Battlefield 2042 Redux is already on the way. Dice reveals the details of the new content

Electronic Arts has just revealed details about the new content that will appear in the 2021 shooter. Battlefield 2042 Redux will allow players to survive the best events from the previous seasons of the game.

Dice is already officially working on a new part of the Battlefield series, and in fact the shooter is developed by three Electronic Arts studios. However, the developers do not forget about Battlefield 2042 – the studio announced the 6th season of the game and "Redux".

This in -game event will give you the opportunity to survive the best moments of last year at Battlefield 2042. Join the game and get new impressions by opening weekly awards and finding new game capabilities in your favorite modes and maps – from the “assault XL”, “Tactical "Avpatata ”,“ Breakthrough: chaos ”before“ capture in attack ”and“ sabotage ”. But wait, that’s not all! Your weekend has just become better. However, not only the weekend, but the whole week. Get double experience on weekends and weekly awards. And, of course, many more improvements await you, thanks to which you will want to return to the game again and again. So, firstly. In the event “Liquidators” you will have to face opponents in cruel hand -to -hand fights. Then begins the “Battle for "Nordvik"”, Where the main task will be to capture the target at all costs. Finally, in the “climbing of Leviathan” you will need to disrupt the enemy’s operation and force him to retreat. If you missed any of these incredible events, now you have a second chance to plunge into chaos and find out why they immediately won the recognition of the players.

Battlefield 2042 Redux will implement a completely new progression system that allows to receive tokens that are used to unlock awards. In each game version, you can receive tokens, which, in particular, will allow you to get completely new skins of characters, vehicles and weapons, as well as previous content from the store.

Redux will also ensure the return of modes with time limit. The developers published a whole calendar, and fans will be able to systematically take part in new tests.

The developers have not forgotten about the improvement of the quality of the gameplay – players are waiting for balance corrections for engineers and even the new code for those who want to know more about the history of Battlefield 2042.

Dice does not refuse to support the game, and in October the sixth season of the game starts, in which, among other things, another new map will appear.