New developers Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 shared the concepts and details of the vampire action

The other day, Paradox Interactive has officially revived Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2, which many gamers have already managed to bury. The company did not cancel the project, as expected, but entrusted its development by a completely new team – The Chinese Room studio. The new developers of the vampire action are still actively working on the game, but now they can share atmospheric concepts and reveal additional details about the game.

In published concepts, The Chinese Room showed a view of the night city in Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2. Artists created a gloomy environment with a snowy city, where contrasting signs and other light sources stand out brightly.

The full version of the game promises to preserve this unusual visual style. On the screenshots below, you can see that in most dark places other colors stand out strongly. The team from The Chinese Room deliberately created such a contrast in Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2.

According to the new developers of Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2, they are based on some developments of the project announced back in 2020, but this is a completely different game. The team completely processed the game, actually creating it from scratch. Serious changes allowed them to introduce various fractions into the game that fight among themselves for control of the city, as well as a system of consequences. According to the authors of the game, each solution of the player will directly affect the game world and key events of the plot.

Vampire Exit: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 is scheduled for 2024 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

It is hard to believe that people without experience in creating RPGs will immediately give out something worthy. It would be better if the script was left by the Mitsoda, who at least has experience and credit of trust from genre lovers.

It still annoys me that the scriptwriter is tolerant with them with "Them/They" on twitter and so on.

Although the nightstand is called, the main thing is that it would be a specialist)

Remember Dead Island 2 Studio Dambaster made a mediocre Homefront, but as a result were able to make a suitable zombie slasher with a chic dismemberment system. They want to do it

Where he is suitable ? Zombies spawn do not have time to turn away, in 2023 this is not even a shame, but a complete failure.

Sounds like an epitaph) although the game may come out.

The next PROKET is PR. Would do better. They made a game.

>According to the authors of the game, each solution of the player will directly affect the game world and key events of the plot.

Yeah-aga, I believe the pancake, right in general (no), how can you not believe here? Here the game will come out, then let’s see how true it is. For for me personally, this developer is a noun, and amnesia is not interesting to me. Well, and if you read the comments of those who know about this studio, they are not even sure that this office made a normal game, and not another walk simulator.

I really look forward to this game, past for whom I just did not pass, a masterpiece especially with fan modifications of all carved content and restored quests returning to the game.

Some kind of Max Payne. And this is generally not bad.

Well, if this atmosphere in the game is really. Then yes, Max Payne is very reminiscent of both games and a film (which, by the way, noble suck is a personal opinion).

I agree on the film. Disgusting.

The most important thing would be preserved by the atmosphere of the first part, there was no steep combat system in it, some special gameplay, there were a lot of bugs, but thanks to the atmosphere (which is only worth the house with contritions), it was loved by many.

As a VTM fan, I made a pre -order in 2020.
And ending with internet, will we live before the release

Maybe the game will be suitable? (Even though I doubt it)

Honestly – very poorly believe.

Clearly, judging by the first 4 concept art, they are the scene in the warehouse, like either alpha version, or something like that-left. Where will they like, Malkavian in masks.

And yes, honestly, I doubt very much that the game will be right – such a graphics. Atmosphere and color scheme – maybe. However, given the current trends – graphics Exactly will not be what it is shown. Although again, I am only worried about two points of the game – the plot and gameplay. And I am very dissatisfied with the fact that, apparently, I am sure of this by 90%, the game will have a view from the 1st person as in cyberpunk 2077. At the same time, if, as in old gameplay trailers, the character when it climbs the stairs, will go to the camera with the view from the 3rd person and the character’s editor will be in the game, this will be an unrealistically stupid solution. Would make a really optional opportunity to switch the player at the request of the view from the 1st person to the view from the 3rd person and vice versa.

More in the game of various bosses of psychos, a good plot, interesting side effects and battles

There will be no atmosphere of the first part. Initially, those who could convey this atmosphere were made to continue. But they were all banned and canceled. There will also be classic Negro Elfs of Gaia and the like hat, not fit into the setting. He canceled at the beginning of the year a pre -order.

Again twenty -five. Understand one simple thing, the whole world of darkness initially since the 90s, had a solid layer of the agenda, which in those days was not in essence, werewolves are literally eco-terrorists who despise technologies and modern cities living in forests and villages and sometimes destroying plants along with simple hard workers, they also have a tribe of black furies, which are half consist of very cool and strong women, and on the other half of the evil radical feminists who kill men purely joke, and the vampire line is generally saturated Homoerotism (vampires are generally very sualized, so the creators were inspired by Anne Rice, and her vampires have almost everything at least bi), and gays with lesbukhs there are smeared very tightly, not counting shemales, which are also quite a few except there is a clan of zimishi who regularly redo their and other people’s bodies as they want,At least in a demoness with a huge hose, even in a handsome-aristocrat, it all depends on the desires and imagination of Tsimisha. Not to mention the fact that in the world of darkness there are fairies (replacements), people with the soul of fairies who partially live in the real world, and partially in the world of dreams, and this is still a schiza, because at first the elf fights with the troll, and then it must explain to the police why he beat a neighbor.

Yes, I understand everything, only here you can give it in a completely different way. And I’m just sure here will be something in the spirit of the old track of a discovery or that bastard series from the Vachovski sisters. Everything will be as one -sided and wretched, ridiculous, alien and pretentious. I will be glad to make mistakes, of course. But they banned that the game clearly for some reason, and it is quite obvious to me.

It is better not to mention the discovery at all, the worst thing happened to the old track. The game can turn out to be good, but long -term construction is usually disappointed, the publisher also wants to attract a new audience, and this is problematic, because the world of darkness itself is a very specific setting, there was also a quest Swansong, which immediately focused on fans, and there is a lot , the developers and the publisher have two options, either immediately focus only on fans (which are at least solvent), or try to attract a new audience, but then in the game the setting should be maximally chewed by beginners