Peak online Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam over the past day has exceeded 90 thousand players

Since the unsuccessful release of Cyberpunk 2077 at the end of 2020, the game community has been experiencing real American slides of emotions. This attraction is financed by CD Projekt Red, which is systematically – albeit with varying success – tries to improve the originally catastrophic quality of its flagship.

As a result, almost three years after the debut of Cyberpunk 2077, we survived before the revolutionary update 2.0, which, in principle, rebuilds all aspects of the game. But with what effect? The best indicator of the quality of the patch is the reaction of the community. To this end, the latest comments and statistics on the game in Steam were studied.

Let’s start with the latter – according to Steamdb graphs, 90,241 people played at the peak after the update to the game. Given that in previous weeks this figure reached 25,000 people, the increase is impressive.

So sooner or later, such popularity was supposed to lead to the emergence of new reviews in Steam. Indeed, Cyberpunk 2077 received many reviews, the vast majority of which are positive. The diagram below is the best reflects this:

And here are some examples of reviews:

Update 2.0 makes the game even more amazing in all respects that I did not consider possible, I definitely recommend it, especially after new improvements

Version 2.0 – this is a very necessary improvement. She shows what can be done if you give the game much more time and attention

It should be noted that there are negative comments. True, they are mainly associated with the personal preferences of the players. Users complain, in particular, over the excessively weakened characteristics of the weapon, scaling opponents or the development process of the character.

Update 2.0 is just awful. All firearms were too weakened. So much pleasure from the game was lost. After that, I just returned the money for the pre -order DLC. I don’t want to play DLC in this state.

The battles were tense and difficult depending on what fractions you fought with. It was pleasant to return to the initial zone to go through the lower levels after my ass, stronger gangs. Now they are "Balanced" The game so that each gang corresponds to your level, so you get a kick under the ass where you go.

Patch 2.0 In essence, he destroyed the diversity of the builds, which was present in previous versions. Now you are more or less forced to pump in accordance with fixed archetypes, since the trees make you highlight glasses to skills that you may not need if you want to completely reveal certain paths.

It should be emphasized once again that all the above comments relate exclusively to Steam. We can read the opinions of the owners of various platforms in the post of Marki Momot, the director for working with the CD Projekt RED community, which through X asked the players about their impressions after release 2.0. Probably, other messages will appear there during the day.