Fresh details about Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty from the last stream of developers

CD Projekt Red revealed several interesting details about the new intra -game content Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, telling in detail about new opportunities.

Although Phantom Liberty, as you know, is focused on new combat mechanics, it is also worth expecting the appearance of a new battle system on a car, a percure redesign and renewal of a police officer (including Max-Taku battles). Among the additions are a new skill tree "Biochip" and a new area "Dogtown", Exclusive for this expansion.

However, if you move on to more interesting moments, revealed in the recent stream of developers, then how the game will change towards improving combat mechanics in combination with a tree of biochip skills. For a selection of information from Stream, thanks to the user Drunklad:

  • Biochip glasses will be scattered through the dogtaun in unrecognized places that the player will be able to explore.
  • The more you fight, the more you have adrenaline, which gives you short -term buffs (in particular, additional health) and special abilities. The more people you apply your abilities, the more health you will restore.
  • In the technological tree there will be perks that allow you to expand the limit of cyberimplants (the so -called edgerunner). But if you exceed this limit, you will get into "The regime of rage", in which your health will decrease, but if you combine it with adrenaline mechanics, you can continue to act while you are aggressive and continue to fight.
  • Aforementioned "The state of rage" does not lead to a loss of control over the character, so this is not a complete cyberpsichosis.
  • You can aim at cyberimplants of enemies, and they will work as weaknesses of opponents. The destruction of cyberimplants will be accompanied by an explosion similar to AOE.
  • The monument will be able to use and distribute quikhaki through attacks.
  • The optical camouflage will have an upgrade that will return you to where you turned it on.

The changes listed above indicate that the expansion will be aimed at improving combat experience. Moreover, clashes with the police will now be much more exciting, since the mechanics of the police officer were significantly improved, which allows you to get a much more complex combat experience.

  • The police will pursue you, and if they lose, they will continue to look for you throughout the area. The maps will show the icons showing where the police are located and where it is searching.
  • Max-Tak is a paratrooper from aerodines (flying cars)
  • The police can hack and disable your car if you try to escape.
  • Max-so can hack and reveal your location if they lose you.
  • The minimum complexity of Max-Tak – "High", Even if the game is installed on "Short".
  • The police can use various tactics, for example, try to knock you down or install checkpoints.
  • You can run away from the police, but it is more difficult than in the current version, especially as you collect more and more stars. The police reaction depends on which area you are in.
  • In Dogtown, Bargest will work instead of the police, and in the wastelands – milkteh.

The possibilities of acquiring new cars have expanded significantly, as the developers said that in a new expansion they are actively working on the creation of new "Car Gigs". These are the changes in Car Gigs can be expected in Phantom Liberty:

  • El Captain will contact you when you enter the dogtown, and will give the task to seize cars in the vicinity of Dogtown and Night City, and you must bring them to the garage.
  • Other gangs will fight with you for cars.
  • Performing these tasks, you can unlock new cars and guns installed on them.
  • Some machines need to be monitored, others need to be obtained by fighting with other gangs, others depend on time.
  • You must lose the tail (gang or police) before delivering the car.
  • El Captain will comment on the condition of the car, if by the time of its delivery it will be broken down.

Phantom Liberty can play a decisive role in the revival of Cyberpunk 2077. In addition, thanks to the inclusion of DLSS 3.5 The quality of rays trace will be much higher, which will allow RTX users to fully feel the possibility of expansion.