Against the background of the success of the last season in Battlefield 2042, developers will double the Support Support

Battlefield 2042, published in 2021, could bury the entire Battlefield series. On the release, the shooter suffered from numerous technical failures and was not distinguished by a wide variety or the presence of content, for which he was criticized by players together with journalists. Despite serious problems on launch, the game developers were able to give him a second chance through large -scale patches and seasons with new content. In the latest Electronic Arts report, the company noted the incredible activity of players at Battlefield 2042 and said that she was going to strengthen the support of the shooter.

Investors’ report said that the Battlefield 2042 developers team was able to make close contact with the player community and, based on the reviews received, restored the reputation of a disastrous release. In addition, the last, sixth season, the shooter provided the game with the record activity of users on all platforms.

Last month alone, we launched the sixth season of Battlefield 2042, and our community reacted positively to this, ensuring record activity in Steam. This indicates today’s strength and long -term franchise potential. Thanks to innovation and creative approach, our teams continue to support this huge community of fans and build the future of Battlefield.

– said in Electronic Arts.

The company promises not only to continue support for Battlefield 2042, but promises to double the efforts in this direction. The shooter is waiting for at least one more year of active support with new content, cards and modes.

During the EA conference, she noted that games with living services are the basis of her business: in the first half of 2023, the developers studio will release more than 285 updates for several games. The company is also divided by its successes for the 2nd quarter, which surpassed Wall Street expectations: the company announced a profit of 1.91 billion. Doll. Compared to a forecast of 1.8 billion. Doll. Thanks to the success of games such as FC 24, Madden NFL 24 and The Sims 4.