The cooperative shooter Left 4 Dead turned 15 years old

With the exit on November 18, 2008, the game Left 4 Dead captured the game world. It was a cheerful and frantic cooperative zombie-player, which was easy to take up, but it is difficult to tear. Over the past years, various companies tried to recreate the magic of Left 4 Dead, and the game Back 4 Blood, published in 2021, perhaps the closest to the emulation of this experience. However, few modern games can be compared with LEFT 4 DeAD, since the Valve developer has created a game with an unusually effective combination of simple and at the same time deeply influencing elements in which the reiglable was higher than the different system of passage. 15 years after the release, the original LEFT 4 DeAD is still the standard of cooperative shooters.

Even for 2008, LEFT 4 DeAD has been distinguished by an incredibly simple concept. A team of four players was supposed to survive among the hordes of zombies, trying to escape from various unique, almost theatrical, situations. Although this scheme itself was not something extraordinary, carefully thought out by Valve gameplay in combination with exceptional audiovisual elements created a tense cooperative game in the horror genre. The combination of these elements in Left 4 Dead made it possible to create short but deeply exciting episodes in which the team work was not only a distinctive feature, but also a prerequisite for survival.

The original game Left 4 Dead became a hit, giving rise to a continuation in 2009 – Left 4 Dead 2. Together they gathered a huge fanbase, which and 15 years later continues to actively participate in the Universe of the game. Despite the fact that over the past years, many games have tried to imitate the Left 4 Dead franchise, players still prefer the original. In particular, Left 4 Dead 2 has a prosperous fan base, largely due to active modding community. Thanks to this community, years after the last renewal of Valve content, new and complex modes for old players constantly appear in the game.