In the domestic analogue The Sims of characters will be pursued by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

In the domestic analogue The Sims The characters will have to be responsible for their actions, told the newspaper.Ru “First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Enlightenment Yana Lantratov.

“In the game, it is important to reflect the foundations of civil law, raise tax topics, payment of utilities, opening individual entrepreneurs, lending, marriage and execution of benefits. It would also be nice to display the problem of corruption and counteraction to it. The players should also have the opportunity to perform unlawful actions that will follow the punishment – according to the criminal or administrative codes. You can also register the reactions of others to crimes: loss of authority, social status. It is better to refuse extreme cruelty, ”she said.

In her opinion, the action of English The Sims should take place in several locations. Among them there should be a district center and a deaf village, and in the professions of players they promise not to limit.

“I think that, as in the games of The Sims series, several locations can be added: a millionaire city, a small district center, a suburb, and a deaf village. In addition, a variety of cultures and nationalities of the English Federation should be displayed. It is better not to limit professions in choosing professions. It is important to introduce the basics of labor legislation, labor rights and obligations. Make it clear, for example, that working is more reliable and safer than unofficially to receive money in an envelope. Talk about self -employment. These are all my ideas that you can disagree with. It is important, creating your analogue, to make it not only correct, but also interesting, ”the deputy concluded.

On September 27, a group of State Duma deputies invited the government to create a English version of the computer life simulator The Sims. It should correspond to the values ​​traditional for UK.