CD Projekt does not regret that they made Cyberpunk 2077 from the first person, but have not yet decided how the sequel would look like

CD Projekt Red does not regret what Cyberpunk 2077 made a first -person game, unlike a third -person Witcher franchise, but the company has not yet been determined with the Cyberpunk 2 code name Orion.

During communication with investors, the Cyberpunk 2077 quest-director Pavel Sasco, who will work on Orion, was asked whether CD Projekt Red was going to add a shift from the third person to the new game, and does the company regret that in the current Cyberpunk he is not.

There are no regrets on our part. We wanted Cyberpunk to have its own individuality and that it be noticeable as something else. Nowadays, games are sold using YouTube, Twitch and screenshots, and this is the way that can be used to show the players their personality and originality.

Sasco continued: "I wanted to say that the first person’s perspective is the main characteristic of Cyberpunk, and its perception by the players too. It is also noticeably different from The Witcher, and this helped us create an individuality of the product".

The quest director did not disclose the details regarding Orion, but suggested that CD Projekt Red has not yet decided on the choice. Explaining why in Cyberpunk 2077 the team included only the first person mode, Sasco added: "But with "Orion" we still have to figure it out".

Of course, before the sequel for many years, since the CD Projekt Red is currently concentrated on the next game about the Witcher, Polaris, which will be released no earlier than 2025. Orion will be developed in the new North American studio of the company, which is still in the construction process.

However, Orion development has officially began. The chief creative director of CD Projekt Red Adam Badowski also announced the presentation that the game was released "The level of conceptual design".

The presentation of the CD Projekt Red as part of the investor’s day was quite saturated, although perhaps not as intense as in 2022, when the company announced five new games. Nevertheless, the company introduced Cyberpunk’s film adaptation, confirmed that sales of Cyberpunk 2077 exceeded 25 million. copies, and said that the general director Adam Kichinsky was leaving his post.

Found a pancake dilemma. What prevents you to do as in the gazebo games, so that you can switch to at least the first to a third person.

In the gazebo games, there is practically no directing production. In Cyberpanka, the directorial production is one of the key aspects of the game, originally made at a high level. Put all the plot scenes equally good for both the first and third -person – it is impossible, t.To. From the point of view of directorial and operator work, these will be two different works.
And you will have to compromise: or add the second view as a rudiment, in the manner of the first -person species in GTA5; or write simpler scenes that can be put with an acceptable level of quality for both provisions of the camera. For works that make the main emphasis on cinematography, both options are not the best solution.

Just imagine how all the features of cyber-optics will look inappropriately in the form of a third person.
The view is not from the eyes, but around the player – augmented reality, interference and so on. take even Silly Sylv. there is the whole point that it is a digital hallucination.

Otherwise, the atmosphere will be spoiled and part of the mechanic.

If you make TPS, then so that part of the feature is available only at the sight of the eyes. I’m not sure that everyone wants.

Not necessarily, as a game convention, you can make all the effects for the 3rd person. By analogy, in foul 4, when wounded by the head, the look is blurred, and this effect plays in both types.

But personally I love immersion, so I always play from 1 face myself.

I do not argue, but at the same time I like that everything is realized as "Type, implant", and not convention.
There, in Falluch4, the hero works VATS before Pip -Boy production – and all – a convincing theory was born that GG -Sint. And it seems to be a trifle.

I agree, this enhances the immersion.

There is still an entry in the fola in the institute’s terminal on the development of a new generation of synths with Wats, but this is more likely an Easter

Make a site with pixel graphics. Here the people will be surprised then.

Paint and click Advent) given that prostects do not finish one concept of decades, it would be a tower

There will be a view from the side)))

The first -person view fits very well into this game, and change in appearance from the third is insanity.If you do it from the first, and continue in all subsequent parts.

I support 100%. 1 -face view is ideal for such a game. The third nafig is not needed. And I really hope that the edges will not listen to whiners and will not turn the second cyberpunk into an analogue of GTA. After all, the main complaints about cyberpan are based on comparisons with GTA. This is sad.

Agree. In the game, where throughout the game you customize GG a third party do not need. Distract yourself to all nonsense yet.

Why change when you can combine?

how it fits, on the contrary, a view of 3 faces is needed

For me, the absence of 3 faces is a big minus, I even go on a motorcycle, so that at least not so much feel it

There are no regrets on our part.

But what about yellow pictures? Or is it different?))

Cool from context pulled out

From which? The 3rd person was originally planned and even the Katsets were with a view from the side.

That is, yellow pictures were due to the fact that they refused the sight of the 3rd person?

Due to the fact that we loved with promises)

with what promises, throw me at least one statement where they apologize, that the game does not have a regime from the 3rd person.

From the third of course. I want to see the hero, imlander, effects, blood and so on.

Yes, this is one of the minuses of the game that there is no type from the 3rd person, so let them do not lazy in the sequel and do it from the 3rd.

I think the problem is not in "Facial form", And in the reflection of the game for players. If the levels, staged scenes and interaction with the environment are designed for first -person play, then do not litter the game with cosmetics and the open world. And if you need large -scale scenes, a deep study and a rich palette of external improvements, then the removal of the camera is simply necessary.

You can combine, of course, both of these modes, but units of those who are affordable in terms of affairs can do it well (after all, you will need to study the game taking into account both of these modes).

In Deus, the view switched to 3 faces when taking shelters, but this always pulled me out of immersion.

It was also. I think the authors needed to at least somehow show Adam outside the Kat-scenes, because they advertised his image-the adequate features of GG from the previous games of the universe. But they did it not very skillfully.

Well, there are still Takedown enemies and an epic landing with Ikar from the 3rd person, so they looked good. Plus, in the dialogs of Adam were shown from the side (like).

True, in Skyrim I was picked up when finishing was shown from the side, given that they were duplicated from 1 person.

In fola 4, dialogs from the side looked more cinematic than in 3 parts and the same Skyrim, another thing is that the gazebo games are not about directing.

But I still love Immersive Sims and glad that cyberpunk is entirely from 1 person. The plot and production in it are primary, and therefore the view from the side and customization are secondary. And the possibilities of setting just for a checkmark. It’s like tuning face and physique in fantasy, and then put on hoodies and helmets))

If there are at least a KAT-scenes from a third person, it will already be good

Well, we worked at first person perfectly!

Camera from 3 for a free walk was clamped.

I bought a game on the day of exit in Steam, the computer did not pull and there was bugs to the ass, returned the money. Sat waiting when they finished the game and updated the computer during this time. I downloaded it this week, I play. For me the game is very good, although bugs are still present.

Could at least make videos from 3 faces!

DEUS EX very coolly implemented transitions from one to another.

Moreover, this was borrowed from the Duma 3.

The implementation is really good for such a difficult task, but for me personally it always became a minus to immersion. Though I love dees.

What an absurd excuse. The world’s first game with a view of the 1st person, or something, lol? Them and since dirt. Would make a look from the ass, then I would believe in some kind of personality.

make it from the fifth, at least it will be more interesting to play

And from the fifth it is like? The third view of a person looking at you. The fourth view of God that all your adventures in the time scale see, and the fifth who?

And in this sobsno, the whole cyberpun is, a weekly type, the fifth face

From what 4th is this a type of God in a temporary scale? Much dimension, especially the 4th, is definitely not about time and space. Now, if the degree is added then yes.

I don’t understand the topic with nudity gg. Explain who knows why to configure the genitals and choose the size of the chest if at the sight of the first person it is still cowards, and the large chest when looking in the mirror becomes default? T.e nudes only works in the inventory ?

Yeah, genitals do not affect anything.

Yes, all customization, as well as setting up appearance,, in principle, only for the sake of inventory, mirrors and one scene for each ending.

Development disadvantage. At first it was planned that the game would be from a third person, so all this was added. But then they looked at how all the stupid looks in the hastily collected clothes and remade only under the first -person view. But since the work has been done, then why throw it, what works? So left.

In the Witcher 3 they were not embarrassed by the bum-shots, except for sets and several beautiful costumes, then in 80% of cases, Geralt looked like a clown.

In the Witcher, Herald did not always look good. But most things looked decent. But how do not dress, it seemed that she was shot from a paintball rifle.

Maybe a visual novel?

Right now, in the comments, heeva Polyubasu will be heated

I was then upset, and now I think that in the world with such verticality and a bunch of walls from 3 faces it would not be convenient

What else to tell them, the most amazing thing turns out that a huge amount of work was done simply in empty all the clothes, armor and other accessories, we are apparently only in the inventory or in photography.I’m not saying that the third -person view is very useful for stealth, allows you to inspect the locations using various camera corners, again, when the cold weapon was battle, this allows you to see all opponents.

So that they do not drive themselves into a corner with a sequel because of unnecessary ambitions or a possible excessive pochism, they say "And so they come". I am sure that even before the sequel, I will receive a hat for a witcher, because there is no getting away from comparison with Geralt.

And what, they complain about the appearance of the 1st person? On the contrary, I really like such a gameplay, even though you feel a bad one, you are running a character, but you don’t look at someone from the back. And to be honest, even in the car I always ride from the 1st person, despite the possibility of switching, because I like it so much more. For me, the feeling of immersion is much more.

For Survail RPG, probably from the first person, it is better to get used to the role and to shoot yourself a knee, a very cool feature.
For Cyberbag, I don’t know on the one hand there, as it were, there is a vit from the 3rd face by car so that the immersion is torn but easier to park. On the other hand, this is a joker with a loot.
And so for passive gameplay of leisurely, it is probably better than the 3rd face to see yourself in the crowd in your clothes and it is better to present to the scene according to car taxes. While playing for some time it was sad that there was no third person, but then I somehow forgot about it. And the first car that Kopovskaya was driven by Taka with an armored lobby and nothing was visible through it, the dynamic composition worked poorly stupidly and when you go in the car, you are adapted to the shadows and you see only the light of the graphone and you are blinded by it.

I really wanted this animation of searching and lunits with targeted animation and for the first person there is embarrassment because the jester use weapons in the screen of the interface element. In theory, the player should only see the flickering tip of the barrel and run with the bakery not always aiming and you need 2 dolls – one to reflect and shadows and the other for the camera that will run as if to swallow so that it does not rock the stick. And in what place is the place in the limbs of the animation of Jna to completely merge so that the shadow from the boot in the right place was and Koga on the wall with your hands and you pull the handles so that the correct reflections and the shadows are there. And for the camera, the character so that the camera in space is always correct for the growth and the main skeleton, so that when I sat down for irradiation, I really crouched and when you go along the steps, the middle of growth is really calculated from the installation of the legs and not the capsule and the koga runs to the stack Speaks. And the hair so that the wind fell on the face when the wind blows a cloak on his head and there was nothing to be visible, I waited for such a game for two years

Given the number of mods for the game from 3 faces, they knew that there was such a need. But to fulfill the game fully in this mode does not allow them the engine does not allow them. I am writing for those who throw caps in prudes)

in the sense of Dvilo does not allow? But what about the witcher from the 3rd person.

The engine does not allow? That is, a witcher 3 from a third person does not exist for you? Moreover, the engine of the Witcher 3 is the same, just the version is more old.

But here’s the point in another. Cyberpanka 3 face is not needed from the word at all. Exclusively 1 person is suitable for cyberpunk and this is the best option. Therefore, Cyberpank was made from 1 face.

Invented, and then still believe in his nonsense.

So said the edges themselves. The engine does not allow you to redo the already created first -person game into the game from a third person. The witcher was done initially

I hope that the next cyberpunk will be strictly in the first person. No need to listen to the whiners who want to turn cyberpunk into a regular GTA. Otherwise, everything will be spoiled. The first person is the only and best option for the second part.

Otherwise they will spoil everything = and what will they spoil ?

It will be the same console feces with somersaults and auto -spells like most of the action from 3 faces)))

why do you think so ? but the animations will be much more interesting, the clothes will work, etc.D.

Walked 2023, and stupid schoolchildren still believe that in the games on the consoles of the automobile is installed by default and it is impossible to turn it off in any way.