Port Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for Xbox 360 was tested in Konami and worked “perfectly and smoothly”

For many years it was believed that the creators of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots had an agreement on an exclusive on the PlayStation 3, and so far it is to some extent because the game lives only on this console, it did not have it? port, no remaster, no reprints. However, this is not related to the agreement between Konami and Sony, and even the developer team considered the possibility of the game to go to Xbox 360, because, contrary to expectations, it went very well on this console.

This was told by the former employee of Kojima Productions Ryan Payton in the book of Ultimate History of Video Games: Volume 2. The producer who worked at Kojima Productions in the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots said that the game went well on Xbox 360. According to Ryan, a team of developers did not want to work with Microsoft equipment because they were Sony fans, so they thought that Metal Gear Solid 4 would not work well on Xbox 360.

However, Peyton said that a separate Konami team was created in order to test the game on Xbox 360 and understand whether a full -fledged port is possible.

Despite how my colleagues were depressed by the development of PS3, most of them were still in the inveterate Sony fans and were opposed to spending resources on such testing. They believed that the MGS4 would look terrible and work on the older and inferior gland Microsoft. On one fateful day the Konami R team&D held a meeting at which we saw the fruits of their work – Metal Gear Solid 4 worked perfectly and smoothly on Xbox 360. As one of the few ardent Xbox fans in the office, I was delighted

Despite the fact that the tests were in favor of the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Xbox 360, Konami did not approve of it due to the format of the discovery used by the console, since the game occupied 50 GB, and even on PS3 had to be released on special two-layer Blu-ray, but in the case of the Microsoft system, several discs would have to be used, and the Japanese company considered it would not be a profitable deal.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run is 20 years old. Fans call for remake

Yes, this is not a typo – the game The Simpsons: Hit & Run turned 20 this weekend this weekend. We all get old, the bones turn into dust. But while we remember our common childhood when we played in "GTA for children", This milestone also reminds us that there are still no news about the remake, and fans really want to fix it.

Any company that celebrated the anniversary of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, immediately falls under calls to make a remake. PlayStation is the most striking example of this: impatient fans beg the studio to somehow achieve a reprint of the cult classical game about sympons. In the end, the only way to play it is legally is to get PS2, GameCube or the original Xbox, despite the fact that the game is so in demand on modern platforms.

At the beginning of the week, PlayStation UK celebrated this anniversary. Now, in the answers of the fans, prayers to the studio appeared either to invest in a remake, or add the original to the PlayStation Plus, as is fitting in the game, in which many of us were grinning the disk to the holes on PS2. Some of the poor fellows even decided that Twit himself hints at a certain reprint, but, alas, nothing of the kind is reported.

The fact that we have reached the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, having nothing to show, is very depressing, not to mention what causes bewilderment. Although licensed games of this kind are often in the hell of copyright, it is difficult to imagine that the copyright holders "Simpsonov" Could not release Hit reprint & Run, if they wanted. However, now they seem to be more concerned about closing access to fan remakes, up to the point that one of them has already been developed, but its creator is too afraid of the consequences to release it.

If a remake or remaster still appears, then you should not expect that he will get the original studio. Radical Entertainment is now owned by Activision Blizzard and in recent years acts as a support studio, helping other developers with their games, and not creating their own. Nevertheless, Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – RehyDrated recently proved that the copyright holders are ready to transfer the responsibilities of creating remakes to new studios, so this is quite possible.

Nevertheless, the fact that the anniversary has passed without a teaser suggests that in the near future a remake will not appear. Maybe someday someone will understand that it will almost certainly bring money, because the game has a fanbase that is ready and waiting. See you at the 40th anniversary?

Robocop: Rogue City received an ESRB rating that reveals adult content and game mechanics

Robocop: Rogue City received a rating of advice on entertainment rating (ESRB). The rating reflects adult topics present in the game, including blood and injury, strong violence, sexual topics, non -normative vocabulary and the use of fictional drugs. There are no interactive elements in the game, but they promise a rich narrative and a tense gameplay.

This is a first -person shooter in which players take on the role of a robocop who is fighting criminals and enemies in a fictional Detroit. Players travel around the city, exploring the places of crimes, solving secrets, interacting with the characters and fighting criminals (for example, punk, mercenaries, robots). Players use pistols, shotgun, assault rifles and hand -to -hand attacks to kill enemies in crazy battles. The battles are accompanied by realistic shooting, the science of pain and the effects of large blood splashes. Some attacks lead to partial decapitation; Explosive attacks make enemies burst into pieces. Several episodes depict additional cases of violence and/or bloodshed: a hostage thrown out of the window; close -up wounds on the head of the victim of the murder; a character tied to a chair and repeatedly beaten; The policeman shot several times; The character broke off the hand. There is some sexual material in the game: characters called stripper and prostitutes; bed with handcuffs attached to it; portrait of a woman in slavery; The female character dances before the pole to the applause of men; Signs with inscriptions “XXX”, “Girls, Girls” and “Route 69”. Several plot lines rotate around a fictional forbidden drug called Nuke: villains discuss the sale of a drug, sometimes minor consumers; Some videos depicts characters under the high or who are introduced by the drug. The game appears in the game “F ** K” and “SH*T”.

Robocop: Rogue City invites players to explore open territories and fulfill tasks based on their understanding of justice. The choice made during the game can affect the fate of citizens and the outcome of the missions. The game presents an original story, the action of which unfolds between the events “Robokop 2” and “Robocop 3”, and even includes the voice acting of Peter Weller, the original actor of “Robocop”.

Kotor remake is still listed in development, despite rumors about the abolition

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was included in the List of the upcoming Embracer Group projects, despite the recent rumors that the game was completely canceled. This also happened after the game was not presented at the PlayStation presentation, which is an alarming sign.

However, despite the fact that the Embracer CEO only increased the fears that the game was canceled, the Kotor remake was clearly indicated in the last financial report of the company as in development for PS5 and PC. This suggests that Embracer has not yet abandoned the ill -fated project, despite the numerous hitch during its erratic development.

This event was noticed by Kotor fans on Reddit, thirsting for positive news about the game after so many alarming stories related to the project. Here, no matter what rumors say, we see that Embracer is still telling investors that Kotor’s remake should be expected, and the PlayStation transaction will remain valid.

Fans who play exclusively on Xbox are not lucky, since there are no references that the port is under development along with the initial release on PS5 and PC. As far as is known, the agreement with the PlayStation provided for only temporary exclusivity, most likely for a year, as we have seen in the case of games such as Deathloop. Nevertheless, given that the project was faced with some difficulties on the way, this report suggests that Embracer is now thinking only about the original platforms, and not about any ports in the future.

Given this, it is strange that the CEO of Embracer Lars Wingewors decided only to aggravate fears during a meeting with investors. He was directly asked about the news about the Kotor remake, which is not surprising, given the latest news. However, instead of reassuring investors, he stated that he had "no comments yet" Regarding the game, which made many suggest that the company really planned to announce that Kotor was canceled.

In any case, the only thing we officially saw from the Kotor remake is a short teaser in 2021. Since then, the original developer, Aspyr, was kicked out of the project, and Saber Interactive took its place. Although this, apparently, was done in response to the disappointment of Embracer in the game, the company also stated that it "does not expect any significant delays" for Game "In this regard, the transition". Of course, in fact, we still have no release date, so any delays will be internal.

The authors of Mortal Kombat 1 presented a new story of the cult character of the entire series

With the release of Mortal Kombat 1, the storyline of the whole franchise of the cruel fighting of Netherrealm Studios and Warner Bros will be officially restarted. Interactive Entertainment. The players are waiting for a completely new temporary branch, which was created by the god of fire Liu Kan, and at the same time a new canon for all original characters. Mortal Kombat will also receive its changes in the history of the world, the most cult character of the franchise – raiden, who has become an ordinary warrior.

In the plot events of Mortal Kombat 1, we will see the young version of Reiden. If in past games of the series he was the god of thunder and defender of the earthly kingdom, now he is an ordinary person. Despite this, somewhere a powerful force is still lurking in it, so it was chosen as one of the champions of the earthly kingdom. Due to the impending threat, Reiden has to grow in a great warrior, which, as Liu Kan knows, he can become.

Mortal Kombat 1 will be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch – September 19, 2023.

It’s not easier to go to their site and read it yourself about other characters.

I understand that raiden in mk1 (2023) is the new kang kang. Like Li Kan with lightning instead of fire.

If in past games of the series he was the god of thunder and defender of the earthly kingdom, now he is an ordinary person.

Talked from an ordinary person. How an ordinary person can sting with lightning? )

An ordinary person in Mortal Kombat, this is Curtis Stryker (Stryker).

Purely my guesses. As I understand it, the plot in MK is in a circle. With MK1 (1992) on mk11 This is the era of the god thunder Reiden. Starting with MK1 (2023), this is already the era of the god of Fire Liu Kan, and the young raiden will become the champion of the earthly kingdom, and then become the god of thunder. Further, the god of thunder raiden restarts history and Li Kan will again become the champion of the earthly kingdom. And in a circle. Endless Santa Barbara.

In the old trilogy MK (MK1 (1992), MK2 and UMK3) there was no hint of temporary lines and restart the universe. It turns out that in the old trilogy there was only one Shan Tsub knew all this.

The priest had a dog.

Restarting with shoved left characters. You can no longer continue.

Who is the left? That’s it and that, that so far we have not shown a single fundamentally new hero. Or you mean postclassic heroes? Well, in the era of the first two dreams, it was legal to blame them for levisia, some really came up with a knee to replace someone from the original. And now they are already themselves "Old men":-).

There will be no left character, absolutely.
Only guest.

Here offer the one you need.

There is something to see something, they seemed to say that they would release before the release (

Mortal without boobs is not interesting to me . The rested universe of the Morstach with Tanya whose bread is terrible as death goes .After 9 Mortal for me, it ended . Sobered as in due time and after Ultimate Mk 3 . Always a series after the events of 3 parts in chronology (well, or the first 3 in one game as MK 2011) rolls into a trash full .

A typical creature that plays for the Fanservice, you can look at SISKI and in another place.

Why play Mordall for something else ? You count there the plot is good ? Well, a surprise to you he is fecal in many parts . Mortal was always a fan -service tresh where a wrestler with a cow’s skull on the head – Shao Kang, could not be taken seriously . Neither in MK 10 nor 11 and I know and in 1, too, there can be no good plot . It is just better than in other fighting wings since there are not there in essence, but this does not make it not garbage . Let good stories be in other games, but in Mortal they are not and will never be . Yes, I wanted to fall asleep passing the plot in 10 and 11 parts . In the 9th part, the Fanservice dragged the plot, girls with open breasts and nostalgia for Ultimate MK 3 . When the biographies of the fighters on the sege were read in childhood and it was evident how the plot changes, unlike the original temporary line . Immediately the Universe is restarted and honestly I never liked Tanya outwardly, but she was not a ugly . I want to play with such heroines and God for God . I will just go this part to look at how to restart the universe . But in the future I will never need this slag and for nothing, paying for your childhood spitting a camel I am not going to .Ed Bun in 1992 created ESRB .This rating commission just in America appeared because Mortal was obscene to lawless . And now buns of Femenists kisses and I will dress women in hijabs and I will consider this Mortal Kombat ? And this is the man because of which ESRB appeared? Let the buns into the anus after that since he sold his eggs .He is no longer a man he just does not have them .

By the way, yes, for me MK is primarily the boobs of Kitana, Jade and Shiva.

Sonya Blade) That’s what you need) and see what her model Kerry Hoskins looks like in your 53 years, and directly that modern models of women in MK are complete garbage .

You like boobs torn to pieces after fatalia?

I don’t understand some at all, I am tired of the old and the inconspes are tired of sculpting the same thing, the new one is also bad, because this is not according to the canon and the story is different in general, you yourself do not know what you want, you got the fuck.And so, in the game, in a lot of opinion, the story is important, I look and not gameplay, sad guys.

Rest with the world of the mortal battle you turned you in the ears and it is sad

Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 actor does not agree that Venom is the main enemy of Peter Parker

Venom, thanks to his similar spider man, could well be considered a real enemy of Peter Parker. Only now, according to Yuri Clorodal, this place of the villain is already occupied by another character.

In an interview with Gamesradar, the performer of the role of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 shared an unexpected statement about who still has to become the hero of the hero. According to him, Simbiont, and Dr. Octoen, and green goblin, and others do a great job of their role, but they do not pull the role of the main antagonist.

According to Clondel, he always loved and defended Jonathan Onna, also a stain known as supervicts – the main antagonist of the animated cartoon "Spider-Man: Spider Web" and its upcoming continuation. In comics, he is also associated with the arch "Solder" and attracts attention to the fact that it opens up small inter -spatial portals for moving over long distances.

One of the villains that I always loved and defended in games from the very beginning is a spot. I asked: " Is it possible to introduce [continuation] stain into the game?". And then, in the end, he appears in the cartoon ["Spider-Man: Spider Web"], so I seemed to get the best of the two worlds.

Previously, Clonding said that the gallery of the villains of Spider-Man is second only to Batman’s gallery, and continued to say that "This is one of the most memorable villains". But reflecting, Clorodal made a second, even more unexpected choice.

I say this now as a joke, because I feel like a complete cretin when I say this, but the main villain Peter is. He himself", – The actor said. "This is a feeling of guilt, his uncertainty, and he beats himself much stronger than any villain.

When it came to the main villain of his own sequel and, possibly, the most recognizable villain of Spiddy, Clorodal admitted that he did not have much in common with Venom:

I mean that everyone loves Venom. It’s funny, since I grew up and read comics about Spider-Man not when Venom was popular. Therefore, I know that Venom is very important for many people, but perhaps it is not so important for me, because I fell in love with Spider-Man much earlier than Venom appeared.

Gothic Remake is created from scratch, despite the good assessments of the demo version in Steam: “The players were afraid that they would remain with nothing”

As you know, Gothic Remake is developed from scratch. This was told a year ago by Kai Rosencrantz – the creator of the soundtrack to the original trilogy from Piranha Bytes and the first Risen. After criticism from the fans of the demo, which became available in December 2019, went to the garbage basket, and Alkimia Interactive began work from scratch, preserving much more in common with the original.

It is interesting, however, that this demo version received not such bad reviews as you could expect. In Steam, a little over 14,000 players left her reviews, and the positive ones amounted to 72% of them. A lot and not so bad, right? For comparison, Elex 2, the last creation of Piranha, has 75% positive reviews.

On the one hand, you might think that the creation of a remake of such a cult game as Gothic cannot be associated with the risk that it will like it "only" Three quarters of the players. On the other hand, the truth may look somewhat different. How? Perhaps many fans of the series appreciated the demo version positively because of the fear that the project will be curtailed and Gothic Remake will not be developed. On the other hand, the desire to be released was very great in the community.

In other words, the players doubtfully belonged to demo, but nevertheless perceived it positively in the hope that this would give a complete game the green light from ThQ Nordic and improve something in the production process. At least, as the commander-manager of Alkimia Interactive, writing on the Gothic Community discord-server under the pseudonym T-Moor, thinks.

I think that there were more people who hated her. Positive reviews in Steam do not talk about anything here. Everyone wanted to get something related to the Gothic series as soon as possible, and therefore preferred not to give negative comments. They were afraid that because of this [remake] could be canceled. People wanted to get at least something.

Given that here we are dealing with the personal opinion of T-Moor, it was difficult to say whether everything was actually as he suggests. Nevertheless, there are many reason to believe that it was so. If we go through the reviews of this demo, we note that the authors of positive reviews really mentioned many elements that, in their opinion, needed refinement (the combat system and graphic style were most often criticized).

Therefore, Alkimia Interactive Studio began work from scratch. We could see the results of this in a conceptual graphics – the skeleton of the magician, Garpy, Moleskin, etc.D. Players complain a little about them, but in general, the reception of these works is positive.

It remains to wait for the demonstration of the gameplay. Many people hope that this will happen on August 11, 2023 during ThQ Nordic Digital Showcase. And if gamers do not like what they will see? Well, according to T -Moscow, the work on Gothic Remake has advanced so far that the project does not threaten the cancellation – in extreme cases, it will undergo some changes.

AMD: Starfield authors can freely add DLSS – FSR support priority is a request, not a requirement

What exactly happens when the publisher decides to cooperate with AMD to create a game? An increasing number of games do this, and many note that when starting it, they only use the technology for increasing the resolution of FSR from AMD (and not DLSS from NVIDIA). So it was in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, so it will be in Starfield. Nevertheless, it has just become known that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will have FSR and DLSS, despite the fact that it is the game of AMD partner. So what’s the deal?

In the new interview with The Verge, the head of the AMD game unit Frank Azor explained what is actually happening. According to Azor, if Bethesda wants to add DLSS to Starfield, then it will receive "Full support for AMD". But this is not the end of the story.

Although AMD does not require partners to exclude DLSS from their games when starting, it seems that they politely ask about it. AMD pays publishers for the supply of games complete with video cards (Starfield, Avatar, etc. They are included with Ryzen and Radeon) and asks them to turn on FSR first of all, as part of the transaction.

Well, it means that initially there is an opportunity to support DLSS, but if the publisher agrees to the exclusivity of FSR, then this is not so simple? And again, it seems, the answer is negative, because Azore repeats that "If and when Bethesda wants to insert DLSS into [Starfield]", They will fully support this decision.

So, here it is – AMD does not force publishers to launch games only with FSR support, but also does not conclude exclusive contracts with them. To some extent, the launch of games only with FSR can be just a matter of priorities, since FSR is more useful for console versions, where increasingly required permission to increase.

The full comment sounded like this:

We cannot publicly discuss the specific terms of the contract. Recall that FSR is the only solution for improving quality, optimized for working at various GPU architectures and working in cross -platform mode (on PC and consoles). This means that from the first day the advantages of FSR are available to almost all gamers working on modern GPUs or game consoles. DLSS, on the contrary, is an exclusive for NVIDIA equipment, and only for some of its subset. In cross-platform games and a small number of partnerships, we agreed with the developers on the priority and optimization of FSR as a solution to improve quality, since it works for more equipment in the interests of a larger number of gamers. When the developer asks to apply other resolution technologies in his game, AMD supports its choice. AMD believes that the scaling technology that does not depend on the manufacturer and is based on the standards is the best option for game developers and gamers, and we expect that other GPU suppliers will accept this approach.

Recall that the game Starfield goes to the PC, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Its release is scheduled for September 6 of this year. In addition, from the moment of debut in the market, the game will be available by subscription Game Pass both on the PC and on Xbox consoles.

It is worth noting that those who purchased Starfield: Premium Edition will gain access to the game earlier – they will begin to play on September 1. By the way, the game can be won on our website, and you can find out about how to get more bonuses here.

Fallout 4: SIM Settlements 2 came out to modify the final chapter

If you are going to start the new Fallout 4 game, then you should install the SIM Settlements 2 mod. He not only makes the construction and management of settlements is much better, but also adds many new characters, many tasks and an intriguing storyline. In fact, the mod does what Preston Garvie should do: he makes the construction of settlements not just routine, but an amazing and interesting occupation.

If you are not familiar with this mod, then it represents the full processing of the vanilla system for the construction of settlements. Instead of doing all the work yourself, you can divide your settlements into zones for various purposes: residential, commercial and industrial – that the urban planner resembles, and then allow your settlers to build further. And if you like to build and engage in micro -management, you can build as much as you want, thanks to the updated system.

The story of SIM Settlements 2 is divided into chapters, and the third, final, the head has just come out. As can be seen from the above trailer, in the final chapter we are talking about the war, since the defeated arrows return with reinforcement and new advanced technologies. To prepare for the upcoming conflict, you can turn your settlements into real military outposts using new construction facilities, such as arsenals, guard towers, prisons and field first -aids. In addition, you can recruit settlers into your growing army and create new bases almost anywhere on the map, and not only in pre -selected places of settlements, as in a standard game.

The fact that this is the last chapter of history does not mean that the mod is over: in the future, the SIM Settlements 2 update is planned another interesting turn. The development is located "preliminary construction system", That is, when you start the game, the world will be planted with random settlements, some of which will be friendly, while others will not really. This will give you the opportunity to stumble upon existing settlements, and not on empty sections.

You can download the last chapter of the SIM Settlements 2 directly from our site, where fast loading is available via torrent.