The authors of Mortal Kombat 1 presented a new story of the cult character of the entire series

With the release of Mortal Kombat 1, the storyline of the whole franchise of the cruel fighting of Netherrealm Studios and Warner Bros will be officially restarted. Interactive Entertainment. The players are waiting for a completely new temporary branch, which was created by the god of fire Liu Kan, and at the same time a new canon for all original characters. Mortal Kombat will also receive its changes in the history of the world, the most cult character of the franchise – raiden, who has become an ordinary warrior.

In the plot events of Mortal Kombat 1, we will see the young version of Reiden. If in past games of the series he was the god of thunder and defender of the earthly kingdom, now he is an ordinary person. Despite this, somewhere a powerful force is still lurking in it, so it was chosen as one of the champions of the earthly kingdom. Due to the impending threat, Reiden has to grow in a great warrior, which, as Liu Kan knows, he can become.

Mortal Kombat 1 will be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch – September 19, 2023.

It’s not easier to go to their site and read it yourself about other characters.

I understand that raiden in mk1 (2023) is the new kang kang. Like Li Kan with lightning instead of fire.

If in past games of the series he was the god of thunder and defender of the earthly kingdom, now he is an ordinary person.

Talked from an ordinary person. How an ordinary person can sting with lightning? )

An ordinary person in Mortal Kombat, this is Curtis Stryker (Stryker).

Purely my guesses. As I understand it, the plot in MK is in a circle. With MK1 (1992) on mk11 This is the era of the god thunder Reiden. Starting with MK1 (2023), this is already the era of the god of Fire Liu Kan, and the young raiden will become the champion of the earthly kingdom, and then become the god of thunder. Further, the god of thunder raiden restarts history and Li Kan will again become the champion of the earthly kingdom. And in a circle. Endless Santa Barbara.

In the old trilogy MK (MK1 (1992), MK2 and UMK3) there was no hint of temporary lines and restart the universe. It turns out that in the old trilogy there was only one Shan Tsub knew all this.

The priest had a dog.

Restarting with shoved left characters. You can no longer continue.

Who is the left? That’s it and that, that so far we have not shown a single fundamentally new hero. Or you mean postclassic heroes? Well, in the era of the first two dreams, it was legal to blame them for levisia, some really came up with a knee to replace someone from the original. And now they are already themselves "Old men":-).

There will be no left character, absolutely.
Only guest.

Here offer the one you need.

There is something to see something, they seemed to say that they would release before the release (

Mortal without boobs is not interesting to me . The rested universe of the Morstach with Tanya whose bread is terrible as death goes .After 9 Mortal for me, it ended . Sobered as in due time and after Ultimate Mk 3 . Always a series after the events of 3 parts in chronology (well, or the first 3 in one game as MK 2011) rolls into a trash full .

A typical creature that plays for the Fanservice, you can look at SISKI and in another place.

Why play Mordall for something else ? You count there the plot is good ? Well, a surprise to you he is fecal in many parts . Mortal was always a fan -service tresh where a wrestler with a cow’s skull on the head – Shao Kang, could not be taken seriously . Neither in MK 10 nor 11 and I know and in 1, too, there can be no good plot . It is just better than in other fighting wings since there are not there in essence, but this does not make it not garbage . Let good stories be in other games, but in Mortal they are not and will never be . Yes, I wanted to fall asleep passing the plot in 10 and 11 parts . In the 9th part, the Fanservice dragged the plot, girls with open breasts and nostalgia for Ultimate MK 3 . When the biographies of the fighters on the sege were read in childhood and it was evident how the plot changes, unlike the original temporary line . Immediately the Universe is restarted and honestly I never liked Tanya outwardly, but she was not a ugly . I want to play with such heroines and God for God . I will just go this part to look at how to restart the universe . But in the future I will never need this slag and for nothing, paying for your childhood spitting a camel I am not going to .Ed Bun in 1992 created ESRB .This rating commission just in America appeared because Mortal was obscene to lawless . And now buns of Femenists kisses and I will dress women in hijabs and I will consider this Mortal Kombat ? And this is the man because of which ESRB appeared? Let the buns into the anus after that since he sold his eggs .He is no longer a man he just does not have them .

By the way, yes, for me MK is primarily the boobs of Kitana, Jade and Shiva.

Sonya Blade) That’s what you need) and see what her model Kerry Hoskins looks like in your 53 years, and directly that modern models of women in MK are complete garbage .

You like boobs torn to pieces after fatalia?

I don’t understand some at all, I am tired of the old and the inconspes are tired of sculpting the same thing, the new one is also bad, because this is not according to the canon and the story is different in general, you yourself do not know what you want, you got the fuck.And so, in the game, in a lot of opinion, the story is important, I look and not gameplay, sad guys.

Rest with the world of the mortal battle you turned you in the ears and it is sad