhances the immersion.

There is still an entry in the fola in the institute’s terminal on the development of a new generation of synths with Wats, but this is more likely an Easter

Make a site with pixel graphics. Here the people will be surprised then.

Paint and click Advent) given that prostects do not finish one concept of decades, it would be a tower

There will be a view from the side)))

The first -person view fits very well into this game, and change in appearance from the third is insanity.If you do it from the first, and continue in all subsequent parts.

I support 100%. 1 -face view is ideal for such a game. The third nafig is not needed. And I really hope that the edges will not listen to whiners and will not turn the second cyberpunk into an analogue of GTA. After all, the main complaints about cyberpan are based on comparisons with GTA. This is sad.

Agree. In the game, where throughout the game you customize GG a third party do not need. Distract yourself to all nonsense yet.

Why change when you can combine?

how it fits, on the contrary, a view of 3 faces is needed

For me, the absence of 3 faces is a big minus, I even go on a motorcycle, so that at least not so much feel it

There are no regrets on our part.

But what about yellow pictures? Or is it different?))

Cool from context pulled out

From which? The 3rd person was originally planned and even the Katsets were with a view from the side.

That is, yellow pictures were due to the fact that they refused the sight of the 3rd person?

Due to the fact that we loved with promises)

with what promises, throw me at least one statement where they apologize, that the game does not have a regime from the 3rd person.

From the third of course. I want to see the hero, imlander, effects, blood and so on.

Yes, this is one of the minuses of the game that there is no type from the 3rd person, so let them do not lazy in the sequel and do it from the 3rd.

I think the problem is not in "Facial form", And in the reflection of the game for players. If the levels, staged scenes and interaction with the environment are designed for first -person play, then do not litter the game with cosmetics and the open world. And if you need large -scale scenes, a deep study and a rich palette of external improvements, then the removal of the camera is simply necessary.

You can combine, of course, both of these modes, but units of those who are affordable in terms of affairs can do it well (after all, you will need to study the game taking into account both of these modes).

In Deus, the view switched to 3 faces when taking shelters, but this always pulled me out of immersion.

It was also. I think the authors needed to at least somehow show Adam outside the Kat-scenes, because they advertised his image-the adequate features of GG from the previous games of the universe. But they did it not very skillfully.

Well, there are still Takedown enemies and an epic landing with Ikar from the 3rd person, so they looked good. Plus, in the dialogs of Adam were shown from the side (like).

True, in Skyrim I was picked up when finishing was shown from the side, given that they were duplicated from 1 person.

In fola 4, dialogs from the side looked more cinematic than in 3 parts and the same Skyrim, another thing is that the gazebo games are not about directing.

But I still love Immersive Sims and glad that cyberpunk is entirely from 1 person. The plot and production in it are primary, and therefore the view from the side and customization are secondary. And the possibilities of setting just for a checkmark. It’s like tuning face and physique in fantasy, and then put on hoodies and helmets))

If there are at least a KAT-scenes from a third person, it will already be good

Well, we worked at first person perfectly!

Camera from 3 for a free walk was clamped.

I bought a game on the day of exit in Steam, the computer did not pull and there was bugs to the ass, returned the money. Sat waiting when they finished the game and updated the computer during this time. I downloaded it this week, I play. For me the game is very good, although bugs are still present.

Could at least make videos from 3 faces!

DEUS EX very coolly implemented transitions from one to another.

Moreover, this was borrowed from the Duma 3.

The implementation is really good for such a difficult task, but for me personally it always became a minus to immersion. Though I love dees.

What an absurd excuse. The world’s first game with a view of the 1st person, or something, lol? Them and since dirt. Would make a look from the ass, then I would believe in some kind of personality.

make it from the fifth, at least it will be more interesting to play

And from the fifth it is like? The third view of a person looking at you. The fourth view of God that all your adventures in the time scale see, and the fifth who?

And in this sobsno, the whole cyberpun is, a weekly type, the fifth face

From what 4th is this a type of God in a temporary scale? Much dimension, especially the 4th, is definitely not about time and space. Now, if the degree is added then yes.

I don’t understand the topic with nudity gg. Explain who knows why to configure the genitals and choose the size of the chest if at the sight of the first person it is still cowards, and the large chest when looking in the mirror becomes default? T.e nudes only works in the inventory ?

Yeah, genitals do not affect anything.

Yes, all customization, as well as setting up appearance,, in principle, only for the sake of inventory, mirrors and one scene for each ending.

Development disadvantage. At first it was planned that the game would be from a third person, so all this was added. But then they looked at how all the stupid looks in the hastily collected clothes and remade only under the first -person view. But since the work has been done, then why throw it, what works? So left.

In the Witcher 3 they were not embarrassed by the bum-shots, except for sets and several beautiful costumes, then in 80% of cases, Geralt looked like a clown.

In the Witcher, Herald did not always look good. But most things looked decent. But how do not dress, it seemed that she was shot from a paintball rifle.

Maybe a visual novel?

Right now, in the comments, heeva Polyubasu will be heated

I was then upset, and now I think that in the world with such verticality and a bunch of walls from 3 faces it would not be convenient

What else to tell them, the most amazing thing turns out that a huge amount of work was done simply in empty all the clothes, armor and other accessories, we are apparently only in the inventory or in photography.I’m not saying that the third -person view is very useful for stealth, allows you to inspect the locations using various camera corners, again, when the cold weapon was battle, this allows you to see all opponents.

So that they do not drive themselves into a corner with a sequel because of unnecessary ambitions or a possible excessive pochism, they say "And so they come". I am sure that even before the sequel, I will receive a hat for a witcher, because there is no getting away from comparison with Geralt.

And what, they complain about the appearance of the 1st person? On the contrary, I really like such a gameplay, even though you feel a bad one, you are running a character, but you don’t look at someone from the back. And to be honest, even in the car I always ride from the 1st person, despite the possibility of switching, because I like it so much more. For me, the feeling of immersion is much more.

For Survail RPG, probably from the first person, it is better to get used to the role and to shoot yourself a knee, a very cool feature.
For Cyberbag, I don’t know on the one hand there, as it were, there is a vit from the 3rd face by car so that the immersion is torn but easier to park. On the other hand, this is a joker with a loot.
And so for passive gameplay of leisurely, it is probably better than the 3rd face to see yourself in the crowd in your clothes and it is better to present to the scene according to car taxes. While playing for some time it was sad that there was no third person, but then I somehow forgot about it. And the first car that Kopovskaya was driven by Taka with an armored lobby and nothing was visible through it, the dynamic composition worked poorly stupidly and when you go in the car, you are adapted to the shadows and you see only the light of the graphone and you are blinded by it.

I really wanted this animation of searching and lunits with targeted animation and for the first person there is embarrassment because the jester use weapons in the screen of the interface element. In theory, the player should only see the flickering tip of the barrel and run with the bakery not always aiming and you need 2 dolls – one to reflect and shadows and the other for the camera that will run as if to swallow so that it does not rock the stick. And in what place is the place in the limbs of the animation of Jna to completely merge so that the shadow from the boot in the right place was and Koga on the wall with your hands and you pull the handles so that the correct reflections and the shadows are there. And for the camera, the character so that the camera in space is always correct for the growth and the main skeleton, so that when I sat down for irradiation, I really crouched and when you go along the steps, the middle of growth is really calculated from the installation of the legs and not the capsule and the koga runs to the stack Speaks. And the hair so that the wind fell on the face when the wind blows a cloak on his head and there was nothing to be visible, I waited for such a game for two years

Given the number of mods for the game from 3 faces, they knew that there was such a need. But to fulfill the game fully in this mode does not allow them the engine does not allow them. I am writing for those who throw caps in prudes)

in the sense of Dvilo does not allow? But what about the witcher from the 3rd person.

The engine does not allow? That is, a witcher 3 from a third person does not exist for you? Moreover, the engine of the Witcher 3 is the same, just the version is more old.

But here’s the point in another. Cyberpanka 3 face is not needed from the word at all. Exclusively 1 person is suitable for cyberpunk and this is the best option. Therefore, Cyberpank was made from 1 face.

Invented, and then still believe in his nonsense.

So said the edges themselves. The engine does not allow you to redo the already created first -person game into the game from a third person. The witcher was done initially

I hope that the next cyberpunk will be strictly in the first person. No need to listen to the whiners who want to turn cyberpunk into a regular GTA. Otherwise, everything will be spoiled. The first person is the only and best option for the second part.

Otherwise they will spoil everything = and what will they spoil ?

It will be the same console feces with somersaults and auto -spells like most of the action from 3 faces)))

why do you think so ? but the animations will be much more interesting, the clothes will work, etc.D.

Walked 2023, and stupid schoolchildren still believe that in the games on the consoles of the automobile is installed by default and it is impossible to turn it off in any way.

The DLC release West Balkans for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Give the gas to your engines and hit the road on the highway – today has been the DLC Western Balkans for Euro Truck Simulator 2, opening a trip along amazing landscapes and complex roads!

Go to Odyssey according to the artistic image of the Western Balkans, a huge playground that is waiting for you to discover its miracles. Enjoy the trip, relishing every moment and opening many opportunities in your way:

  • Travel in 8 new countries, each of which has a unique charm
  • Discover 14 studied cities, including Split and Belgrade
  • Roll up on your truck in 30 busy cities (settlements)
  • Enjoy the stunning nature of the region: from the National Park Durmister to the Beshket-E-Mun National Park, with the famous mountains, hills and bewitching views of the sea
  • Explore unique aluminum industry warehouses, chemical plants and oil wells
  • Take your cargo in 3 industrial ports along the Danube River (Belgrade, Novi-Sad, Oskyek)
  • Admire the beauty of the historical centers of Split, Mostar, Sarajevo, Prostyn and other cities
  • Cross the boundaries to more than 20 unique border crossings
  • Enjoy the picturesque rural area from 15 viewing platforms and take a picture of your truck with 20 sign attractions

Starting from the release, three new ETS 2 sets will also appear in Steam!

  • Balkans Bundle – an exciting trip to DLC West Balkans, Road to the Black Sea, Going East;
  • Baltic Bundle – a journey through DLC Beond The Baltic Sea, Going East, Scandinavia;
  • Mediterranean Bundle – DLC Iberia, Vive La France and Italia.

All these sets are also delivered with the basic game and are sets of “complete set” like, which means that you will be charged exclusively for DLC, which are not yet in your library!

Starting from the release, a special event will be held #CruingTheBalkans World of Trucks, where you can earn unique awards by delivery to or from 15 cities either from the Western Balkans, or from the additions of the Road to the Black Sea. The purpose of the community is to drive 300,000,000 km, delivering goods to or from any city in the Western Balkans and/or in the DLC “Road to the Black Sea”.

From accessories for salon to painting in a typical West Balkan theme – take a look at what you can get for delivery!

In addition, if you do any work on external contracts in or from the city of Podgoritsa, you will receive this charming German turtle, which you can take with you in your adventure.

It’s time to go to the roads of the Western Balkans! And remember that in addition to the initial attractions, this region is fraught with hidden treasures awaiting study. Be prepared, because the next exciting adventure may not be around the corner.

?, which card will be announced? Either the alteration of Great Britain with the addition of new cities, as well as Ireland, Northern Ireland and, if possible, Iceland. Or the north of Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden and Finland. Either as the Caucasus said above – Türkiye, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Either Belarus and Ukraine

Belarus I think in the near future you can not wait.

Like Ukraine too 🙂 If they ever come out, then most likely together in addition to UK.

Soon, just UK will come out))) Why share then?

I bought it for the collection. I think since I bought all the extensions, I will buy Western Balkans. As for new paid extensions, I will say the following. Since they took up the update of the default card, then SCS employees will do it for free. And you can’t go far on skins and trailers. I don’t buy them at all, even tuning. Therefore, you need fresh monetary infusion with a new expansion. And there are three varinates where: the rest of the Turkey, the northern part of Africa or the northern part of Finland. Norway and Sweden. And if not, then this will end. Well, Greece remained there. But as an option, they may not do it at all.

As for UK, Ukraine and Belarus, the appearance of these countries, taking into account today’s events, has turned from extremely low into no. Therefore, do not hope for a way out "The heart of UK" In the coming years. While the video game is mixed with politics, then something worthwhile is not worth coming from this.

But the turtle is already interesting

If new cars were given, otherwise the turtle))

I have with the connection of the new DLC West Balkans on the assembly for Truckersmp (all DLC cards from the ETS2 developer, plus the third -party Promods map) showed a bunch of road gaps that disappeared after disconnecting the Promods 2 modes in the models of the Promods 2 models.66, as well as removing the weather from Grimes.

It is quite obvious that the old version of the promots does not work or works poorly with the new DLS. You need to wait for the promotion of promoted, so they require the presence of all bought DLS, since they adjust everything and everything becomes compatible.

remove all fashion cards affecting standard Europe, promoters in the first. queue . And wait for their adaptations to the new version of the game

The amount does not change from the change of places of terms.

In comparison with other DLS to not my good games, these Balkans are too expensive that it was clear to watch this studio in social networks and playing their game. They do not even publish any development of the game or the next part, only self -love. And the game in 2023 already watch painfully.

so do not look))), it means for you this game has outlived itself))

In the game after buying DLS is not actively. Updated to version 1_48_5, and I have a message all the same, that I have an old version.

as an option, delete it and install it again

Already done. Helped, but the sediment remained 😏

But how to purchase it if UK is under sanctions?

You can buy it, but only you can replenish the steam through sites where the commission starts from 16% of the total replenishment amount

You can already buy

I replenish through Webmoney, the commission is small (less than on sites or kiwi), only the registration there is horror, but it’s worth it. In addition, SCS Software (ETS and ATS developers) did not leave the English market.

replenish through kiwi) True, the commission is present, well, less than through intermediaries

this DLC is just a fierce backwarm primarily on the technical part.
Having a license to Steam and all the extensions of the cards, this is the most ended and most expensive!
And how much they sang praises? Instead of the release date, there are all posts with pictures how beautiful they are, what a good fellow they are, they work in the sweat of their faces!
But hell sailed there. DLC itself on the scale of the supplemented territory for 1099 rubles – just laughter chickens. The cities are far from all as worked out as they showed in the preview.
By the technical part, this is the bottom. There was no such thing that FPS fall from 76 to 35 for no apparent reason. some complain that the game completely hangs the system or paints.
The development game stands and stomps on the spot, and the incisions lick the asses to each other, how cool they are. The engine apparently no longer exports why the system requirements are growing.
Personally, I issued a return of what and I wish everyone who bought. Until these assholes are fixed and this dull product does not appear at least 30% more than to buy no more than 30%.

Oh gods, it is time to understand that optimization has become due to the player’s iron. There are discounts, periodically both the game and the DLS . And the fact that you slammed the door, stomped with your leg, the developers from the side .

Yeah and the heart of UK cannot release the gloom

And they will not let it out. Otherwise, the progressive Western community will break

Yeah, after his cancellation, I moved to play this game. Another company walking on the lead of at yourself know who.

The heart of UK cannot, because SCS supports Ukraine. So in the Czech Republic other laws.

Well, we have Rusmap for this

You understand who is behind them? This is not the studio itself decided not to let it go! If they now release them to deprive funding! Wait for Israel turned over the whole world. clowns are no longer interesting!

The multi -user low -polygonal shooter Battlebit Remastered received update 1.31

Battlebit Remastered multi -user shooter, which supports up to 254 players on one server and has a characteristic low -polygonal graphics, received a new update. The game became popular due to the fact that immediately after the publication, she burst into Steam charts. Update 1.31 contains a number of improvements and adjustments.

The main among these changes is the change in the progression of the game. The number of XP points required to obtain a rank was halved, which should increase the level of game. However, like many other aspects of this game in early access, this adjustment can be changed in the future.

As for the correction of errors, the problems with the DLC of the game, in particular with the Supporter Pack 1, were eliminated to ensure the correct loading. In addition, the update eliminated numerous abnormalities of the relief and clashes on various maps, such as a clamp in a bunker in a bassra and a floating rock between points B and A in Basra.

A simple firing tutorial also appeared in the update. This tutorial is designed to explain to the players the main features of the game, offering a useful guide for beginners in Battlebit Remastered.

Significant changes were made in two class classes. The class "Medic" Now the icon showing the remaining time is displayed before the player finally surrenders. Class "Support" got the opportunity to build a new wall of Hesko, which is an exclusive function for this class.

As for the gameplay, the developers solved the problem that did not allow to inflict damage to the lying players. In addition, to improve control over the player, the simultaneous pressing of the kes A and D or W and S now stops the player’s movement.

The developers paid attention to small details. Fixed a situation in which the C4 suicide is detonated when the player moved along the main menu or scoreboard. Also fixed setting "Vignette", which did not work properly.

The update contains improvements aimed at increasing the overall performance and convenience of the game, including adjusting the keying of keys and the ping-kiks system, which now less often throws players due to short-term problems with the connection.

In response to community reviews, an additional shelter was created for the goal "Farm" In Tenstown. On the same map, the river was reduced by a meter to facilitate the movement of vehicles under the bridges along the canal.

According to the developers, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 is a colder and more cruel game for a modern audience

More than ten years have passed since Captain Tit collided with the hordes of bloodthirsty orcs in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, but finally, the Ultradesant’s commander is ready to return to the battlefield and fight the enemies threatening the imperium. For 12 years that have passed since the release of the first game Space Marine, much has changed, not only from the point of view of trends and hardware, but also in the structure of the power of the gaming industry.

The first Space Marine game was published by the now nonexistent company ThQ, which continues to exist as ThQ Nordic running Embracer Group, and this time Saber Interactive has replaced Relic Entertainment to continue the history of Titus. Since the original game was the favorite classic of the militants genre, Saber Interactive had several serious tasks, but, as the creative director of Space Marine 2 Oliver Hollis Lake explained in an interview, the studio wanted to leave his own imprint, while maintaining what made the original The game is so special.

“To be a gifted opportunity to tell a new story in this world is an incredible privilege, but this is fraught with great responsibility,” Hollis Lake explained. “All in the team are large fans of Warhammer 40 000. And I say this is not just for PR, it was before we made this game. The office has a library, they have board games and a bunch of books. We are aware of our responsibility and treat it very, very seriously. But people can not be liked out of a sense of fear. There should also be an element of passion “.

While Saber Interactive adds several small details and strokes to the worlds of Space Marine 2, the studio also works on a rethinking of the 2011 game, so that it is better in accordance with the modern audience. As a result, according to Hollis Lake, the game became a more mature, with a smaller cartoon atmosphere and more “cold cruelty”, which fits into the gloomy atmosphere of Warhammer 40,000.

“We all played the first game when it came out,” Hollis Lake explained. “We are very familiar with her, but returning to him retroactively an interesting process, because in the 12 years that have passed since its release, the games have changed quite much. We looked at what made her so excellent then, whether this will be transferred to the modern audience, a kind of maturity process. We seemed to grow up, matured, expanded. So things like a distant battle, hand -to -hand combat, scale – everything was great, but we wanted to make it more rude, more cruel and with some cold cruelty. In the first part with Kokni-Orki there was a thiner cartoon element, perhaps the sensation of a comic book. This version seems more real, tough, bold. I would call it growing up the original game “.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 is still planned to be released this year for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

The first -speed shooter of the first person Warstride Challenges comes out on September 7

Warstride Challenges, a high -speed high -speed shooter with the first person, developed by Dream Powered Games and published Focus Entertainment, will be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, as well as in the full version of PC on September 7 of this year, as shown in a trailer with an view of the gameplay. Meanwhile, early access to Warstride Challenges is still available for playing Steam.

After almost a year of early access, to listen to community reviews, we added a lot of content. More than 60 intensive tests were added to the game, which vary from content for beginners to the complexity mode “very difficult” for the most hardcore players of our community. We also presented new abilities and new weapons to offer alternative methods of the game. Rub through the demons with the help of a topot, apply your best blow to the heads with a carbine and rush through the scenes, opening new maneuvers with the help of a hook-anchor. To strengthen the competition between the players, we added the mode of multiplayer game in real time to compete with friends and, finally, find out which of you is the master of FPS. Since we launched early access, we devoted a lot of time and love to our community of developers on a PC to provide them with the tools necessary to create the best levels for other players. Along with everything, with version 1.0 We will provide you even more content with a bunch of unfamiliar levels and a completely new gaming regime.

Simple in mastering, but difficult to master, Warstride Challenges are created for everyone who wants to participate in races and shoot at demons at a lightning speed, regardless of who has never touched a computer or is an experienced tactical shooting veteran. On average, 92% of positive reviews from our players in Steam, we believe that speedranners and fans of the shooters can find a complex cycle “Shots and repeat the attempt”, which they deserve. Compete with friends and community to score the largest number of points, and participate in races with ghosts anyone on the network – even your favorite streamers.

A list of legendary ships that will appear in Victory At Sea Atlantic is presented

Evil Twin Artworks announced the inclusion of six iconic ships in the project, which will swim through Victory AT Sea Atlantic stormy waters. These ships, each of which has its own unique history and strategic significance, will change the idea of ​​the naval war in this long -awaited game.

Admiral Hipper

A heavy cruiser, known for its speed and versatility, Admiral Hipper occupies a central place. Command the sea with the help of this formidable warship, ready to participate in epic battles.

Emil Berten

The elegant and elegant French light cruiser Emil Berten brings a touch of sophistication to the fleet. Thanks to the speed that is his ally, he promises to bypass the opponents and outwit them.


The gunboat of the US Navy “Eri”, although small in size, but has great power. Get ready for bold maneuvers and tense battles, traveling along the seas with the help of this powerful ship.

Count Zeppelin

“Count Zeppelin” is a German aircraft carrier, prevailing both at sea and in the air. Launch planes and set the superiority in the air in the game Victory at Sea Atlantic.

Queen Elizabeth

Class “Queen Elizabeth”, a magnificent symbol of naval valor, decorates the game. Without dwelling on the version of the First World War, Victory At Sea Atlantic will present converted versions of the Second World War, bringing the royal power to the open sea.


The legendary British battleship Warspit enters the battle with the legendary history. Control this vessel and rewrite the history of the Navy in battles of an epic scale.

James Carroll, Director of Evil Twin Artworks, expressed admiration for the variety and historical significance of ships.

“Each ship brings a unique flavor to the game, allowing players to create their own naval heritage. From heavy cruisers to cult battleships, Victory At Sea Atlantic promises an unprecedented naval ode “.

The inclusion of these iconic ships is the result of cooperation with the game community, whose contribution continues to form a Victory at Sea series.

Fresh details about Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty from the last stream of developers

CD Projekt Red revealed several interesting details about the new intra -game content Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, telling in detail about new opportunities.

Although Phantom Liberty, as you know, is focused on new combat mechanics, it is also worth expecting the appearance of a new battle system on a car, a percure redesign and renewal of a police officer (including Max-Taku battles). Among the additions are a new skill tree "Biochip" and a new area "Dogtown", Exclusive for this expansion.

However, if you move on to more interesting moments, revealed in the recent stream of developers, then how the game will change towards improving combat mechanics in combination with a tree of biochip skills. For a selection of information from Stream, thanks to the user Drunklad:

  • Biochip glasses will be scattered through the dogtaun in unrecognized places that the player will be able to explore.
  • The more you fight, the more you have adrenaline, which gives you short -term buffs (in particular, additional health) and special abilities. The more people you apply your abilities, the more health you will restore.
  • In the technological tree there will be perks that allow you to expand the limit of cyberimplants (the so -called edgerunner). But if you exceed this limit, you will get into "The regime of rage", in which your health will decrease, but if you combine it with adrenaline mechanics, you can continue to act while you are aggressive and continue to fight.
  • Aforementioned "The state of rage" does not lead to a loss of control over the character, so this is not a complete cyberpsichosis.
  • You can aim at cyberimplants of enemies, and they will work as weaknesses of opponents. The destruction of cyberimplants will be accompanied by an explosion similar to AOE.
  • The monument will be able to use and distribute quikhaki through attacks.
  • The optical camouflage will have an upgrade that will return you to where you turned it on.

The changes listed above indicate that the expansion will be aimed at improving combat experience. Moreover, clashes with the police will now be much more exciting, since the mechanics of the police officer were significantly improved, which allows you to get a much more complex combat experience.

  • The police will pursue you, and if they lose, they will continue to look for you throughout the area. The maps will show the icons showing where the police are located and where it is searching.
  • Max-Tak is a paratrooper from aerodines (flying cars)
  • The police can hack and disable your car if you try to escape.
  • Max-so can hack and reveal your location if they lose you.
  • The minimum complexity of Max-Tak – "High", Even if the game is installed on "Short".
  • The police can use various tactics, for example, try to knock you down or install checkpoints.
  • You can run away from the police, but it is more difficult than in the current version, especially as you collect more and more stars. The police reaction depends on which area you are in.
  • In Dogtown, Bargest will work instead of the police, and in the wastelands – milkteh.

The possibilities of acquiring new cars have expanded significantly, as the developers said that in a new expansion they are actively working on the creation of new "Car Gigs". These are the changes in Car Gigs can be expected in Phantom Liberty:

  • El Captain will contact you when you enter the dogtown, and will give the task to seize cars in the vicinity of Dogtown and Night City, and you must bring them to the garage.
  • Other gangs will fight with you for cars.
  • Performing these tasks, you can unlock new cars and guns installed on them.
  • Some machines need to be monitored, others need to be obtained by fighting with other gangs, others depend on time.
  • You must lose the tail (gang or police) before delivering the car.
  • El Captain will comment on the condition of the car, if by the time of its delivery it will be broken down.

Phantom Liberty can play a decisive role in the revival of Cyberpunk 2077. In addition, thanks to the inclusion of DLSS 3.5 The quality of rays trace will be much higher, which will allow RTX users to fully feel the possibility of expansion.