Fallout 4: SIM Settlements 2 came out to modify the final chapter

If you are going to start the new Fallout 4 game, then you should install the SIM Settlements 2 mod. He not only makes the construction and management of settlements is much better, but also adds many new characters, many tasks and an intriguing storyline. In fact, the mod does what Preston Garvie should do: he makes the construction of settlements not just routine, but an amazing and interesting occupation.

If you are not familiar with this mod, then it represents the full processing of the vanilla system for the construction of settlements. Instead of doing all the work yourself, you can divide your settlements into zones for various purposes: residential, commercial and industrial – that the urban planner resembles, and then allow your settlers to build further. And if you like to build and engage in micro -management, you can build as much as you want, thanks to the updated system.

The story of SIM Settlements 2 is divided into chapters, and the third, final, the head has just come out. As can be seen from the above trailer, in the final chapter we are talking about the war, since the defeated arrows return with reinforcement and new advanced technologies. To prepare for the upcoming conflict, you can turn your settlements into real military outposts using new construction facilities, such as arsenals, guard towers, prisons and field first -aids. In addition, you can recruit settlers into your growing army and create new bases almost anywhere on the map, and not only in pre -selected places of settlements, as in a standard game.

The fact that this is the last chapter of history does not mean that the mod is over: in the future, the SIM Settlements 2 update is planned another interesting turn. The development is located "preliminary construction system", That is, when you start the game, the world will be planted with random settlements, some of which will be friendly, while others will not really. This will give you the opportunity to stumble upon existing settlements, and not on empty sections.

You can download the last chapter of the SIM Settlements 2 directly from our site, where fast loading is available via torrent.