Redfall players are disappointed with silence from Arkane

Redfall players are dissatisfied with the silence of Arkane and urge developers to comment on the disappointment of the launch of the game. Even those players who enjoy playing Redfall more than most others want the developer to recognize the performance of the performance that they face, as PC players are trying to maintain a stable personnel frequency and avoid mistakes.

Many expected Arkane to make a statement, most likely, in the form of a solemn image published on Twitter. However, the studio has not yet commented on Redfall’s exit and continues to praise the game on social networks, despite the ill -wishers in the answers.

"Arkane must admit its mistake and lay out the road map of what will happen next with the game", – writes user Reddit adequatly_insane. "By general confession, the game is in ruins and is not impressive, so I think that the developers should tell you about what they plan to do with the game further".

Many players share this opinion, even those who do not consider the quality of the game as low as others say about it.

"I agree, the worst that they can do is to ignore the reviews and be silent, ”says Uncleobli. "Here I do not agree with many: the game can be saved. For example, getting rid of bugs, improved execution and open world with a large number of clashes would go very far".

At the moment, we know that corrections, at least, are already on the way. In fact, constant support was promised even before the launch, because it became clear that Redfall would be a longer game than past AKRANE offers. This led to the fact that fans began to argue about whether the game is a really continuous service – what, to admit, is still not entirely clear.

While Arkane is silent, Microsoft is not silent. Phil Spencer spoke at the podcast yesterday and, not surprisingly, answered questions about the launch of Redfall. Here he indicated that mixed reviews became a surprise for the team, while internal comic reviews painted a much more optimistic picture of her chances.