In honor of the 20th anniversary of Gothic 2: The Night of the Crow, the developers of the remake of the first Gothic shared the image of a raven

Today, August 21, exactly 20 years ago, an addition was released "Gothic 2: Raven Night". The developers of the remake "Gothic" They thanked the developers from Piranha Bytes who "incarnated an incredible universe", as well as a devoted community of players and modders who "expanded the boundaries of the series, and presented new stories, characters and experience". In addition, Alkimia Interactive shared the image of a raven himself – a character from Gothic and the main antagonist "Nights Raven".

Greetings, captives and devoted fans of the series "Gothic"!

On August 21, we celebrate a truly significant event – the 20th anniversary of the beloved expansion for the game Gothic 2 – Night of the Raven, which conquered our hearts and imagination. We want to express the deepest gratitude to the developers from Piranha Bytes, who, two decades ago, realized this incredible universe. They gave us the opportunity to plunge into new exciting travels, in which it is necessary to find the mysteriously missing people and unravel the secrets of the ancient Yarkendar.

For our bright community of fans and modders, we raise virtual glasses from "hasty herring" in honor of your incredible contribution. Your creativity knows no boundaries, you expanded the boundaries of Gothic 2: Night of the Raven, presenting new stories, characters and experience. Thanks to your devotion, you support the flame, ensuring the freshness and fascination of the Gothic world. Thanks to your desire to explore the world of Gothic, to master its difficulties and take care of its stories and this anniversary has become possible.

Now we present you a look in the very heart of darkness – a crow from "Gothic 1 Remake" – a formidable antagonist who left an indelible mark in the Gothic universe. Once the raven was the right hand of Homez, the leader of the old camp, but his path took the gloomy turn when he accepted the power of Beliara.

Thank you for participating in this incredible trip. We wish you 20 years of magic, secrets and unforgettable memories.