A list of legendary ships that will appear in Victory At Sea Atlantic is presented

Evil Twin Artworks announced the inclusion of six iconic ships in the project, which will swim through Victory AT Sea Atlantic stormy waters. These ships, each of which has its own unique history and strategic significance, will change the idea of ​​the naval war in this long -awaited game.

Admiral Hipper

A heavy cruiser, known for its speed and versatility, Admiral Hipper occupies a central place. Command the sea with the help of this formidable warship, ready to participate in epic battles.

Emil Berten

The elegant and elegant French light cruiser Emil Berten brings a touch of sophistication to the fleet. Thanks to the speed that is his ally, he promises to bypass the opponents and outwit them.


The gunboat of the US Navy “Eri”, although small in size, but has great power. Get ready for bold maneuvers and tense battles, traveling along the seas with the help of this powerful ship.

Count Zeppelin

“Count Zeppelin” is a German aircraft carrier, prevailing both at sea and in the air. Launch planes and set the superiority in the air in the game Victory at Sea Atlantic.

Queen Elizabeth

Class “Queen Elizabeth”, a magnificent symbol of naval valor, decorates the game. Without dwelling on the version of the First World War, Victory At Sea Atlantic will present converted versions of the Second World War, bringing the royal power to the open sea.


The legendary British battleship Warspit enters the battle with the legendary history. Control this vessel and rewrite the history of the Navy in battles of an epic scale.

James Carroll, Director of Evil Twin Artworks, expressed admiration for the variety and historical significance of ships.

“Each ship brings a unique flavor to the game, allowing players to create their own naval heritage. From heavy cruisers to cult battleships, Victory At Sea Atlantic promises an unprecedented naval ode “.

The inclusion of these iconic ships is the result of cooperation with the game community, whose contribution continues to form a Victory at Sea series.