Lords of the Fallen developers answered questions about duration, graphic modes, DLSS and new game+

HEXAWORKS developers have published an official FAQ on Lords of the Fallen, in which the most interested in the community, such as graphic modes on consoles, duration, new game+, customization and much more.

As for the duration, the developer team claims that to achieve the final credits of Lords of the Fallen on average 35–40 hours. However, they add that those who want to pass the game 100% or beginners in the Souls-Like genre will take more time.

Speaking about the complexity, HexAWORKS states that the game was designed to guarantee high complexity and there will be no choice of complexity levels, but at the same time they assure that this is an experience available even to less experienced players. In particular, they report that thanks to a cooperative it will always be possible to pump your character in order to overcome seemingly impossible tasks or rely on the help of other players.

Speaking of multiplayer, Lords of the Fallen will support a cross-game, but not between consoles of different platforms. This means that Xbox and PlayStation players will not be able to play together, but will be able to play with players on PC.

Another detail: in the game you can completely avoid invasions. In this regard, there are two options: completely disable the multiplayer from the menu or using the consumable material sold by the specific NPC, which temporarily prevents the invasion of you.

As for the graphic modes on the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the developers say that there will be classical presents “quality” and “productivity”. The first will record the frequency of personnel at a level of 30 frames per second, and the second will strive for 60 frames per second. In both cases, the resolution will be increased to 4K from 1440p and 1080p, respectively.

However, on a PC you can improve the quality of graphics, resolution and frequency of personnel depending on your equipment, and support for both DLSS from NVIDIA and FSR from AMD is confirmed. Also on this platform it will be possible to freely reassign the keys, playing on the mouse and keyboard.

As for the configuration of your character, HexaWorks promises a diverse and deep editor that will allow you to change your hairstyle, tattoos, scars and even silhouette. It will also be possible to paint the metal, fabric and leather parts of the armor at will. Moreover, they confirmed that during the adventure it will be possible to find all elementary class equipment items.

Finally, the developers confirmed the presence of a new game+mode, which is obviously unlocked after the end of the game, in which players can freely choose whether to try a new game or continue the study of the world of Lords of the Fallen after the end of the game.

The new game + includes several changes and innovations designed to add even more problems to the players, namely: