The developers of the deductive adventure game Lil ‘Guardsman were introduced to various fractions

Independent Hilltop Studios Game Studio in collaboration with Versus Evil revealed additional information about its upcoming deductive adventure game Lil ‘Guardsman, based on the narrative, on the eve of its launch at the end of this year on the PC, Switch and PlayStation. and Xbox Series console.

Lil ’Guardsman sets players as a young girl who covers her father, the main guard of the castle. While she interrogates many funny and strange characters trying to penetrate their city walls, you must find out the true intentions of each visitor with the help of a cunning dialogue and skillful use of her tools to investigate.

The new blog post contains an overview of the fractions that you will meet, becoming a victim of non -threshold laws on children’s work SPRAWL. The current ruler, Princess of Desdemon, almost reached the age of majority, and the grooms from two neighboring countries compete for her. On the one hand, there is a ruler of ancient women-warriors, led by Empire Marva, who was based on a leading principle: “If your husband is hungry, he must prepare a dinner for himself”. They tend to solve their property, prelibal and legal disputes through the trial. On the other hand, there is the Miner Kingdom of Prince Finius Petrar, the wayward playboy, who simply wants to have fun, but his parents insist that he marry to guarantee their royal line.

These are not the only fractions that you will encounter, since there is also a liberation army of goblins (GLA), full of righteous rage, that their people built The Sprawl, while people revel in the fruits of their work. There are rumors that the royal wedding will destroy the current regime. There is also a guild of magicians, secretive and mysterious. As a rule, magicians practice one by one, but sometimes they have to get together when their spells and experiments require more gross force.