Witchfire gloomy gameplay trailer for the exit in early access

The Astronauts has launched the first -person shooter of the first person Witchfire. The game can be purchased exclusively at Epic Games Store at a price of 1199 rubles. To note this event, the Polish studio The Astronauts presented seven minutes of the gameplay, demonstrating everything that players can expect during a dive into the gloomy world of the shooter.

"In Witchfire, players can freely hunt at their discretion using a wide arsenal of weapons and magic. This is a house in the genre of roasters for wayward players who want to plunge into the Dark World and find even more gloomy solutions", – The statement of Adrian Khmelyarz, the creative director of The Astronauts states.

It has not come out for a long time.

A mixture of the landller and non

Rather, Payniller and Destini

Well, it looks cool straight 🔥🔥🔥

Bagel. With stripping of the same locations, but with different reversing enemies and objects.
I have a short conversation with the pants – as soon as it turns into a routine – let’s get goodbye!

You’re a boiling water here with joy as I am during the trailers, but after 20 minutes of the game I can say that this is some kind of inexpensive, where is it almost never explained to you – then you find the portal and will be spangled without a ** I run in some village, you run around some kind of items, half of which Damn you, and how you meet enemies – you only have a gun that is not capable of getting anywhere at all and you are killed from two pokes + Hilok. You collect some "Witch Fire" which is apparently instead of a currency for pumping – you die – first. I didn’t understand. If someone is in a high is a high – well, give a guide how to play it. Trailers are one thing – but the result is a complete overt. Minus as much as you like, only before try to play it yourself. Shadow Warrior 3 looks literally the same, it is clear that the engine is the same. I will not say, but very similar to that. Only SW3 cheerful and meat juman and this is a depressive adventure in the village with skeletons for church howls. Shame even for beta. I would return the money, but I can’t imagine what else in the epic you can buy so that the grandmas do not go away.

Witchfire did not play, but in the SW3 there is simply not enough music. There, the whole action occurs without any muscle against the background, just the sounds of the environment and that’s it

Yes, not bro. You confused Cheto. In SW3, in each fautt of the muzon, even the soundtrack in Steam is sold with the game and there are far from all tracks there. From that it was played even more fun.

I played for about 4 hours, in principle, difficulties with understanding the game did not arise, except how to make hilk, but the variability is small, I agree here, opened 4 adds weapons, magic, 12 lvl

Well, I read it here called Dark Souls with guns. Now I understand why. I also played half a day in it. There is a pumping and even the abilities are cool, but you will not confident literally once and that’s it. Or simply clamped. And to make hilk – you need to collect plants outwardly similar to the clusters of green grapes and then on one of the forces in your asylum from them to cook potions. In the end, it is playable, but it is hard to **** c.

Thanks for the tip with potions, for some reason I could not find these clusters))

I remember for hours he was stuck in the demo of the first Painkiller, at that time it was amazing how realistically the enemies pin it to the walls. Strange, but the game itself did not even go to the end, that level from the demo turned out to be the most interesting)))

Here, instead of Kolomet, there is a demonic crossbow, but his arrow is just from the enemy to the enemy ricochet, a kind

The torrent wakes up, or again dangled Denuv ?

$ 40 . Not visible about Denuva.

Not as fast as Doom Eternal, it looks like Painkiller on a chill with magic.