Beta The Finals was successful and collected millions of players

Yesterday the open beta test of The Finals, as a result of which the players received almost two weeks to try out the game. The game enjoyed great success, and now Embark Studios has announced official statistics on test results: more than 7.5 million have played beta versions. players.

This is stated in the official account on the X platform, the message of which you can see below:

"Open beta test" He came to an end! It was an unforgettable week for us – impressive 7.5 million participants entered the arena! Now it’s time to calm down and return to work on all corrections and improvements that you helped to identify".

Despite success, it is worth recalling that The Finals was also criticized for using AI in the voices of characters.

If you still do not know, this is the action of FPS, a distinctive feature of which are absolutely destroyed locations.

Despite success, it is worth recalling that The Finals was also criticized for using AI in the voices of characters.

It’s really worth it to remind you of such a garbage ? Here it is vital to throw so to speak ? That they say it was directly criticized, and a voice is horror horror.

I understand that criticism is connected with the fact that AI in this case takes the work from professional actors – and this is really not good. Not only in the case of voice actors, but also in any other area.

Without Jeski, no one would have hired the actors of voice actors, or would hire ordinary commentators as in Dota, so that they say a few words and everything

Well, why? Previously, actors voiced the replicas of the characters entirely and completely, every dialogue, replica, and so on. It is clear that progress is progress and the fact that this or that area is gradually abandoning human labor – this is natural. But this does not cancel the paradoxicality of this process. And the paradox is that people are not needed, conditionally, in production (thereby losing earnings), but these same people are still needed so that the products are bought.

I already have breaking straight, with such pleasure I played all week. I want a release. From the apex is already sick, I go to pick purely p. And do not care about all your criticism and picking in the pope, Kaifovo is played and this is a fact. Double -barrel IMBA!) They will deal with the balance.

And in the picture – a boy or a girl?

There will be someone to get into the bent)))

Cool inequa, the main thing is Tima what would pull. Waiting for a release

The rollers were cool, but in reality it is so so -so.

Kaloedy shu say.

The potential of the game is huge, and even now it was played quite fun, given the many bugs, at least the former team overexter is satisfied.

Naturally in the game the sea of ​​bugs and sometimes it seems that Embark tried to get a reward of the year for the game with the greatest filling of bugs, they are just everywhere there. And there are a lot of cheaters, I hope they will do something with them too.

Let’s see what happens on the release, it certainly will be more visible there.

I don’t understand which sea of ​​bugs you write about. The bugs were of course noticed and especially on the menu, and as for the game itself, everything was fine, with a little exception. At the expense of the potential – I agree, the main thing is that the heads do not engage in garbage and do not turn off the intended path. I believe in developers! And chiters, by the way, I have never seen once in 34 hours of playing.

From vital bugs:

– Constant discos and generally not stable customer work when connecting to a new match. All my friends and players in the match happened, however, we played on the Asian server, perhaps the problem concerned it (here is the factor about Chiters). That is, we constantly started matches, where almost every team did not have 1-2 player connected. Yes, no, definitely not a bug.

– Control settings, before the end of the beta have not fixed at least two cables: aiming for holding and squatting (I don’t know what exactly). That is, the settings worked in the RAM itself, but they stored crookedly into the file, because of which every time at the beginning of the match it was necessary to go and configure everything to Ponova. Yes no, not a bug either.

– Multiple bugs on the side of the server, they may have already been corrected by the end of Beta, but sometimes in the preset the character was equal, for example, two skin per cannon, because of which the skin was more impossible to change in this prescription, only they would be fixed with a rebuilding from scratch. There were other similar server bugs, but not so critical.

– Mines work 50 to 50, often noticed that opponents, or we ourselves, just run around them, but they just do not work. And this is not a visual bug from the glue grenade, they are all the time in this state. That is, once finding such a mine, we just specially run and jump on it and fading from the Coder that I wrote logic for mines. After that, we just stopped taking them, they work very well.

– And t.D. The rest of the bugs are not so critical, at least this is that I could remember.

I’m what’s this, for this beta I played 80+ hours and every hour we came across some kind of bug. And he is not the same, there are just a huge number of them. At the end of Beta, my friend even accepted the challenge "evaluate quality work" Coders to the extent that he is banned on off. The server in the discord did not work out (((

It was as if people did not either play the game at all and are trying to express their opinion based on vidosiki, etc., or g ** nodes and can no longer realize that the game is filled with bugs, otherwise I do not understand. Maybe I just have high standards?

On average, it was played quite well, and even taking into account the bugs, it is still much better than the average "AAA" product. Another thing is that if there were such bugs in the same products, then no one would play these games.

Not that it is bad, it is like a beta and developers have their own priorities. I even think, then their priorities are generally correct, again we need to wait for the release, I myself wait for the game because there is nothing in general 🙁

It is not even frightening that during all the beta tests little was corrected (there is nothing like that, it is beta), but that the game was originally written at this level of quality. Either the developers were very limited in time, or they were especially picked up)) I am afraid of the second option.