Assassin’s Creed Mirage will have Denuvo and VMPROTECT DRM protection systems

Yesterday Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed Mirage went to gold and will be released a week earlier. Thus, the new release date of the game is October 5. And apparently, Denuvo and VMPROTECT DRM protection systems will be used in the game.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a tribute to the series and especially the tribute to the first Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed: Mirage will invite players to plunge into the magnificent Baghdad of the ninth century at the peak of it "Golden Age". In Assassin’s Creed: Mirage will be a narrative adventure action with a modern approach to the elements of Parroku, Stlass and Murders that determined the gameplay of the franchise for more than fifteen years.

As far as we know, the new AC game at starting will bypass Steam and will be available to Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect. And for those who are interested, Ubisoft has not yet announced official system requirements for PC.

With such a reputation as Jubisoft, so you still need to ask players to play for free.

Oh, these wet fantasies of the heroes. Given that Walgalla is the best -selling game in the Assassins franchise, we can confidently say that from the point of view of the publisher they are conducting the right policy.

2 years in 2 years will be given to play for free, and if the sales are shitty, in a year

Here it is necessary to consider that a huge number of people bribed that the Vikings will be, there is no system like the same witcher, that the game is better from the game to the game, just a hype in the Vikings, the game itself is a hitch

If in the proximity for a couple of years the skirts will not release a more or less normal game, then they are waiting for the sad fate of indie studios)

Without a doubt. This is ubisoft

Or maybe this is EA, or Rockstar, or Activision. Than they are better?

Well, Rockstar is definitely better.

Well, play the Rockstar games, which are a quality mark without exaggeration, and the games of the rest voiced here cunning offices. I think if you are adequate, more arguments and not trabe. No, they all have good games, except for activist), but not in such a preference ratio. And tastes and color..

Plot, atmosphere, the best in the whole game producing the world and t.D. Unless of course you are a clown who takes a gta triloji remaster for a game from Rockstar.

No matter how many games that were sold without protection were sold in huge circulations and so on, there is always a publisher who will be sure that protection will help him. Or maybe he understands that this maximum is a midnight at a time, but at least it will be bought "Login". And such games often started cheerful, when you understand what’s what and the return will be made out too late.

Well, they don’t worry about piracy, I downloaded them half a year ago from a torrent and did not play.

In general, some kind of cardboard garbage is she, even in comparison with the Odyssey.

Pff, slag from Jubisoft is not needed even for free.

Well, of course, this is Jubisoft, nothing surprising

Also, the news in all the games of the anniversary shoves these protection, moreover, they even extend it to all old games even if for a long time on torrents, the anniversary does not care about users.

Empress for dessert)))

DRMO. That is what sounds better.

Fraer will not dance for long. I don’t think that hacking will have to wait long.

This will only put protection..

Sadly. I hope Empress will quickly hack how it was with Hogwarts.

Scares the presence of as many as 2 protection. Looks like the game is not very.

In Redte, they write that in Watch Dogs 3 there were as much as 6 protection when this woman broke it😂😂😂

I am interested in how it will be possible to play on the release on a PC, you cannot buy in the English Federation, to order, in Steam there is no to buy from under the Kazakh/Turkish region, the region will not be able to change the region, they will break down at best in half a year. There are no keys on Paid ru and pre -orders by the way.

Why is this shit to support?

In this case, I take in the Turkish Epic Games, in Uplay is activated. But with the next games from the anniversary it will not work, only in the Uplay will go out

200 rubles any game in Steam with protection costs offline activators, has passed and deleted even the game starts through a separate shortcut

Loves our people when they humiliate him

I think the hacking that was used for Valhalla is suitable for Mirage, it’s all the same DLC.

Impress can hack any denuv, only wants to, although the games from the anniversaries stably break.

How many poverty will whine on Ubisoft, although they themselves know that they will immediately play as soon as they hack the game.

But wasn’t it like that with the RPG-trilogy? How many whining and snot under every post/news about Orijing/Odyssey/Valgalla, but in the end it turned out that this trilogy had excellent sales/ratings/reviews. It turns out that they ached/suffered, but bought and played through tears? Not to mention how many thousands of swinging after hacking.

I, although my age is already not for games, is in Steam and Orijing and Odyssey. – I will say games – norms, atmospheric. But, Valhalla – Drawber/Stamping. Even for half an hour is not pulling. I spit on ratings a hundred times. With your own eyes, you can clearly see what kind of game is on the way. This mirage, I don’t wait at all. If they hack and I will be alive, in three or five years, maybe if there is absolutely nothing to do, so be it, I will test.) There is another garbage, the killer began to make unprofitable games – shops. For obvious reasons, this behavior is extremely dangerous and impractical to maintain.

Valgall did not go at all, played 20 hours, thought he would get involved, but no

Yes, yes, but not to companies, there are ratings, there are sales, there are loot. I don’t know about Walgalla, but everything was fine with Orijing and Odyssey, but you just have to remember what was at the time of the release of Orijing, God, it was scary to go into any forum so as not to slip and not fall on the rivers Sopley. like VOOT, this is not the same assassin, return the previous. OK, so that you would go out unity/syndicate? VOOT, this is already a conveyor, let’s do something new. In short, a stupid herd, which is all wrong and which in the trend heal everything where there is a hint of the word Jubisoft. For that matter, this is a great company that gave us a bunch of various kinds and the genre of games, somewhere successful/somewhere (like others in principle). Either the matter of a god -like diabril, except for a witcher, did not do anything on the finished books of the Norma, KP77 released and crap, oh yes, DLS to a long -dead game soon (maybe) will release.

So yes, when someone does something wrong, well, it’s not scary, they can have a credit of trust, etc.D., When the anniversary does (even haven’t done) the same thing, the herd is ready with the g*vn to mix them in a second, the trend is such that you can do.

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