The DLC release West Balkans for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Give the gas to your engines and hit the road on the highway – today has been the DLC Western Balkans for Euro Truck Simulator 2, opening a trip along amazing landscapes and complex roads!

Go to Odyssey according to the artistic image of the Western Balkans, a huge playground that is waiting for you to discover its miracles. Enjoy the trip, relishing every moment and opening many opportunities in your way:

  • Travel in 8 new countries, each of which has a unique charm
  • Discover 14 studied cities, including Split and Belgrade
  • Roll up on your truck in 30 busy cities (settlements)
  • Enjoy the stunning nature of the region: from the National Park Durmister to the Beshket-E-Mun National Park, with the famous mountains, hills and bewitching views of the sea
  • Explore unique aluminum industry warehouses, chemical plants and oil wells
  • Take your cargo in 3 industrial ports along the Danube River (Belgrade, Novi-Sad, Oskyek)
  • Admire the beauty of the historical centers of Split, Mostar, Sarajevo, Prostyn and other cities
  • Cross the boundaries to more than 20 unique border crossings
  • Enjoy the picturesque rural area from 15 viewing platforms and take a picture of your truck with 20 sign attractions

Starting from the release, three new ETS 2 sets will also appear in Steam!

  • Balkans Bundle – an exciting trip to DLC West Balkans, Road to the Black Sea, Going East;
  • Baltic Bundle – a journey through DLC Beond The Baltic Sea, Going East, Scandinavia;
  • Mediterranean Bundle – DLC Iberia, Vive La France and Italia.

All these sets are also delivered with the basic game and are sets of “complete set” like, which means that you will be charged exclusively for DLC, which are not yet in your library!

Starting from the release, a special event will be held #CruingTheBalkans World of Trucks, where you can earn unique awards by delivery to or from 15 cities either from the Western Balkans, or from the additions of the Road to the Black Sea. The purpose of the community is to drive 300,000,000 km, delivering goods to or from any city in the Western Balkans and/or in the DLC “Road to the Black Sea”.

From accessories for salon to painting in a typical West Balkan theme – take a look at what you can get for delivery!

In addition, if you do any work on external contracts in or from the city of Podgoritsa, you will receive this charming German turtle, which you can take with you in your adventure.

It’s time to go to the roads of the Western Balkans! And remember that in addition to the initial attractions, this region is fraught with hidden treasures awaiting study. Be prepared, because the next exciting adventure may not be around the corner.

?, which card will be announced? Either the alteration of Great Britain with the addition of new cities, as well as Ireland, Northern Ireland and, if possible, Iceland. Or the north of Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden and Finland. Either as the Caucasus said above – Türkiye, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Either Belarus and Ukraine

Belarus I think in the near future you can not wait.

Like Ukraine too 🙂 If they ever come out, then most likely together in addition to UK.

Soon, just UK will come out))) Why share then?

I bought it for the collection. I think since I bought all the extensions, I will buy Western Balkans. As for new paid extensions, I will say the following. Since they took up the update of the default card, then SCS employees will do it for free. And you can’t go far on skins and trailers. I don’t buy them at all, even tuning. Therefore, you need fresh monetary infusion with a new expansion. And there are three varinates where: the rest of the Turkey, the northern part of Africa or the northern part of Finland. Norway and Sweden. And if not, then this will end. Well, Greece remained there. But as an option, they may not do it at all.

As for UK, Ukraine and Belarus, the appearance of these countries, taking into account today’s events, has turned from extremely low into no. Therefore, do not hope for a way out "The heart of UK" In the coming years. While the video game is mixed with politics, then something worthwhile is not worth coming from this.

But the turtle is already interesting

If new cars were given, otherwise the turtle))

I have with the connection of the new DLC West Balkans on the assembly for Truckersmp (all DLC cards from the ETS2 developer, plus the third -party Promods map) showed a bunch of road gaps that disappeared after disconnecting the Promods 2 modes in the models of the Promods 2 models.66, as well as removing the weather from Grimes.

It is quite obvious that the old version of the promots does not work or works poorly with the new DLS. You need to wait for the promotion of promoted, so they require the presence of all bought DLS, since they adjust everything and everything becomes compatible.

remove all fashion cards affecting standard Europe, promoters in the first. queue . And wait for their adaptations to the new version of the game

The amount does not change from the change of places of terms.

In comparison with other DLS to not my good games, these Balkans are too expensive that it was clear to watch this studio in social networks and playing their game. They do not even publish any development of the game or the next part, only self -love. And the game in 2023 already watch painfully.

so do not look))), it means for you this game has outlived itself))

In the game after buying DLS is not actively. Updated to version 1_48_5, and I have a message all the same, that I have an old version.

as an option, delete it and install it again

Already done. Helped, but the sediment remained 😏

But how to purchase it if UK is under sanctions?

You can buy it, but only you can replenish the steam through sites where the commission starts from 16% of the total replenishment amount

You can already buy

I replenish through Webmoney, the commission is small (less than on sites or kiwi), only the registration there is horror, but it’s worth it. In addition, SCS Software (ETS and ATS developers) did not leave the English market.

replenish through kiwi) True, the commission is present, well, less than through intermediaries

this DLC is just a fierce backwarm primarily on the technical part.
Having a license to Steam and all the extensions of the cards, this is the most ended and most expensive!
And how much they sang praises? Instead of the release date, there are all posts with pictures how beautiful they are, what a good fellow they are, they work in the sweat of their faces!
But hell sailed there. DLC itself on the scale of the supplemented territory for 1099 rubles – just laughter chickens. The cities are far from all as worked out as they showed in the preview.
By the technical part, this is the bottom. There was no such thing that FPS fall from 76 to 35 for no apparent reason. some complain that the game completely hangs the system or paints.
The development game stands and stomps on the spot, and the incisions lick the asses to each other, how cool they are. The engine apparently no longer exports why the system requirements are growing.
Personally, I issued a return of what and I wish everyone who bought. Until these assholes are fixed and this dull product does not appear at least 30% more than to buy no more than 30%.

Oh gods, it is time to understand that optimization has become due to the player’s iron. There are discounts, periodically both the game and the DLS . And the fact that you slammed the door, stomped with your leg, the developers from the side .

Yeah and the heart of UK cannot release the gloom

And they will not let it out. Otherwise, the progressive Western community will break

Yeah, after his cancellation, I moved to play this game. Another company walking on the lead of at yourself know who.

The heart of UK cannot, because SCS supports Ukraine. So in the Czech Republic other laws.

Well, we have Rusmap for this

You understand who is behind them? This is not the studio itself decided not to let it go! If they now release them to deprive funding! Wait for Israel turned over the whole world. clowns are no longer interesting!