The interest of players does not fade away! Baldur’s Gate 3 again overcame the mark of 800,000 simultaneous players

Baldur’s Gate 3 again overcame the mark of 800,000 simultaneous players and generally lost less than Hogwarts Legacy for the same period of time.

At the weekend, Baldur’s Gate 3 again exceeded the mark of 800,000 simultaneous players, reaching 813,288. She did not reach the record of 875 343 at the same time, but showed that she loses much less players than other single -user games. This immediately causes a comparison with Hogwarts Legacy, which is located just above it in terms of simultaneous players – and the results are not in the favor of the game from Avalanche.

For the period from the moment of the launch, which took place on August 3, 2023, to August 17, 2023 Steamdb graphics show a very moderate reduction curve of a peak number of simultaneous Baldur’s Gate 3 players. Typically, single -user games lose interest much faster.

For example, for a comparable period of time, Hogwarts Legacy has gone from a peak of 879 308 simultaneous players to 527 849. This is still a lot, but the fall is very sharp compared to Baldur’s Gate 3, which clearly gives the players more reasons to return to the game.

However, things are better with Elden Ring from Fromsoftware, which also grown sharply in comparable time periods, and then fell sharply in the next weeks.

For the rest, we remind you that Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for a PC, the version for PS5 will be released on September 6, 2023, and the version for Xbox – in the following months, possibly in 2024.

And this is without protection Denuvo

And without torrents

variability of passages, and the versatility of the characters will keep interest in the game

What variability, lol? The game has two endings and they are solved in the last dialogue.

There are no slides in the game, but epilogue. None of your choice matters. Not to mention the incredible rail of the game. In the second act of 100,500 dialogs that you get to Keterik Torm, even brother with it, and then clap and all this flies to the smart and still a fire.

As well as with a larynx, if you climb, then they will kill him in Katsen.

The game has absolutely zero variability of the story story and zero reactivity of the world on the character.

Even forgive God, the PasFainer Naer did it 3 times better. There, the paths of Chichut vary and at least slides in the end there are for every important character and place.

There is not a single decision in BG, except for the very last one, does not affect anything.

The Game is Praed Even Byose Who Have Not Played Its, Because Its Fashionable, The Power of Hype)

Simulator F5 F8

There is nothing to answer on the fact – everything is in the case. The game is simple and monosyllabic like two pennies, all delighted reviews – against the background of game bezes and decline. The game itself is 7-7.5 points.

The 800K online mark was cool 10 years ago, now the population of Skim is 5 times more than then

After the first passage, you have to go to the second

This is still for the NPS to play, each has unique scenes, quests when you play them

No wonder the game is gorgeous.

The first patch will come out – I also punch.

there were already 5 patches 5

There were still no patches were hotfixes

And the meaning without him? I would generally wait for the final publication how for any other game, but I really want to play. But better with the first huge patch than without it.

I think the second pache is promised to add what of the proposed users. yes, more interesting mods will come out .

Good strategy. I wonder when the first comes out. Rolled for more than a hundred hours, the closer to the end the lower performance. I will pass the second time after patches.

I don’t understand people who say that there is no variability in this game, there is a bunch of it, for me even too much, I play leisurely, with a sai-loading and a guide for passage, because I do not immediately notice all the details, I still pick it up in the grove , I found a note so that I would go to the swamp, although I went through the first time, and with a high level of difficulty, I was transported

Right now they will stiffen me, but I will speak out. I bought the game on pre -order, and the battleship did not like immediately after divinity 2, where for one move with tea, adrenaline, apotheosis and. I don’t remember what it is called, in short, KD of Skill, something about the skin, could do such a game that I felt like God-like. But I still went through the game on tactics, and I didn’t like much of everything.

1) The individuality of the classes is low, whatever you want, but all these 600+ skills are stupidly repeated between the classes, almost every class has a different class skill, in divinity the 2nd each class was unique, yes, there were also multi -classes, and there were also multi -classes. For example, a horn rocked a military affair and all that, but nevertheless, there in each school is pure spells, which are unique and are not repeated in other schools, there is no. The only unique classes as for me is a cleric, and a sorcerer, the rest are felt the same with differences in passivas.

2) If you do not vacuum the game right specifically, then the tactics turn into an incredibly stuffy game with a bunch of enemies, it is very reminiscent of divinity 1 by the number of actions for the course and number of enemies. And if both divas I went through to see the plot, and then vacuumed every Loku and quests, then in BG3 there is no such desire at all, she stupidly strangled me. Throughout the game, I had an insufficient level (yes, I am to blame for the Cap) and the passage turned into F5-F8.

3) Cube. I hate the DND (not the Soil, namely their PC version) and their ended cubes, why if I download the conviction of a conditional one, I can reveal 1? Cho for nonsense in general? No slope does not work out in the end, because the choice that I want to role through preservation, otherwise the game turns into continuous failures and unnecessary fights with dull dialogs. In the fighting, this is generally horror, 95% chance to get? Well, do not rush to a friend-rogue, miss a better one and get a pi*ab*, and then you will also be concentrated on an important siv skill, although the chance to get on you is not to say that they will get a big one, but they’ll get it and you will be able to get it, but you will be in beat him, and you will get her.

4) The fighting, as he wrote above, she madly reminds me of DOS1, and by the end the game does not change very well, yes, you can hit more times, but there is no NIMIRA damage without a mega-Uber of pins (yes, I myself did not look for them Cap, it is to blame). But in general, in Diva 2 you are initially weak at first, and by the end especially with lonely wolves you feel really chosen, almost by God. Here? There are no interesting people here, there are not even interesting ulters (they are not at all, the spells of the 6th circle are not felt like something wow), like in Div2, and some kind of non-actual skills, I don’t know, I don’t remember anything in comparison with Diva 2.

5) class balance. I don’t know, full of shit of balance, I already wrote in another topic, take a horn, take an assassin, and this is exactly the same horns without a subclass, because any serious file starts with a cut-scene, and even if you bakh from a bow, it’s all the same slag, after the first move you are stupidly ordinary horns, useless. Also has a magic tricster, I don’t know why he needs it at all. At the same time, the thief is sparkling imbalance, I killed Keterik Torma at the 7th Lesty, just because he shot, sat down in the inviz, shot, sat down in the invis, and the boss, meanwhile, killed immortal, and she decided according to the cd. And in general, additional action is IMBA. I will not talk about the rest of the classes, but in general there is still worse. It feels like a multi -class on the contrary turned out to be more profile.

6) plot, variability and dialogs. They didn’t hook at all when I went through the quest of Lawse and finally freed her from the demon, and she began to play a song, damn it, such emotions, I still remember that. Here? Well. I found my parents shh, well, she cried, poor, here the angry ball turned out to be how to live, what to do. Well, this was not at all hooked in the end, Astarion, in my opinion, the only really interesting character, although I personally "Hey" behavior and manners irritate terribly. Variability, as it were, is, but as if you choose something else, anyway the result will be the same, just one will approve, and the second will not approve, that’s the whole difference.

7) ending. Well, Epica piled up, yes, first you are fighting in one place, then in the other (it’s better to run), and then you play the f5-f8 shorter, because firstly you have gathered most of the cells of the spells, and you will not be able to restore them, because the final and the final No camp, secondly, until telekinesis will throw boys over the sides, because if you are not 12lvl with a good build and top clothes, then you will be killed in one move, then suck. I went through my mind and cunning, but thanks to the cube, without F5-F8 it would be simply impossible, stupidly impassable, in the same dos2 you simply took and threw it without problems, and the game was held without Uber Shmot, just due to the brain so to say , here – xs.

8) dnd. Well, you slept in short, fought once, stamped to sleep, well, you’re tired of just horror, and you spent everything, so here. Sleep. Look for reserves wherever you want, because if you scour each corner, and if not, then suck. In general, the logic of the DND Games in general, the DND itself is not bad, but it is simply not suitable for games for PC, I did not like the adaptation of the mechanic, I wanted to finish the game more quickly and open the window. Probably at first it was necessary to run on normal, study everything, and then already scouring on tactics. But honestly, stupidly laziness. The characters are terribly slow, and if in DOS2 it was then fixed with mods, and even later Larian himself added this to the game (acceleration, running always), then this is horror. In short, the game is long where it should not be long, and short where I would like more. This also applies to quests and dialogues, including a romantic plan, somehow everything. briefly and about anything, well, like they have shoved, and. All? It somehow did not deliver at all, the development is boring, like I love you, let’s go to secure, well, OK go, all, no interesting dialogues, in the same dos2 they were more interesting, and the heroes there did not love you at once at once.

9) a sense of progress. The clothes are almost no different, there are 1-2 damage more, cool, but you can do more shins? I ran 90% of the game with the daggers that I found at the beginning, and only by killing Orin I changed the weapon, what for nonsense at all, why did I get a level and buy weapons more powerful, as in DOS2? Well, or to scrap at least, as in dos1? Lvl seems to swing, you become stronger, cool. And what changes if you are a warrior or horns? Well, except for CP and damage, of course, with all kinds of passions, there are really no skills, the horns in dos2 had a whole set of different skills, and you have all sorts of pancakes (here they will give an analogue of the jump from the Illitid larva, which I moved more often than I went on foot especially in a baldur with its roofs and multi -storey), throw the shurikens, adrenaline, hit ignoring the armor, break the ligaments so that the Persian receives Damag if it walks, but there is no time, but there is no one, you beat a horn with an advantage (then then a ring They give it to always work, without a stall), and two additional attacks, so you beat the whole game. This is development, this I understand. Yes, and magicians do not become much stronger, there are more spells, but they still Damage, there are any kind of completeness, some ultimativity, when you can stern so that the half cards are shocked, and in general you hit AOE with an attack on the 4th dash of the spells, but you hit the exactly the same aoe attack only with a different effect of 6m dash, boredom.

9.5) Purely as a bonus, optimization, it is bad. Turn the camera to the left you have 120 FPS, turn on the right 40. Moreover, the beginning is optimized well.

Well, as a result, I have not experienced any cool emotions, yes, the game is good, high-quality, but firstly it is terribly short, if you don’t run and do every quest, which I never do in games if I am not interested in it, I seem to play myself away, and I am not a boy on the run saving everyone and everyone, secondly, terribly stuffy with her DND, which could be made clearly better and more interesting. Compared to divinity 2, which for some reason they love much less, this game seemed larger, graphically better, but in terms of the combat system it is much boring, and some characters are faded. I would put the game 7.5/10 For the fact that the Larians themselves are well done, the game is in UK, and the prices are good, and the content in principle in bulk if you run vacuuming, no ugly denuvo, but Divinity 2 liked it much more. Yes, even diviniti 1 liked more. If we compare, I used to watch two films made straight with a soul, and then I watched a militant with cool effects, but without a soul. It would be better to make divinity 3 to her by God.