The first -speed shooter of the first person Warstride Challenges comes out on September 7

Warstride Challenges, a high -speed high -speed shooter with the first person, developed by Dream Powered Games and published Focus Entertainment, will be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, as well as in the full version of PC on September 7 of this year, as shown in a trailer with an view of the gameplay. Meanwhile, early access to Warstride Challenges is still available for playing Steam.

After almost a year of early access, to listen to community reviews, we added a lot of content. More than 60 intensive tests were added to the game, which vary from content for beginners to the complexity mode “very difficult” for the most hardcore players of our community. We also presented new abilities and new weapons to offer alternative methods of the game. Rub through the demons with the help of a topot, apply your best blow to the heads with a carbine and rush through the scenes, opening new maneuvers with the help of a hook-anchor. To strengthen the competition between the players, we added the mode of multiplayer game in real time to compete with friends and, finally, find out which of you is the master of FPS. Since we launched early access, we devoted a lot of time and love to our community of developers on a PC to provide them with the tools necessary to create the best levels for other players. Along with everything, with version 1.0 We will provide you even more content with a bunch of unfamiliar levels and a completely new gaming regime.

Simple in mastering, but difficult to master, Warstride Challenges are created for everyone who wants to participate in races and shoot at demons at a lightning speed, regardless of who has never touched a computer or is an experienced tactical shooting veteran. On average, 92% of positive reviews from our players in Steam, we believe that speedranners and fans of the shooters can find a complex cycle “Shots and repeat the attempt”, which they deserve. Compete with friends and community to score the largest number of points, and participate in races with ghosts anyone on the network – even your favorite streamers.