Gothic Remake is created from scratch, despite the good assessments of the demo version in Steam: “The players were afraid that they would remain with nothing”

As you know, Gothic Remake is developed from scratch. This was told a year ago by Kai Rosencrantz – the creator of the soundtrack to the original trilogy from Piranha Bytes and the first Risen. After criticism from the fans of the demo, which became available in December 2019, went to the garbage basket, and Alkimia Interactive began work from scratch, preserving much more in common with the original.

It is interesting, however, that this demo version received not such bad reviews as you could expect. In Steam, a little over 14,000 players left her reviews, and the positive ones amounted to 72% of them. A lot and not so bad, right? For comparison, Elex 2, the last creation of Piranha, has 75% positive reviews.

On the one hand, you might think that the creation of a remake of such a cult game as Gothic cannot be associated with the risk that it will like it "only" Three quarters of the players. On the other hand, the truth may look somewhat different. How? Perhaps many fans of the series appreciated the demo version positively because of the fear that the project will be curtailed and Gothic Remake will not be developed. On the other hand, the desire to be released was very great in the community.

In other words, the players doubtfully belonged to demo, but nevertheless perceived it positively in the hope that this would give a complete game the green light from ThQ Nordic and improve something in the production process. At least, as the commander-manager of Alkimia Interactive, writing on the Gothic Community discord-server under the pseudonym T-Moor, thinks.

I think that there were more people who hated her. Positive reviews in Steam do not talk about anything here. Everyone wanted to get something related to the Gothic series as soon as possible, and therefore preferred not to give negative comments. They were afraid that because of this [remake] could be canceled. People wanted to get at least something.

Given that here we are dealing with the personal opinion of T-Moor, it was difficult to say whether everything was actually as he suggests. Nevertheless, there are many reason to believe that it was so. If we go through the reviews of this demo, we note that the authors of positive reviews really mentioned many elements that, in their opinion, needed refinement (the combat system and graphic style were most often criticized).

Therefore, Alkimia Interactive Studio began work from scratch. We could see the results of this in a conceptual graphics – the skeleton of the magician, Garpy, Moleskin, etc.D. Players complain a little about them, but in general, the reception of these works is positive.

It remains to wait for the demonstration of the gameplay. Many people hope that this will happen on August 11, 2023 during ThQ Nordic Digital Showcase. And if gamers do not like what they will see? Well, according to T -Moscow, the work on Gothic Remake has advanced so far that the project does not threaten the cancellation – in extreme cases, it will undergo some changes.