Bloodborne had a completely playable version for PC, designed for internal purposes

And here is something really interesting. Lance McDonald discovered evidence of the existence of the Bloodborne version: The Old Hunters Edition for PC. According to him, the PC version was used within the company for internal/debt purposes and was never intended for public release.

Please note that we are talking about a fully playable version of Bloodborne for PC. Yes, some can say that games are encoded on a PC, but this does not mean that every console game has its own PC version. If this were so, the studios would not have experienced so many problems with porting their console games on the PC.

As McDonald noted, Bloodborne Fandona posted screenshots from the PC Build. Marco Domenec, the artist Fromsoftware, who provided screenshots, obviously used the internal version of Bloodborne for PC.

It should also be noted that this PC version is in no way connected with recent rumors about remaster/remake. And no, this does not mean that Fromsoftware will ultimately release Bloodborne on a PC. In short, you should moderate your expectations. All this proves that Fromsoftware had a finished version of Bloodborne for PC. However, due to the transaction between Sony and PS4, this version for the PC never saw the light.

Sensation! Games for consoles are made on a computer! Who would have thought.

This is not about the fact that they "They are made on a computer", And about the fact that there is a drive launch on PC. not every project of the outburst will be completely beaten under the computer. This also can take a lot of work.

Please note that we are talking about a fully playable version of Bloodborne for PC. Yes, some can say that games are encoded on a PC, but this does not mean that every console game has its own PC version. If this were so, the studios would not have experienced so many problems with porting their console games on the PC.

you will read the genius further, and not just the title

Make it on a PC, but to launch it still has a console girl.

He read, but could not understand))

There was already a post about this, where the same Lance McDonald claims that he personally saw the assembly of the game for Peck (https: // _PK-1235460). In short, nothing new, the next senseless sinking of the theme of the pink port of the game.

Well, who will not say that Sony is monopolists? Well, who will protect Sony in the transaction between T -shirts and actibids, with the words that the monopoly is bad?

In addition to Soniboi, no one protects Sonya, everyone see how Sonya has been buying exclusives for years

They cannot overcome it for themselves, but you say. Roll a patch for 60 frames, pull up the textures – Sonya remake is ready. Pay 70 Dallarou.

I am not so rosy tuned to the acquisition of studios in small salt. I am a PKShnik and I don’t care about Sonya, but Microsoft buys more and more studios, but they don’t do good games. How is the purchase of a studio of shit from afar (hello ea and biovara) everyone knows. Obsidians and iliksail now under the shallow -salt, like the gazebo, no matter how this does not lead to the fact that 3 good RPG studios will roll there where the studios of EA rolled up at one time.

My acquaintances worked in some studios that Sonya, that EA had a lot of things to tell, especially as the bosses they put a stick in the wheels when the team tried in "Good project" Inject the soul. Worked, each department in its own way and introduced a lot of interesting things, cooperated with each other, meanwhile "celestials" The nerves were constantly rubbing, then it was not the case to them, then they did not care even when the arguments were brought from real users, what they were waiting for, what they would like, what they generally like. So morons are heads in the style "Dad Ford" the last century, that we have, that they have Kuchevyavo are ruled by a zoo.

You say so as if Active Blizard makes good games.

due to the transaction between Sony and PS4

That I just read.

Probably Sony with her console could not agree)))

There was already similar news two years ago.

I remember that * the full * compatibility with Vin7 was the same unbearable build, which means that technical problems are supplied to the code and to portle everything, in general, there was no.

I didn’t like the Elder ring, especially against the backdrop of the gold version of DS3, but in the BB with a sewed addition and optimization for the computer, I would not refuse to play.

They themselves refused to do the money, leaving the game of current on soapses!

They didn’t finish her there

Rather, someone will merge this build than Sonya swing and do something themselves officially.

Liberate You, from Your Wild Curiosity!

Maybe she will ever merge her as happened with Captain Blade.

And there is also PC Bill Tsusima.

Well, Sony is already reviewing her attitude to exclusives and most likely all the games will be released on a PC, but most likely with some delay.

Previously, every year Bashiti on Remaster Red Dead RedMption) and then with the release of Bloodborne began to bait on it. Although there are no hints, except for the words of someone there, who saw something there, etc.

Piracy, piracy and only piracy!

Yes, this game is not needed by Sonya. Sales 2-3 Lyama in total, this is not enough for the ex, Remaster will collect little at all, there is no point in investing in it. Well, the port on the PC is even more hemor

Against the background of sales, Elden Ring, they can again conclude a contract with Miyazaki so that he will rivet something like that.

Well, yes. After all, the computer cannot be used as a terminal through which they work with girlfriends. No matter how Beliver and Zhdun Bladborne I am for Puck, the theory sounds as delusional as possible.

What the theory, read what he wrote, on 7k they launched a purely computer version and he saw it.

And I saw Bladborne 2 in 1995 on Atari Jaguar. Now people on the Internet would believe in the word.

Well, this is not meaningless, in fact.
If the game is not straight complicated (and Bloodborn seems to be quite simple) – it is quite possible to connect a compiler for a PC for debugging.

So, for example, the development of most mobile games on Unity and Unreal, applications in Xcode on poppies (although there is an emulator, which is not quite that).

Formally, the game is made under iOS-Android, but its work on the PC is supported purely for the debag and internal demonstrations. In the case of its own engine, this is somewhat more complicated, of course, t.To. You need to connect the code generators and compiler to another platform yourself. But quite possible.

Let’s say to run to a conditional gamdise or location designer and look at the visual – he doesn’t need this fuss with the girl.

But being a cerebral -gathering implementation – for a full release, it will not work. The conditional modeller or the programmer will do not care if the game is in the game and wild fries occurs. But the player is not. And given the architectural difference – the editing of these jambs and optimization (since the player wants modern games to go on his Juanane with two zioni and GTX970) – will, in fact, will spill into a full -fledged port in costs.

So I would not be surprised at all if the news turned out to be true. I completely believe that for console exclusives there is the possibility of compliance with PC, which is used purely for internal needs and will never see the light due to the high cost of a full port and exclusive rights to the game at the console.