Mass Effect fans believe that there are no “no reasons” so that one of the companions does not return to ME4

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise believe that no "No reason", So that Grunt does not return to Mass Effect 4, which first appeared in Mass Effect 2.

In the message published in Reddit, many reasons were indicated why Grunt should return to Mass Effect 4. The main reason is that the crogans in Mass Effect live up to a thousand years. Gruntu, born in the incubator, is only about 20 biological years, and it is quite possible that he will live to the events of the new game. The user also notes that, according to BioWare statistics, Grunt almost does not die in the Mass Effect 2 suicidal mission, and it is also difficult to kill in Mass Effect 3.

Other participants in the topic as a whole agreed with this idea, many believe that its return is practically necessary as a bridge to the world of Krogan in the Mass Effect Galaxy after Shepard. Of course, Grunt played an interesting role in the early games of Mass Effect, but at times his role was almost supplanted by other more important Kogans, such as inrex and Eve. Grunt’s return to the game would allow him to play an important role in the plot of the franchise.

nothing will change from the presence or absence of Grunt in continuation. IMHO, of course.

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In general, familiar characters are always plus, although not particularly significant

I believe that the circumstances of the appearance are more important than the fact of the presence. Everything can be in plus and minus.
Personally, it would be unpleasant for me that the familiar elite Crogan in the continuation was no longer jerking, but a millennial tortilla. Someone on the contrary, MB.
So here I do not pretend to be the truth. I just see for myself that it will not be more important, but how it will be if it will still be.

I agree, also an important nuance, but this is a matter of study

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Suppose (say) Shepard will be resurrected.

Liara and Grunt will survive until his resurrection. But without the rest, it will be gloomy in the soul. Neither Garrus, nor Tali, nobody.

It would not be so sad if the game had been developed by those old biofires. They knew how to introduce interesting new characters. With the current.. Everything is very sad.

There are three characters from the prolongants – these are Liara, Rex and Grant.

These characters can live hundreds of years – which gives the screenwriters a huge scope of inspiration for the subsequent parts of the franchise.

Shepard and Liara may well have a daughter – as one of the characters of the next games.

With the same success, there may be a child or grandson at Shepard and Miranda/Kiden. There are only gaypracists in the flight

I, as I chose Tali, will also be in the span.

Well, fans of Garrus-Tyin, most likely, also in the flight.

Azari like children is made after 400+ years. Liare 110 She is a youngster if I remember ENTRY

Liara is too profitable – for her sake you can also correct the ENT in case of something)

If I am not mistaken, Azari can have children even from same -sex marriages – so all the fans of the femo -shepard will also be not offended.

Maybe it’s better not to have new ME, but just release the trilog remaster, improving everything that can.

Liara may return with the same quiture (maybe there is still a phenomenon there as they are a more advanced race than any other can do not have any problems related to death from old age)

Well, it seems in one of the dialogs that Yavik said that if everything ends normally, then he would have drunk after farewell to his comrades. But this is again only words, although he is a very fundamental character in this regard

It was just alone in the galaxy and only if cloning and genetic engineering is bred. He also has relatives, these are collectors, but this 50k years of evolution with the Reapers and Mostipard drank most of them.
So as I understand it, after the victory over the reaps, the protein will leave satisfied with his people.

I didn’t even eat, but drank. Hard of the devil))

for the reapers without clinking.

In -English, Grunt. If there is a desire to move away from the real sound of names, you could add more letters. Vyregks – for example or gyrunat :))))

Than Rex and Grant did not arrange?

Any companion of those who did not die in the plot can return. Longevity, stasis technology, distortion of space-time. There may be a lot of plot reasons.

I hope for the minimum participation of Shepard’s acquaintances. Otherwise there will be a surrogate that does not make sense without the original. I need a normal original story with new Interesting characters.

P.S: Well, the second time to resurrect Shepard, would be a crown of creative laziness.

They tried and crap. Because instead of Andromeda 2 we get ME 4

Let’s see. There is little left from the former BioWare. It will be stupid to pre -order, that’s for sure. But it is interesting in which direction they will go.

We throw complaints for low -quality content.

Personally, I still do not want the Shepard to be dragged again to save the universe. They were already tired in the third part, even a little roof began to go with these dreams and deaths. And the truth – it turns out that in addition to Liara, Rex and Grunt, no one from the old gang will be. So, probably, even more sad than a completely new team to sculpt.

Shepard must return as a cyborg with implants

so it is from 2 parts and there is a cyborg with implants

I will pray that during the next attempt to resurrect a whisper there will be problems, they say too critical damage, a pure piece of the brain could find and the option will appear to move its mind to another artificially created body, which can be chosen by yourself.

And he/she will go through a long period of addiction and restoration of memory with a couple of familiar long -livers and a bunch of new options for acquaintance with representatives of others. I just really can’t imagine what new they will bring to the plot, otherwise this eternal pursuit of the universal evil is honestly fed up to 3 parts.

Or let them just add more romance foreigners with a bunch of activities without eternal calibration in the midst. They at least help to get distracted when the plot is tedious.

Personally, I have long been waiting for a strong male queuvian/drell/protein/Krogan shoulder, preferably young, otherwise these people with their homolebus. Give me at least one living dell, let it be lame, oblique, without one eye, but let it be romance p_p. Well, or what thread of the loss of khet, throw in my garden I myself will already figure it out what to do with it.

Milashka Kideen disappointed the behavior of a jealous female dog in the 3rd part, Garrik generally killed with Tali, Tayne died a traitor of a kind, Vega actively mows under the impotent, they didn’t even give a 50 thousandth insect, there was hope for Rex after a mission on a Tuchaka in ME2 (1 proposal about Ma2 (1 proposal about Ma2 mating with a Shepa after the rite of dedication of a grant seems to be). How to live in such conditions p_p.