Kotor remake is still listed in development, despite rumors about the abolition

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was included in the List of the upcoming Embracer Group projects, despite the recent rumors that the game was completely canceled. This also happened after the game was not presented at the PlayStation presentation, which is an alarming sign.

However, despite the fact that the Embracer CEO only increased the fears that the game was canceled, the Kotor remake was clearly indicated in the last financial report of the company as in development for PS5 and PC. This suggests that Embracer has not yet abandoned the ill -fated project, despite the numerous hitch during its erratic development.

This event was noticed by Kotor fans on Reddit, thirsting for positive news about the game after so many alarming stories related to the project. Here, no matter what rumors say, we see that Embracer is still telling investors that Kotor’s remake should be expected, and the PlayStation transaction will remain valid.

Fans who play exclusively on Xbox are not lucky, since there are no references that the port is under development along with the initial release on PS5 and PC. As far as is known, the agreement with the PlayStation provided for only temporary exclusivity, most likely for a year, as we have seen in the case of games such as Deathloop. Nevertheless, given that the project was faced with some difficulties on the way, this report suggests that Embracer is now thinking only about the original platforms, and not about any ports in the future.

Given this, it is strange that the CEO of Embracer Lars Wingewors decided only to aggravate fears during a meeting with investors. He was directly asked about the news about the Kotor remake, which is not surprising, given the latest news. However, instead of reassuring investors, he stated that he had "no comments yet" Regarding the game, which made many suggest that the company really planned to announce that Kotor was canceled.

In any case, the only thing we officially saw from the Kotor remake is a short teaser in 2021. Since then, the original developer, Aspyr, was kicked out of the project, and Saber Interactive took its place. Although this, apparently, was done in response to the disappointment of Embracer in the game, the company also stated that it "does not expect any significant delays" for Game "In this regard, the transition". Of course, in fact, we still have no release date, so any delays will be internal.