Robocop: Rogue City received an ESRB rating that reveals adult content and game mechanics

Robocop: Rogue City received a rating of advice on entertainment rating (ESRB). The rating reflects adult topics present in the game, including blood and injury, strong violence, sexual topics, non -normative vocabulary and the use of fictional drugs. There are no interactive elements in the game, but they promise a rich narrative and a tense gameplay.

This is a first -person shooter in which players take on the role of a robocop who is fighting criminals and enemies in a fictional Detroit. Players travel around the city, exploring the places of crimes, solving secrets, interacting with the characters and fighting criminals (for example, punk, mercenaries, robots). Players use pistols, shotgun, assault rifles and hand -to -hand attacks to kill enemies in crazy battles. The battles are accompanied by realistic shooting, the science of pain and the effects of large blood splashes. Some attacks lead to partial decapitation; Explosive attacks make enemies burst into pieces. Several episodes depict additional cases of violence and/or bloodshed: a hostage thrown out of the window; close -up wounds on the head of the victim of the murder; a character tied to a chair and repeatedly beaten; The policeman shot several times; The character broke off the hand. There is some sexual material in the game: characters called stripper and prostitutes; bed with handcuffs attached to it; portrait of a woman in slavery; The female character dances before the pole to the applause of men; Signs with inscriptions “XXX”, “Girls, Girls” and “Route 69”. Several plot lines rotate around a fictional forbidden drug called Nuke: villains discuss the sale of a drug, sometimes minor consumers; Some videos depicts characters under the high or who are introduced by the drug. The game appears in the game “F ** K” and “SH*T”.

Robocop: Rogue City invites players to explore open territories and fulfill tasks based on their understanding of justice. The choice made during the game can affect the fate of citizens and the outcome of the missions. The game presents an original story, the action of which unfolds between the events “Robokop 2” and “Robocop 3”, and even includes the voice acting of Peter Weller, the original actor of “Robocop”.