Star Wars Outlaws will allow players to work on Jabb Hutt and even betray it

At the San Diego Comic-Con exhibition, Ubisoft Motive revealed some new details of Star Wars Outlaws. In an interview with IGN, director Julian Herait said that players will be able to visit Tatuin and even complete the tasks of Jabba Hatta. You can even betray it, although this is fraught with consequences. But the developers have not yet disclosed details

As for Toshara, shown in the debut gameplay, it is inspired by African bang with open plains, which are great for movement at the speeder.

We start with a bioma, in this case, with a biom of southeastern Africa, as a source of inspiration, and then bring something of our own to it so that it becomes a little stranger. If you recall the first frames, maybe not the first, but the first shots of tatuin. Beautiful, recognizable architecture, but two suns. For us, this is a huge mountain and the mountains cut out in it, in amber, crystalline material is a city, and these orange outputs, very reflecting the material. This gives him an alien character. Familiar, but fresh.

Matt Martin, senior creative director of Lucasfilm, reminded of the rule "80/20", which involves the creation of places by 80% of acquaintances with the real world. The remaining 20 percent is alien, and in the case of Toshara they can be seen on the example of crystalline protrusions and city.

When we first thought about where to transfer Kay. Lucasfilm Games invited us to create our own locations, and Toshara was born from this task. How Massive will create this open world? This hivery of garbage and villains.

As for Tatuin, herait said: "If you close your eyes and give people the opportunity to choose where to go on Tatuin? In Mos-Eshley. And specifically in one stash in Mos-Eshley. The ability to fall in the fact that you can see all the nooks and the secluded corners.

Although the developer team did not report how many planets it would be possible to travel, earlier she already said that each of them is approximately equal to two or three zones from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Star Wars Outlaws will be released in 2024 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.