The developers of the original Splinter Cell did not like Tom Clans’s books

Former leading designer Ubisoft Montreal Ed Byrne said that several developers of the original Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell did not like Tom Clans’s books, including because of the author’s republican views.

In a conversation with Game Informer, Burn said that the development team consisted mainly of "Piles of bloodthirsty liberals", And the screenwriter Jay Tyu was " Vegan, wearing sandals, a student of New York University".

They were just terrible, ”Burn said about Tom Clans’s novels. Now I can admit it. I am sure that Ubisoft would be glad to hear it, but I want to say that none of us loved Clancy. This was not a license of our dreams.

According to Burn, during the development of the original Splinter Cell, developers crammed the game with many different stamps and irony.

It got to the point that we simply began to introduce all these stamps, trying to understand that we could get away with us, and every time we added new stamps, the game became more and more similar to Clans [. ] Then we realized: "Well, we can just put the name Clancy on everything".

The only requirement set before the development of the developers from Clancy, according to Burn, was that the player could not kill inside the church. Otherwise, they had complete freedom of action. Splinter Cell was not even based on Tom Clans’s novels, because, having moved all possible options, the team could not find anything suitable. Later, based on the game, the book was written, but David Michaels became its author.

Despite the dislike of the novels and political views of Clans, many more games were released with his name. After Splinter Cell, the French publishing giant managed to release The Sum of All Fears, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, Endwar, H.A.W.X, The Division, Elite Squad, Rainbow Six Siege and Wildlands. Also in the development there are several games with the name of Tom Clans that have not yet been released: The Division Heartland, Rainbow Six Mobile, The Division Resourgence and the Remedician Splinter Cell. At the same time, XDEFiant developers completely refused on behalf of Tom Clansy.

At the moment, the SPLINTER CELL remake does not have a release date, since it is at an early stage of development.