The multi -user low -polygonal shooter Battlebit Remastered received update 1.31

Battlebit Remastered multi -user shooter, which supports up to 254 players on one server and has a characteristic low -polygonal graphics, received a new update. The game became popular due to the fact that immediately after the publication, she burst into Steam charts. Update 1.31 contains a number of improvements and adjustments.

The main among these changes is the change in the progression of the game. The number of XP points required to obtain a rank was halved, which should increase the level of game. However, like many other aspects of this game in early access, this adjustment can be changed in the future.

As for the correction of errors, the problems with the DLC of the game, in particular with the Supporter Pack 1, were eliminated to ensure the correct loading. In addition, the update eliminated numerous abnormalities of the relief and clashes on various maps, such as a clamp in a bunker in a bassra and a floating rock between points B and A in Basra.

A simple firing tutorial also appeared in the update. This tutorial is designed to explain to the players the main features of the game, offering a useful guide for beginners in Battlebit Remastered.

Significant changes were made in two class classes. The class "Medic" Now the icon showing the remaining time is displayed before the player finally surrenders. Class "Support" got the opportunity to build a new wall of Hesko, which is an exclusive function for this class.

As for the gameplay, the developers solved the problem that did not allow to inflict damage to the lying players. In addition, to improve control over the player, the simultaneous pressing of the kes A and D or W and S now stops the player’s movement.

The developers paid attention to small details. Fixed a situation in which the C4 suicide is detonated when the player moved along the main menu or scoreboard. Also fixed setting "Vignette", which did not work properly.

The update contains improvements aimed at increasing the overall performance and convenience of the game, including adjusting the keying of keys and the ping-kiks system, which now less often throws players due to short-term problems with the connection.

In response to community reviews, an additional shelter was created for the goal "Farm" In Tenstown. On the same map, the river was reduced by a meter to facilitate the movement of vehicles under the bridges along the canal.