Open Beta Patch 1 started.49 for American Truck Simulator

Open beta version 1.49 for American Truck Simulator became available for testing.

HDR Skyboxes, Moon and new weather effects

First of all, by numerous requests, the developers added the moon to the night sky! This is a thin, but wonderful touch that adds an additional level of realism and surprise to your virtual adventures on trucks. Curious, but what may seem like a simple addition – the moon – for some time created serious problems. The integration of the Moon into the night sky demanded, among other things, drawing, rendering and calculating lunar light, controlling reflection in reservoirs, working with wet roads and eliminating mirror effects.

In addition to this, the night sky was also rethought, adding dynamic stars that gently flicker, increasing the general reliability of night impressions.

Skyboxes will now have an expanded dynamic range (HDR), which means that the colors of the sky will be more saturated and bright, and the visual effects of the weather are also updated. Thunderstorms now include visible zipper, which provides more exciting experience. And be sure to follow the night sky in certain regions: you can be pleasantly surprised by what you notice.

Technical Center Pakkar

You will find a realistic reconstruction of the Paccar technical center, hidden among the endless landscape of Washington.

Now drivers will have the opportunity to personally get acquainted with the technical center Paccar. Recreated in the game 1: 1, it will allow you to look into the world of truck development. For many years, the Paccar Technical Center has been an epicenter of innovation and developments for well -known manufacturers of Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks.

This object played an important role in testing trucks, transmissions, technologies and much more and it is here that the giants of the cargo industry move the boundaries of the possible, creating the next generation of cult trucks.

Despite the fact that this area will not be visible on the game map and in the user interface, it will wait for curious players to open many interesting places to study. The developers also added an additional incentive: a small Easter egg will be parked in the Paccar technical center itself.

Dealers of used trucks

Dot trucks will be available immediately in the main menu, where you can choose trucks that are cheaper compared to completely new cars. However, these former use trucks have a certain mileage and wear, which is indicated by their rating and a separate window, which contains detailed information about damage to various parts.

One of the most significant changes associated with this function is the improved system of damage and repair. Previously, individual details accumulated damage, expressed as a percentage and they could be repaired. However, with update 1.49 parts will be divided into three types of damage:

  • Damage: this type of damage can be eliminated with standard repairs, as before.
  • Details of details: components with signs of wear, it is necessary to replace.
  • Constant wear: Parts with constant wear can be restored only by completely restoration of the entire car. This is a more expensive procedure, but this is the only way to return the truck and trailer to the pristine state.

The advanced damage system provides improved control over car maintenance. Now you can make a conscious choice regarding which parts should be repaired or replaced based on your judgment. In addition, you have the opportunity to seek professional advice on choosing the best strategy for repairing your truck or trailer.

Modifiers of key combinations

Another very popular function that appeared in version 1.49 – these are modifiers of key bindings! Previously, when creating a new binding in the menu, only one key could be assigned for action. With update 1.49 You will now have the opportunity to use the combination of the key and modifiers to bind action. For example, now you can assign Shift + L to turn on the light if you want!

This opens up for you a completely new world of key combinations, providing more attachments, but this is not all! Now you will also have the opportunity to tie a short and long clip press. Keeping the key will be recognized as a long press, and the usual pressing of the button will be perceived as a short press.

Keyboard is not the only peripheral device using this change. Controllers will also be able to use this new function!

The developers of the deductive adventure game Lil ‘Guardsman were introduced to various fractions

Independent Hilltop Studios Game Studio in collaboration with Versus Evil revealed additional information about its upcoming deductive adventure game Lil ‘Guardsman, based on the narrative, on the eve of its launch at the end of this year on the PC, Switch and PlayStation. and Xbox Series console.

Lil ’Guardsman sets players as a young girl who covers her father, the main guard of the castle. While she interrogates many funny and strange characters trying to penetrate their city walls, you must find out the true intentions of each visitor with the help of a cunning dialogue and skillful use of her tools to investigate.

The new blog post contains an overview of the fractions that you will meet, becoming a victim of non -threshold laws on children’s work SPRAWL. The current ruler, Princess of Desdemon, almost reached the age of majority, and the grooms from two neighboring countries compete for her. On the one hand, there is a ruler of ancient women-warriors, led by Empire Marva, who was based on a leading principle: “If your husband is hungry, he must prepare a dinner for himself”. They tend to solve their property, prelibal and legal disputes through the trial. On the other hand, there is the Miner Kingdom of Prince Finius Petrar, the wayward playboy, who simply wants to have fun, but his parents insist that he marry to guarantee their royal line.

These are not the only fractions that you will encounter, since there is also a liberation army of goblins (GLA), full of righteous rage, that their people built The Sprawl, while people revel in the fruits of their work. There are rumors that the royal wedding will destroy the current regime. There is also a guild of magicians, secretive and mysterious. As a rule, magicians practice one by one, but sometimes they have to get together when their spells and experiments require more gross force.

The developers of the original Splinter Cell did not like Tom Clans’s books

Former leading designer Ubisoft Montreal Ed Byrne said that several developers of the original Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell did not like Tom Clans’s books, including because of the author’s republican views.

In a conversation with Game Informer, Burn said that the development team consisted mainly of "Piles of bloodthirsty liberals", And the screenwriter Jay Tyu was " Vegan, wearing sandals, a student of New York University".

They were just terrible, ”Burn said about Tom Clans’s novels. Now I can admit it. I am sure that Ubisoft would be glad to hear it, but I want to say that none of us loved Clancy. This was not a license of our dreams.

According to Burn, during the development of the original Splinter Cell, developers crammed the game with many different stamps and irony.

It got to the point that we simply began to introduce all these stamps, trying to understand that we could get away with us, and every time we added new stamps, the game became more and more similar to Clans [. ] Then we realized: "Well, we can just put the name Clancy on everything".

The only requirement set before the development of the developers from Clancy, according to Burn, was that the player could not kill inside the church. Otherwise, they had complete freedom of action. Splinter Cell was not even based on Tom Clans’s novels, because, having moved all possible options, the team could not find anything suitable. Later, based on the game, the book was written, but David Michaels became its author.

Despite the dislike of the novels and political views of Clans, many more games were released with his name. After Splinter Cell, the French publishing giant managed to release The Sum of All Fears, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, Endwar, H.A.W.X, The Division, Elite Squad, Rainbow Six Siege and Wildlands. Also in the development there are several games with the name of Tom Clans that have not yet been released: The Division Heartland, Rainbow Six Mobile, The Division Resourgence and the Remedician Splinter Cell. At the same time, XDEFiant developers completely refused on behalf of Tom Clansy.

At the moment, the SPLINTER CELL remake does not have a release date, since it is at an early stage of development.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage performance tested on popular video cards – even on GT1030 it is possible to play!

The continuation of the Assassin’s Creed series was waiting for many fans of the series, but the first reports of the performance of the game raised questions to its optimization. But if you did not get stable shots at the flagship cars with high resolution, then the situation with video cards of the middle segment is much better.

Let’s start with the inexpensive and popular GTX 1650 which, in the Full-HD resolution with FSR turned on and the average settings, was able to show plus or minus stable 60fps. Although you can play without scaling, but already at low settings.

The most popular video card, on the current issue of Steam, GeForce RTX 3060, feels confident in FullHD in any settings, and using DLSS can show stable 60+ frames in resolution of 1440r. It is better not to experiment with permission to own RTX 2060 owners, leaving the “standard” 1920×1080.

In general, the owners of RTX 3050 are satisfied with the game and its optimization. The same who, for various reasons, has not improved their PC for the past few years. On the GTX 960 C turned on FSR, you should not count on more than 40 FPS. Similar situation with Radeon RX 560.

If you are a completely desperate gamer that uses the RX 550, then even with FSR you should not raise permission 720p (in this case, there is a chance for “console” personnel). In a similar situation, the owners will be “gaming” GeForce GT 1030.

So, despite the progress of technology and mixed reviews about optimization from specialized publications, Assassin’s Creed: Mirage will be available to a wide range of gamers, even with not the most modern systems. Unless the issue of acquiring the game can stand up. Fortunately, there is a simple and profitable solution – KeysForgamers. There are many trusted sellers on the site, so you can always find a suitable proposal. Pleasant prices, a wide range and ease of payment will probably be added to your taste.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Gothic 2: The Night of the Crow, the developers of the remake of the first Gothic shared the image of a raven

Today, August 21, exactly 20 years ago, an addition was released "Gothic 2: Raven Night". The developers of the remake "Gothic" They thanked the developers from Piranha Bytes who "incarnated an incredible universe", as well as a devoted community of players and modders who "expanded the boundaries of the series, and presented new stories, characters and experience". In addition, Alkimia Interactive shared the image of a raven himself – a character from Gothic and the main antagonist "Nights Raven".

Greetings, captives and devoted fans of the series "Gothic"!

On August 21, we celebrate a truly significant event – the 20th anniversary of the beloved expansion for the game Gothic 2 – Night of the Raven, which conquered our hearts and imagination. We want to express the deepest gratitude to the developers from Piranha Bytes, who, two decades ago, realized this incredible universe. They gave us the opportunity to plunge into new exciting travels, in which it is necessary to find the mysteriously missing people and unravel the secrets of the ancient Yarkendar.

For our bright community of fans and modders, we raise virtual glasses from "hasty herring" in honor of your incredible contribution. Your creativity knows no boundaries, you expanded the boundaries of Gothic 2: Night of the Raven, presenting new stories, characters and experience. Thanks to your devotion, you support the flame, ensuring the freshness and fascination of the Gothic world. Thanks to your desire to explore the world of Gothic, to master its difficulties and take care of its stories and this anniversary has become possible.

Now we present you a look in the very heart of darkness – a crow from "Gothic 1 Remake" – a formidable antagonist who left an indelible mark in the Gothic universe. Once the raven was the right hand of Homez, the leader of the old camp, but his path took the gloomy turn when he accepted the power of Beliara.

Thank you for participating in this incredible trip. We wish you 20 years of magic, secrets and unforgettable memories.

Battlefield 2042 Redux is already on the way. Dice reveals the details of the new content

Electronic Arts has just revealed details about the new content that will appear in the 2021 shooter. Battlefield 2042 Redux will allow players to survive the best events from the previous seasons of the game.

Dice is already officially working on a new part of the Battlefield series, and in fact the shooter is developed by three Electronic Arts studios. However, the developers do not forget about Battlefield 2042 – the studio announced the 6th season of the game and "Redux".

This in -game event will give you the opportunity to survive the best moments of last year at Battlefield 2042. Join the game and get new impressions by opening weekly awards and finding new game capabilities in your favorite modes and maps – from the “assault XL”, “Tactical "Avpatata ”,“ Breakthrough: chaos ”before“ capture in attack ”and“ sabotage ”. But wait, that’s not all! Your weekend has just become better. However, not only the weekend, but the whole week. Get double experience on weekends and weekly awards. And, of course, many more improvements await you, thanks to which you will want to return to the game again and again. So, firstly. In the event “Liquidators” you will have to face opponents in cruel hand -to -hand fights. Then begins the “Battle for "Nordvik"”, Where the main task will be to capture the target at all costs. Finally, in the “climbing of Leviathan” you will need to disrupt the enemy’s operation and force him to retreat. If you missed any of these incredible events, now you have a second chance to plunge into chaos and find out why they immediately won the recognition of the players.

Battlefield 2042 Redux will implement a completely new progression system that allows to receive tokens that are used to unlock awards. In each game version, you can receive tokens, which, in particular, will allow you to get completely new skins of characters, vehicles and weapons, as well as previous content from the store.

Redux will also ensure the return of modes with time limit. The developers published a whole calendar, and fans will be able to systematically take part in new tests.

The developers have not forgotten about the improvement of the quality of the gameplay – players are waiting for balance corrections for engineers and even the new code for those who want to know more about the history of Battlefield 2042.

Dice does not refuse to support the game, and in October the sixth season of the game starts, in which, among other things, another new map will appear.

The cooperative shooter Left 4 Dead turned 15 years old

With the exit on November 18, 2008, the game Left 4 Dead captured the game world. It was a cheerful and frantic cooperative zombie-player, which was easy to take up, but it is difficult to tear. Over the past years, various companies tried to recreate the magic of Left 4 Dead, and the game Back 4 Blood, published in 2021, perhaps the closest to the emulation of this experience. However, few modern games can be compared with LEFT 4 DeAD, since the Valve developer has created a game with an unusually effective combination of simple and at the same time deeply influencing elements in which the reiglable was higher than the different system of passage. 15 years after the release, the original LEFT 4 DeAD is still the standard of cooperative shooters.

Even for 2008, LEFT 4 DeAD has been distinguished by an incredibly simple concept. A team of four players was supposed to survive among the hordes of zombies, trying to escape from various unique, almost theatrical, situations. Although this scheme itself was not something extraordinary, carefully thought out by Valve gameplay in combination with exceptional audiovisual elements created a tense cooperative game in the horror genre. The combination of these elements in Left 4 Dead made it possible to create short but deeply exciting episodes in which the team work was not only a distinctive feature, but also a prerequisite for survival.

The original game Left 4 Dead became a hit, giving rise to a continuation in 2009 – Left 4 Dead 2. Together they gathered a huge fanbase, which and 15 years later continues to actively participate in the Universe of the game. Despite the fact that over the past years, many games have tried to imitate the Left 4 Dead franchise, players still prefer the original. In particular, Left 4 Dead 2 has a prosperous fan base, largely due to active modding community. Thanks to this community, years after the last renewal of Valve content, new and complex modes for old players constantly appear in the game.

The creators of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor apologized to the players for the quality of the PC version and are already working on corrections

We did not have to wait long for the official message from Respawn Entertainment. Developers of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor issued an application in which they apologize for problems with the game and promise appropriate corrections.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available on current generation consoles and PC since today, but Respawn Entertainment cannot celebrate. The launch of the game on the PC was unsuccessful, as many players cannot enjoy a new adventure. The game is poorly launched on many devices, so the studio made a statement.

Although there is no single comprehensive solution to increase the performance of the PC, the team is working on corrections that, in our opinion, will improve performance on various configurations. We strive to eliminate these problems as quickly as possible, but each correction requires significant testing to make sure that we do not create new problems. Thank you for understanding and apologize for the problems that some of our players faced. We will continue to monitor performance on all platforms and share information about updates as they appear.

It is safe to say that this is another major release that has encountered problems on the PC – we saw a similar situation with The Callisto Protocol and The Last of Us Part I.

Respawn Entertainment now, presumably, will test various configurations so that more gamers can enjoy this game. One can only hope that the developers will pay more attention to such situations in the future so that fans can enjoy the adventure from the date of its debut.

As mentioned earlier – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is faced with a lot of criticism on Steam. Currently, the game has "Mostly negative" reviews, and only 37% of 2,826 reviews are positive.

Peak online Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam over the past day has exceeded 90 thousand players

Since the unsuccessful release of Cyberpunk 2077 at the end of 2020, the game community has been experiencing real American slides of emotions. This attraction is financed by CD Projekt Red, which is systematically – albeit with varying success – tries to improve the originally catastrophic quality of its flagship.

As a result, almost three years after the debut of Cyberpunk 2077, we survived before the revolutionary update 2.0, which, in principle, rebuilds all aspects of the game. But with what effect? The best indicator of the quality of the patch is the reaction of the community. To this end, the latest comments and statistics on the game in Steam were studied.

Let’s start with the latter – according to Steamdb graphs, 90,241 people played at the peak after the update to the game. Given that in previous weeks this figure reached 25,000 people, the increase is impressive.

So sooner or later, such popularity was supposed to lead to the emergence of new reviews in Steam. Indeed, Cyberpunk 2077 received many reviews, the vast majority of which are positive. The diagram below is the best reflects this:

And here are some examples of reviews:

Update 2.0 makes the game even more amazing in all respects that I did not consider possible, I definitely recommend it, especially after new improvements

Version 2.0 – this is a very necessary improvement. She shows what can be done if you give the game much more time and attention

It should be noted that there are negative comments. True, they are mainly associated with the personal preferences of the players. Users complain, in particular, over the excessively weakened characteristics of the weapon, scaling opponents or the development process of the character.

Update 2.0 is just awful. All firearms were too weakened. So much pleasure from the game was lost. After that, I just returned the money for the pre -order DLC. I don’t want to play DLC in this state.

The battles were tense and difficult depending on what fractions you fought with. It was pleasant to return to the initial zone to go through the lower levels after my ass, stronger gangs. Now they are "Balanced" The game so that each gang corresponds to your level, so you get a kick under the ass where you go.

Patch 2.0 In essence, he destroyed the diversity of the builds, which was present in previous versions. Now you are more or less forced to pump in accordance with fixed archetypes, since the trees make you highlight glasses to skills that you may not need if you want to completely reveal certain paths.

It should be emphasized once again that all the above comments relate exclusively to Steam. We can read the opinions of the owners of various platforms in the post of Marki Momot, the director for working with the CD Projekt RED community, which through X asked the players about their impressions after release 2.0. Probably, other messages will appear there during the day.

Fallout father praised Bethesda for “revitalization” of the series and mentioned them to listen to the modders in the development of Fallout 5

The creator of Fallout and the director of The Outer Worlds Tim Kane talked about in which direction Bethesda is developing religious role -playing games, praising that they brought to the Fallout series, continuing her heritage. Moreover, Kane even mentioned how he would like Bethesda to listen to the opinion of the modders in anticipation of the release of Fallout 5.

These are really good games. Bethesda knows how to make a good game. Skyrim – good game. She is funny, protracting, to some extent soothing. I like to go into their games and just play, walk around the world and explore it.

Kane notes that he did not play Fallout Brotherhouse of Steel, Fallout 76 or most of Fallout Tactics, but he spent a lot of time on Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas. He adds that Todd Howard invited him to see Fallout 3 at the E3 2008 exhibition, and, according to him, what he saw and then played, was "Stunning".

When you get out of the shelter, it was an amazing sight. The game itself was also very exciting. I know that she did not like everyone, but she was amazing. And she revived Fallout.

I played a lot in Fallout 3. I played it several times and tried different builds, the same thing with Fallout 4 and New Vegas.

Although he says that modern games are Fallout "made not as I did", He is anyway "I am very glad that not only someone picked up this game, but such a wonderful company grabbed it, works with it and makes these wonderful games for us".

In fact, Kane even admits that behind all Bethesda games there is a community of modders, saying that:

Some of you guys have the best ideas in the world that, I hope, Bethesda will pay attention and include in Fallout 5.

He generally played in what became with his creation ? I hope there is no other coma otherwise.

Played. He liked this

So in whom it is urgent urgently, the old man Kukukha went.

The fourth Folych is basically a mediocre game, but plays with new colors with mods. Like Skyrim. So here more likely, models fans revive the games of the gazebo, and not she herself.

and if there were no new part of what they revived?

No, she has so much low -quality fashion and do not affect anything that even mods in the field will be better, I am already silent about Skyrim (all the more fnv), so there is no – this is the case when even mods do not save the game

If you did not put normal mods, this does not mean that they are not, there are your problems, and the mods that turn the game into candy a lot

I am one hundred percent sure that the game would not have lived for so long if there were so many mods in it. The tanks flowing together with the engine are repaired by models, models make the textures better, the ruling of developers are also models (the same wretched trimmed wheel of dialogs). This is not counting the piles of mods for quests, weapons, construction, etc.D., You can continue for a long time.

Low -quality? Well, here you certainly went too far, but there are enough third -rate mods with more than, but there will be no less high -quality mods. Almost everything in the game is finalized by models. Of the most useful unofficial patches of models that rules a bunch of jambs swing along with the engine from the game to the game (because the gazebo is too lazy to correct them). There, almost where the models did not look better than the gazebo: dialogue window, castorization of armor/character/weapons, textures of everything and all, weather, locations, settlements, can be continued indefinitely.

Well, if you make RPG about the post -apocalypse shooter about cyborgs this revival, then Fallout 4 is more alive than all living things.

No folich 4 not a shooter. This is you, RPG see through the prism of outdated concepts, as if you want to see the short story, and not the development of gameplayers. Yes, the plot is weak, but gameplay Folych 4 will give a head of any previous part. For the first time I played the third folich, I was satisfied, endlessly put fashion, endlessly trables, then conflict, then still what else. And in the 4th part I saw everything that I wanted in the third. I have half a thousand hours in it, and I will also cut into it when the mods are polished to brilliance. I myself am old as a stump is completely hung with tinder pages, but not so much to cling to the infinitely passed past, when you need to make at least a discount on expectations, because you can’t build roads on the roads again and again, so no progress will help, the roads will still be the roads wheezing more in agony. Then you just need to get out of the project and start from scratch, or continue but with other problems.

Unfortunately in F4, more than one mechanics are not brought to an acceptable level. The game is still good, but it really affects immersion.

In the same Skyrim, at the time of access to the shortcomings, it was possible to close his eyes, since the atmosphere of the North was too enchanting.

You signed in your own incompetence, based on your own rhetoric and designation of the game, because even the developers themselves admit that F4 is a shooter with RPG elements. And from the whole game, only shooting is most qualitatively implemented, and that is not dynamic.

The problem of all modern followers is not that they are not similar to the original first two, but that they are not a story and Lorno. They are a low -quality plastic, which only remains to cling to the gameplay, and what only the fourth managed (and even then, when compared with the games released after up to 2023).

Fallut is not RPG, although this term means two definitions at once – and a role -playing game with the consequences, and a character pumping simulator, a kind of too "Roleva" choice, but low -grade and primitive. And which choice is better to make – low -grade and primitive, or fascinating and interesting? That’s the same.

Oh yes, give the plot and lor. So maybe then it is worth reading books or in extreme cases to watch movies? It is there that the personification of the plot and Laura. And in the game, I want to be able to entertain myself, and not move linearly along the corridor and make pi-piu in monsters.

The rubberings are coming out now. There everything is plot and lorno. But what’s the problem? And the problem is that there is a continuous corridor, according to which you are driven by the handle, everything from and to scripted, no random – exclusively Vylovo by the handle, where you have the right – just look and nothing and nothing to influence. And these lorne and plot masterpieces pass in 6-7 hours. Fascination and interestingness on as much as 7 hours. Bought, passed and forgot. And now they are "exciting and interesting" Stamp the conveyor.

Because if you want a corridor and the plot – welcome, but guys, this pleasure will be short and not cheap. And such a course of affairs is completely unpleasant for me. If a person does not have a fantasy, then he will of course be boring to poke in a sandbox, he needs a corridor and a hand that will lead him on this corridor. And if I want a plot and lure, I repeat, I will read a book or a movie, and in the game I want to see an overabundance of gameplay opportunities. Folych shooter for those who play it in style "Pass the sake of a checkmark" Galope walk like a bull and forget, but for me it is aaa-a-sandwoman, and the first one of a kind.

Oh yes, give the plot and lor. So maybe then it is worth reading books or in extreme cases to watch movies? It is there that the personification of the plot and Laura. And in the game, I want to be able to entertain myself, and not move linearly along the corridor and make pi-piu in monsters.

And why did you suddenly decide who and where is the place? By the way, the plot and the ENT are one of the central pillars of the video game, which, if not entertained by its quality, then lures, a servant in a good gameplay. You would have swung on the same template that no other genres and categories of games are needed, because you liked the AAA-Pesochnitsa in the person of a shooter with the construction system. What races are there, what strategies? To hell with all this.

And the fact that you deny the influence of a good plot on interest and project the gameplay morally and technically outdated games for all games with a postscript "Good plot", as if it were a taboo, he says a lot. Maybe this is the problem that creative and generally forgot how to make, and not a 1997 follaut of release in this is to blame for this? They found a scapegoat in the scenario good game with decent not just for those years, but even for the modern game industry, freedom of choice, which carries and, as it would not sound ironically, gives a choice, being among the mass of equal -like games.

I would like to see a new part in the New Vegas style, where a lot of time has been devoted to details. Where there are many interesting and unique quests. A lot of diverse weapons. A lot of different wins. From 3D Fallouts this is the best game so far.

The fifth is not the fifth, but if the third re -reduced, that’s the case!

Antishnaps is old XD

It became interesting to me, the true connoisseurs of the first follower (without quotes), what exactly is bad in 4 followers, I seriously and do not want to protect the 4th part (although she is the most beloved for me).

I really love foul 1 and 2, I also played a schoolboy in English, there was no rus 🙂 I went many times, I won’t say anything bad about 4KA 🙂 Yes, there are flaws, well, they were in 1m and 2m. I was also surprised by the bombing 3ki and 4ki. Well, as I see, mostly bombed fans of hardcore role -playing games not fans of the 1st and or 2nd, namely fans of the Hardcore like Gothic, awood, Fabla. Although the 1st and 2nd foul was not a hardcore game or a game with some deep, sacred plot. xs why they decided that 3k and 4k should have become like that.

Although I like the four, the beginning of the game in it is extremely moronic. Immediately in the first half an hour they give a power, minigan and immediately release the claw of death. In other games, these are some end goals for which you strive for, but here you are all at once. Even rusty and broken.

Twisting mineters are hung out to horror with their black ruler. A random person (player) comes to them and they immediately offer him to enter them and immediately make it a general. And then they constantly force this general to do dirty work. What nonsense?

Well, side quests themselves in the four are boring chtoli. Could be better. And the quests themselves could be more.

The plots are in the third or fourth, that in the first or second plus minus the same.

Only for some reason for fans of the classics:

Find the GECK and then kill the enclave (deuce) – this is a straight cool plot, but

Find your father and kill the enclave (three) – this is

Immediately in the first half an hour they give a power, minigan and immediately release the claw of death. In other games, these are some end goals for which you strive for, but here you are all at once.

You take it at the beginning of the game and stomp in Navarro – there you are both powerful and Wundervafle. Also impudent. The only difference is that these very power and minigan in Fallout 4 is a training element. In the beginning, it is stupidly unprofitable to use all this except the battle with the claw of death.

Twisting mineters are hung out to horror with their black ruler. A random person (player) comes to them and they immediately offer him to enter them and immediately make it a general. And then they constantly force this general to do dirty work. What nonsense?

Purely nominal position. They have no one to count on, except for the survivor, since the rest of the members of the faction are dead.

A fine plot, a black man who constantly asks you to protect settlements, stupid non -pains that seem to be a living environment, but in fact they only ruin, well, and the game engine, which is time to throw out into the garbage.

Only you know all this because you have already played before or Pospileryl-Gogulil, and if the first time, then you will just go to the plot and you will not get the first power, especially if you are distracted by side quests.

The bottom line is that this "Training element" fucking is not needed at all in the game. What they trained? How to go into power, by clicking one button or how to shoot from a minigan holding another?

This whole scene with power, a minigan and a claw of death looks like a window dressing. It seems that it was generally some kind of demo scene just to show someone the possibility of a changed engine during development, but for some reason it was left in the final version of the game.

So it was not worth adding it at all, could just be limited to shooters with raiders. It would be more than enough.

Purely nominal position. They have no one to count on, except for the survivor, since the rest of the members of the faction are dead.

Why then you can’t accept the player as an ordinary? Why immediately the title of general? If they just scatter such titles, then this title and penny of broken is not worth it, like their whole fraction.

If Preston said that he was a general and invited the player to join them, and if he had entered the position of ordinary, then at least some sense had any meaning.

I remember those distant times, I launched the first Folych, some kind of step -by -step rubbish, ended up on a game map, and the jester knew where to go)) I did not know what kind of game is, and I didn’t think that it would become a cult .As a result, he deleted it from the computer and forgot, but advised a friend to play .So not a fan of Folych, I just like the genre, walk, roam, and the like ..The third part came to me, Vegas, and the fourth .I want to try everything in the first parts to play, somehow my hands do not reach them .But the atom went on one breath, I still read the first in the spirit of the first . So thought and decided Ida will check . And for a long time I lost it for a long time)) By the way, a good idea with the moders interact, but as practice shows, Howard can only sell other people’s mods 🙂

I also started with the three. Three, New Vegas, four and then even 76. And only a year and a half ago passed the first and second part.

If they feel them, to imbue, then they are played straight super -high and very interesting. At first, the fighter didn’t go to me at all, I don’t like step -by -step games at all except the third heroes, but then I got used to it and everything began to go like clockwork.

Most importantly – don’t give up the game. The first hour, two and even three may seem that the game is boring and dull, but then it will open, just give her a chance.

I strongly recommend that you do not watch and read any guides from all kinds before the game "smarters", who will strain half of the game and tell you where you can get a steep gun with which everything will be easy to pass and play it will not be interesting. Better to do it yourself. If you miss or find something, then it means not fate or until the next passage.

At the first stages of the game, your most evil enemy will be management. By modern standards, it seems crooked, but you can get used to. If it is generally difficult to play at all and it will not be clear where to run and what to press, I recommend that you read a text manual for the game. He is in format .PDF, it has explanations with pictures. He is on a licensed disk with a game from 1C. They will tell and explain how to play the game in general. Maybe this is of course outskirtly, but so you can recreate "The same" The game experience of those years when there was practically no Internet.

Also, be ready that you may have to start the game several times again, because it is very easy to blame the Persian pumping there. Let’s just say – not all skills that seem cool in the description of these are actually. The plus it also happens that a cool high-level skill or perk has some requirements, for example, 8 dexterity and 8 endurance, and you only pumped outstands when creating a character and that’s it, it turns out not to take the perc.

In this way, I threw 3 Persians, then spat and looked at Wikipedia what perki at all, what are their demands and have already made a Persian for them. I spied myself, but I do not recommend it to others, lol. In theory, it would be possible to go through the game of the Persians, but it is very pot. My perfectionism simply did not let me play normally. It is better of course not to spoil anything at all, but decide for yourself.

P.S. You say that the atom has passed, but did not play in Enced? I look at her everything, looks promising, but also hands will not reach.