Diablo IV is our most gloomy story, says Blizzard

Just a few hours ago ended Diablo 4. However, only a couple of weeks remain before the exit, and Blizzard continues to share new information about the game.

In the new video day of developers, the key members of the Diablo 4 team discussed the main concepts underlying the narrative. She should have liked both existing fans and beginners, and had to return to the gloomy roots of the series. In fact, according to the director of the game Joe Sheli, Diablo 4 has the most gloomy story of all created by the studio.

The story of Diablo 4 begins about fifty years after the events of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, when the Archangel of Death Maltael actually destroyed half the population of the sanctuary. Of course, over the years there have been many changes in the population and the prevailing fractions of the fragile world, which will be reflected in the plot lines.

Of course, the main storyline will be devoted to the struggle for power between the angel Inarius and the demon Lilith. After the endless years of the conflict, both came to a consensus – there is no point in the eternal war between the forces of heaven and hell.

When Lilith managed to grab Inaria, she found out that Inaria divides her views on the conflict, and they became allies. Together, they stole a world stone the size of a mountain, which allowed them to create their own world, which they did not accidentally call a sanctuary.

Such different creatures inevitably had very different ideas about how to control the sanctusion, which led to their repeated clashes throughout the history of Diablo. Inaria expelled Lilith from the world, locked it in the kingdom of darkness. However, in the end, he was captured by other angels and transferred into the hands of slaveholders in hell for punishment.

At the beginning of Diablo 4, both Inaria and Lilith escaped from their prisons and returned to the sanctuary. The problem for humanity is that they are literally caught against the backdrop of their enmity for the world that they created.

In the narrative of the game there are returned characters, such as Larat Nar. Previously met at Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls as a member of Horradrim, Larat now lives a hermit in the forest, but when the player’s character stumbles upon his hut and discovers a connection with Lilith, he sends them in search of to prevent her from getting what she wants.

Another important character is Nirel, a young adventurer, who, together with her mother, traveled around the world in search of long -lost artifacts of Horadrim. Senior Blizzard manager for Loru, Sean Copland, said that it was thanks to her actions that the character of the player and Lorat will be able to give a fight Lilith.

In general, the screenwriter’s assistant to Trukhillo believes that the plot Diablo 4 includes characters who are trying to live their lives, despite all the darkness surrounding them and the danger, which makes them real people.