Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 actor does not agree that Venom is the main enemy of Peter Parker

Venom, thanks to his similar spider man, could well be considered a real enemy of Peter Parker. Only now, according to Yuri Clorodal, this place of the villain is already occupied by another character.

In an interview with Gamesradar, the performer of the role of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 shared an unexpected statement about who still has to become the hero of the hero. According to him, Simbiont, and Dr. Octoen, and green goblin, and others do a great job of their role, but they do not pull the role of the main antagonist.

According to Clondel, he always loved and defended Jonathan Onna, also a stain known as supervicts – the main antagonist of the animated cartoon "Spider-Man: Spider Web" and its upcoming continuation. In comics, he is also associated with the arch "Solder" and attracts attention to the fact that it opens up small inter -spatial portals for moving over long distances.

One of the villains that I always loved and defended in games from the very beginning is a spot. I asked: " Is it possible to introduce [continuation] stain into the game?". And then, in the end, he appears in the cartoon ["Spider-Man: Spider Web"], so I seemed to get the best of the two worlds.

Previously, Clonding said that the gallery of the villains of Spider-Man is second only to Batman’s gallery, and continued to say that "This is one of the most memorable villains". But reflecting, Clorodal made a second, even more unexpected choice.

I say this now as a joke, because I feel like a complete cretin when I say this, but the main villain Peter is. He himself", – The actor said. "This is a feeling of guilt, his uncertainty, and he beats himself much stronger than any villain.

When it came to the main villain of his own sequel and, possibly, the most recognizable villain of Spiddy, Clorodal admitted that he did not have much in common with Venom:

I mean that everyone loves Venom. It’s funny, since I grew up and read comics about Spider-Man not when Venom was popular. Therefore, I know that Venom is very important for many people, but perhaps it is not so important for me, because I fell in love with Spider-Man much earlier than Venom appeared.