Sam Lake and Clay Murphy told how they worked on the script for Alan Wake 2

No matter how incredible after so many years of waiting, but Alan Wake 2 for sale for a whole week, and the first impressions of it are just wonderful from it. The reason is that Remedy managed to achieve the perfect combination of gameplay in the Survival Horror genre with intricate, complex, confusing and elaborated by the smallest detail by the narrative.

And Sam Lake talked about how the Alan Wake 2 scenario was prepared. In Twitter, he answered Clay Murphy, the co -author of the game, about the enormous work that they did for many years. Murphy began by reminded of his appearance in the credits of the game, which he called "The most proud moment" In his career.

This is the most proud moment in my career. Sam Lake and I sat in the same room for months and wrote scripts of chapters, usually trying to find remarks that would make each other laugh, or finding out who would be able to advance a strange concept further than all. We knew that we had something special, but the success was much higher than my expectations. For me, work on such a unique project with such an inspiring and ready for cooperation by a person like Sam has become a dream embodiment. So my sincere words of gratitude to Sam and all of you for the game.

Of course, Sam Lake supported the baton Murphy and not only publicly answered, but also thanked him.

The process of writing a script for Alan Wake 2 was our real cooperation. I am very happy and proud of the result. And, despite the fact that this is a terrifying story, there was a lot of laughter during work. Many thanks to my crime partner, Clayu.

Recall that Alan Wake 2 is now available on PC and current generation consoles exclusively in digital format and has already proven itself as one of the best games of this incredible 2023. And some even believe that the game deserves to become gety. However, the competition will be very tough, and Alan Wake 2 may well claim this title.