Lies of P has acquired demo on all platforms

Lies of P from Neowiz appeared on Summer Game Fest Showcase with a new trailer and the exact release date. In addition, the free demo version of the role -playing game, similar to Souls, is currently available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC in Steam.

The duration of the demo version is unknown, but it should give a better idea of ​​the battle. Playing for Pinocchio in the city of short, players should look for Mr. Jeppeto, while bloodthirsty robots are rampant in the city. You are not defenseless, with various customizable weapons and tools to beat enemies. Of course, during all this you can take side quests and lie, changing the outcome of history.

As for the full version of the game, it will go on sale on September 19 at Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

In general, a good atmosphere, one to one, is copied by the menu and some animations from all the Solslowers, did not copy only animations when in Elden and other Miyazaki games you always understood when it was necessary to do, etc., here it is simply broken due to all -born animations, just Kabzad, you are trying to dodge, he just bounces to the boss, burned out on Matyuki and try later again, in general, a good clone according to the first impressions, if they care about the INPUT from the Persian, it will be almost excellent, the design and graphics are pretty, it’s nice to run.

The character does not listen stupidly, it is not possible to manage it normally, this is not Pinokio, but logs

The game will be released on September 19, but not on August 1.

The graphics are not bad, but not straight something outstanding, but the optimization is excellent, the shaders will compose in half a minute and there are no frizes in the game, the animation is not very straight, as from the last century, as from the last century. And so the golem Bladborne, but with the fees, the dot does not work at all practically. They even copied this wretched animation when you try to drink an empty flask. For 4K of course I will not take, it is better to arrange a gampass

wow, nobo is just super achievement

Who has a quick Internet who is already playing??As impressions.

A piece of g. and not the game, the bottom control, it is impossible to use dumps from the word at all, micro delays before any character of the character, and the character movements and his turns are generally .Steelrising in terms of battles and management is much better done

So this was obvious.. When they showed the first gameplay, even then it became clear that this turkey is made on the knee.

Where did you get it that it is indie

He took it from the fact that

1) The quality of the project corresponds to the level of indie of the game, but not aaa release in any way. Everything is mediocre, from graphics and lighting to models and animation.
2) The people themselves write about themselves in Steam "Founded in 1997, Neowiz Is a Developer/Publisher with A Diverse Lineup of Indie~ AAA Games."

3) Their portfolio has not yet been a single full-fledged triple game, some rhythm games and farm simulators.

It is not bad that the guys swung on a serious project and decided to grow from short indie pants, entering adulthood. Just lack of any experience causes considerable skepticism, especially if you remember that they bark annually even "Big" Developers.

Mokap movements for GG could have made, on trailers and gameplay it seemed to Bladborne on a PC, but in reality it is very similar to SteelRiding

It doesn’t even reach Steelrising, well, the graphone is better, but the sense

As for me, there are problems with a response) and if I pressed the second time on the rift before the first, and it rolls 2 times (it was necessary to do a little more and a little more)

– The main character’s nose will not grow from lies, because the developers set out to make Pinocchio cool.

With such an attitude, Pinocchio could be replaced with another hero and would not have lost anything) well, maybe then more in the plot will go..

Surgery error in demo – characteristics are incorrectly shown) under the dexterity and power of the picture with Har -mi should be changed places) under the dexterity of great mobility and slight power)

In general, it makes sense through dexterity or balance sheet immediately – not an urgent for relics)