Hybrid RTS and FPS Executive Assault 2 leaves early access after 5 years of development

Executive Assault 2 is a real -time hybrid and FPS, in which you build your spaceship in Top Down mode and protect it in the first -person mode. After five KTN development, the game will come out of early Steam access in October 2023.

Executive Assault 2, created by an independent Indie-developer Robert Hesket, represents the brilliant cosmonauts a galactic wild West that needs to be explored, conquered and controlled by traveling along a complex web of rival corporations fighting for technology and wealth.

For five years spent in early access, having established the standard for the merger of space battles and the strategic gaming process, Executive Assault 2 uses the best elements of the first -person and real -time shooting (RTS), combining them to offer an exciting adventure in the depths of the tormented War of the Cosmos. As a general director, create an impressive your own fleet before taking on the role of a tactical commander and participate in fierce shootings throughout the galaxy to make a profit and defeat your rivals.

In RTS mode, managers should spend time (and resources) on raising resources, seizure of avantosts and strengthening their base. Sell ​​goods to stimulate the economy, direct all this precious cosmic gold to new structures of combat robots and improve the base of the base to turn it into a formidable fortress. To command the army of robots and warships is good, but the warring corporations tend to stop your intergalactic domination by any necessary means, whether it is a game alone or epic multi-dimensional online cosmos.

Prefer to be boots on earth and participate in all actions? Swimming smoothly to FPS mode and plunge into the manic nature of the battles in space. Take the role of the infantryman in the thick of events or give free rein to your inner shooter, controlling the star fighter, performing impudent barrels and acrobatic maneuvers. Continue to aggravate the situation, capture enemy avanthists, control large ships and fight with basics on asteroids using tanks and robots in Executron mode only for FPS.